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Poll: What kind of videos do you like the most?

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  • Poll: What kind of videos do you like the most?

    What kind of frag vids do you like the most? I am trying to decide between a sniper and a flying one.

    My 1st one - a sniper vid.
    My 2nd one - you can help decide.

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    Re: Poll: What kind of videos do you like the most?



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      a machima or a really good frag video (as long as its not karkand)


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        machinima only, sry but the only frag vid worth watching for me would be some expert helo vids NO TV or gunner, ONLY pilot and hellfires.

        of course, jetpacks could be interesting..


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          Machinima videos for me (obviously).
          VERY few frag videos are interesting for me-- Usually those enjoyable (and rememberable) frag videos are made members of high ranking clans in competition..


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            I enjoy good flying videos, but please, don't choose wake. It's just rape.

            Good stunt videos such as this will often stay on my HDD for a long time.

            And well edited frag videos such as this are good to watch too.


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              a good stunt video is just fine, but standard frag videos are rather tedious


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                If I snipe, it's Karkand (I've already done a long range vid, if I did another 1 it would be CQB).

                If I fly, Wake or Oman. But, FRAPS lags like sh*t so I can't really do that when I'm gunning down someone else.

                The Jetpack I could do as a stunt vid, but there hasn't been that big a response on that.

                It's still in the cards. But thanks for voting!

                EDIT: I suppose I could make a machinima...


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                  Battlefield 1942 - secret weapons of wwii had a jetpack.

                  "Crunch's First Officer"
                  twitter: @signaprime


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                    If you do a machinima, I'll help you out with some tips and any other questions. BF2 is a brilliant engine to make machinima videos in


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                      I just thought...why don't I do a machinima about the jetpack?

                      Like US can't defeat MEC, they come up with jetpack, and own MEC. How's that?

                      I provide the vids, someone else can edit them and we'll both take credit (I am new to making machinimas).


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                        Any scripted story works as a machinima. It could be funny, serious, action packed, or adventure packed (or all of the above!)

                        It's difficult to do it like you mentioned-- usually the one who records the video also edits the video. This really is not as hard as it seems.

                        First things first: Use BF2's Battle Recorder Feature to record the footage. Once you have the demo file, you are able to pause, slow mo, or restart the action. This way you are able to get as many different camera angles as you need (close ups, stationary shots, tracking shots, etc). Once you have the footage, just open up your editing program and edit them together with some nice soundtrack music (try using some soundtracks from your favorite movies instead of the generic rock or rap music that only works with frag videos)


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                          Think a fragvid of flying with good battlerecorder shots is in order...


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                            If you're using battlerecorder, remember to use battlelauncher to get rid of the name tags, and get rid of the kill messages up the top by typing "renderer.drawHud 0" into the console.

                            It makes it look a lot more professional.