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  • Pga 08

    I have read some bad reviews on this,but after playing it all i can say is praise...

    Graphics heaps better(moving trees)
    Gameplay is just as good if not better
    5 new courses(14 total)

    I think the reviews were on drugs because i think its a great update from PGA 07.and cheap too @$67


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    Re: Pga 08

    its a good game for what it is.

    but i feel the reviews were low due to a few things. gameface for the pc WTF!! course architect (no custom courses)..but i imagine this will be worked around anyway.

    3.not much of a upgrade from the previous version.
    why not make it a pixel shader 3 game? the gfx would be a bit better then.

    things like this will affect the overall scores when they judge it.

    i enjoy the game very much its very easy to play,but i was disappointed they didn't add game face i was looking forward to this feature more so than anything else.

    a bit off topic but the new pes 2008 is also implimenting the gameface feature and yet again its not available on PC which is a shame.