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  • HELP Please

    Ive been playing for about 3 weeks and have a very simple question to ask that will take minutes to answer.
    I was playing today and wasnt do that bad as a support, during playing i received the basic support badge and the purple heart, and strangley being promoted from corpral to seargent very quickly ( which i did think was odd)
    Upon quiting the game i looked at BFHQ and the awards were not present,

    Can you please explain where im going wrong


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    I haven't played for months, but I think it needs some time before it displays on your hq.


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      takes time =)

      OOOR u may have palyed on a server tha has a private rankingsystem ...


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        Could someone tell me what a "Private" ranking system is?


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          Various BF2 Mods use it, so im sure there would be the odd unranked server running it aswell, basically its a copy of EA's ranking system but it doesnt add to you global score it will keep track of the stats via a different website,


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            just make sure u play on RANKED server, and wait a day or 2 for it to show up in BFHQ,

            but i suggest instead its better thatn BFHQ

            EDIT: use the search button next time


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              Maybe you left the round before it was over. That would do it.


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                Stats have been taking a while to update... I'm still receiving the points I got like yesterday morning. Plus, a buddy of mine got his veteran repair badge and it didn't show on his stats for a good 12hours +.


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                  Originally posted by Chael View Post
                  Maybe you left the round before it was over. That would do it.


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                    though if you do leave early you have to at least wait to the end of the round before you can see the points in BFHQ

                    and sike, i didn't realise that something could be better then BFHQ seeing as thats where they have to get the stats from anyways :hmm::laugh: