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Filipino bf2 servers?

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  • Filipino bf2 servers?

    My brother was just stationed in the Phils. I searched Game Monitor, but couldn't find any. Can someone help?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Filipino servers?

    I ran qtracker and had it retrieve a list of servers in that area. I didnt find anything in the Philippines, but it found some in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Korea.

    these are all 1.41 and ranked:

    =[AC]= M.E.R.S. :
    EA Japan Official 1a :
    EA Japan Official 1b :
    EA Japan Official 1c :
    EA Japan Official 2a :
    EA Japan Official 2b :
    EA Japan Official 2c :
    EA Japan Official 3a :
    EA Japan Official 3b :
    EA Japan Official 3c :
    EASG #01 Community Server :
    EA TH Official Bal32 BF2 S95 :
    EA TH Official Bal64 S93 (Urban) :
    EA TH Official Bal64 S95 :
    EATW #1b (NBP) 32P :
    EATW #2 Urban Warfare :
    EATW #3 MEC 24/7 :
    EATW #4 Hardcore gamer :
    EATW #6 Karkand 24/7 :
    =|HERO|=25# TianQiao NetBar Ranked Server V1.41 :
    =|HERO|=(26)# HERO-RANK Server V1.41 :
    =|HERO|=(31)# 9EStarry BF2 Rank-Server V1.41[PB] :
    KOR TEAMBH BF2 #2 :
    KOR TEAMBH BF2 Infantry :
    =No.1= TEAM #3 BF2 Telecom Rank Server v1.41(PB) SAGA HERO CHINA :
    UAE Fun Server :
    UAE Server East Asia :
    =UN= BF2 SERVER V1.41 #1 HERORANK :
    =UN= BF2 SERVER V1.41 #1 HERORANK :
    I suggest he downloads qtracker (it's free), and set the region to find servers in that part of the world.
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      Re: Filipino servers?

      Thanks a bunch! He'll really appreciate this.

      I'll miss you on purpose next time I see you in-game.


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        Re: Filipino servers?

        i would play the japanese servers


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          Re: Filipino bf2 servers?

          I don't how the title's misleading. I was in the Philippines this summer and nobody plays BF2 or any other recent games . But I would recommend the Japanese Servers.