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  • BF2 Outbound Ports

    Okay, I apologise for any re-posts, but I didn't feel I could find the answers from forums search results:

    I'm in a University network, and in all their bandwidth preserving wisdom, they have blocked all outbound ports (mostly to stop people bittorrenting etc). The result is this - they allow you to open 10 outbound ports manually.

    I've searched the list of ports that BF2 and Punkbuster requires, please correct me if I'm wrong:

    TCP: 80,4711,18060,28910,29900-29901,29920
    UDP: 1500-4999,16567,18060,27900-27901,29900,29910,55123-55124,55215

    To be honest, VOIP and features like that aren't essential, I'd rather just be able to play the game. My main question is this:

    Which of these ports are outbound, and can BF2 be run off 10 ports (or less)?

    Appreciate any answers, look forward to replies!


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    Re: BF2 Outbound Ports

    16567 and 16569 are the most important.

    If you like to enable Voip (handy) you need to open 55123 - 55124 aswell.


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      Re: BF2 Outbound Ports

      Thanks for the reply link. I'll forward those ports now, but I won't know if it worked until they refresh the firewall (every morning at 8:00).

      I'll let you know how it works!

      Just to clarify - thats outbound TCP ports 16567, 16569 and 55123-4