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64 Bit Vista/new computer with stutter issues?

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  • 64 Bit Vista/new computer with stutter issues?

    I just recently had a new computer put together for some of the upcoming games.

    Quad Core 6600
    2 Gigs Crucial Ram
    700W Power Supply
    7900 GT video card (until I can get the 8800GTX 768)
    Onboard sound (until I can get a X-Fi card)
    2405 Dell Monitor
    G15 Logitech keyboard
    Running Windows Vista 64 bit

    The first day I played BF2 with the new computer for about an hour it seemed to run pretty great. I was running with everything on high and 1280x1024. I could not be happier.

    Then the next day I played and something seemed to happen. It seemed like it was having some sort of memory issue. When I loaded the game the g15 keyboard said 70% Ram usage and then as I played it slowly went up and up and as it went up and up the game began to stutter on me. It finally stopped going up at 93% but it was still stuttering. Memory leak?

    Both times I played (one good experience one poor) they were on the same server with about the same amount of people. (60+)

    Anyone have these kind of issues or maybe knows what could be causing this? My video card will be upgraded soon and I will also be going to 4 Gig of Ram. But it makes me nervous that this issue could happen even when I upgrade.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Re: 64 Bit Vista/new computer with stutter issues?

    Disable the Superfetch service. While you're in there, there's around 10-20 other resource hogging services M$ left running for no reason. The stuttering comes from memory being swapped in and out.

    OR, you can leave that alone (the Superfetch service) and play with the lag for 1 week and then watch Vista speed up drastically (Superfetch doing what it's supposed to do). There is no memory leak but the first few uses of Vista will have this sort of issue until it gets "broken in" per se.


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      Re: 64 Bit Vista/new computer with stutter issues?

      I appreciate the response. I will try to wait it out I guess. Should I leave the computer up and running 24/7? Or just keep playing through the game through the stutters and such?


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        Re: 64 Bit Vista/new computer with stutter issues?

        Keep playing the game through stutters.

        One thing you can do is disable the Search Indexing (search will still work but at the same speed as XP) service, that hogs resources like no other.


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          Re: 64 Bit Vista/new computer with stutter issues?

          Its not going to hurt to leave the comp running 24/7 and its kinda better for it as expansion when things get warm from just sitting there will take a toll on parts. Also I'm curious as to your video drivers your using. Grab these and load them if you haven't already.

          Edit: Also make sure your motherboard drivers are updated.


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            Re: 64 Bit Vista/new computer with stutter issues?

            I have those drivers currently for my 7900 gt. And the motherboard has the latest drivers.

            I played last night for about 2 hours and it seemed to hold steady at 93% and the stuttering kinda settled down. I am thinking it might be a ram hog/video issue because I have another issue.

            With the 2405 monitor and vista and the 7900 video card I am unable to change my resolution from 1600x1200 on my desktop. I have no idea why. When I attempt to it makes my screen go crazy and I have to cold reboot. With that being said when I start up BF2 normally the screen goes crazy because it tries to go into 800x600 so I have to use the widesceen support and change bf2 to 1600x1200 to even enter the game. And from there i can not change the resolution because it is set in the command line. Now I believe running at 1600x1200 with everything on high with only 7900gt card it would probably cause some stuttering???

            It certainly is frustrating. But what do you think?