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Very high ping problems!

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  • Very high ping problems!

    Hola. I recently bought battlefield2 again after losing my cd key [] but have been having major ping problems. i live in the uk and have a 10meg line, connected to a belkin 54g wireless router with one other computer on. ive tried everything now, turned eax off, rebooted router, disconnected other comp, firewalls, video settings n all that jazz. i dont know what it is...any more help? im fully patched and have endlessly searched other foums for help but nada. comp sepc:

    hitatchi 360gig sata HD
    Nvida Geforce 7950 GT
    TSST Corp cd/dvdw
    Intel core2Duo 6300 @ 1.86GHz
    Tascam US-122l MIDI external soundcard [internalSB X-FI 7.1 - not in use as bro uses for music creation]
    2gig DDR Ram


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    Re: Very high ping problems!

    Search your system for virusses and adware etc etc..

    And make sure your turn all background programs OFF before you boot BF..


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      Re: Very high ping problems!

      Yeah, i used a scanner and i had vundo virus! so i just reformatted comp and downloadin 1.4patch as we speak! thx hope this fix's it


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        Re: Very high ping problems!


        Note: It's patch 1.41