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  • Crash to desktop.................

    Greetings fellow BF2ers. After a few months not playing BF2 I decided to start the beast and go have a play. To blow out the cobwebs I did a few single player maps.
    I then attempted to go online. But! After clicking on my online account name, then clicking 'login' it sits for a moment or two with 'connecting to server' then blink I'm back to my desktop.
    The only thing on my system thats new is a LCD monitor. I thought about refresh rates but its correct although I can't check the setting for multiplayer because it won't start. I have a dual monitor set up with a CRT monitor and even on that it won't start(although I might put my original one on and see what that does.
    Any ideas?
    Maybe a reinstall due?(never done one in 2 years!)
    My system:
    AMD 3800
    1 gig RAM
    Nvidia 6800GT video card with latest drivers

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    Re: Crash to desktop.................

    you installed all the patches, or at least 1.41?


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      Re: Crash to desktop.................

      Originally posted by (TM)KillJoy View Post
      you installed all the patches, or at least 1.41?
      Yes all up to date. But I have now fixed the problems and here is what I did (with thanks to Muttmonsta my brother in law so don't kill him too much if you see him online!).
      Right click on start to open Explorer click on your (Windows XP) username-> My documents-> Battlefield 2-> Profiles.
      Open the Profiles folder. I have three profiles but instead of their usernames they are just called 0001, 0002 and 0003. I opened each one and opened the Video.Con file. This has the settings you have selected ingame in Video Options. I then changed each file in each profile to 800x600@60Hz.
      One of the profiles matched my new LCD monitor but the other two were different resolutions (but all three were 60Hz).
      I then saved the changes and started BF2 clicked my online user account and after a heartfelt wait where it was a black screen with a cursor............. POW! I was in!
      I then went into the video options and reset monitor setting to my LCD setting of 1400x1050@60Hz closed down the game crossed my fingers, restarted the game and yipee I could still logon!:yay:


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        Re: Crash to desktop.................

        I have a similar problem, my game crashes while I am playing online, with no sort of warning, just crashes... plz anyone help me?.... i'm on a laptop, maybe that's the problem......