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BF 2 cache worries.

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  • BF 2 cache worries.

    The cache file in My documents, it's okay if i delete it all right? I hear talka bout doing it to speed up the game a little, but i've never done that before :|:

    So is it safe to delete it all, or just a certain file or fodler within it?

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    Re: BF 2 cache worries.

    Delete all. No mercy shall be given.


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      Re: BF 2 cache worries.

      The map Batllefield 2 located in My Documents contains certian back-up files for BF, like personlized controlls, videosettings, sound optionts etc..

      Deleting this map will force to run BF with default settings, just like the first boot..

      After deleting this map, all your personlized settings are GONE..

      So you need to put your video/sound settings back in..
      This will force to re-optimize shaders.. Mostly this part improves SOMETIMES framerate..

      Its worth trying though..

      Make sure you back up your controll settings if you dont like to put them all back in..
      You can locate this file here: My documents > Batllefield 2 > Profiles > 0001 ( for second user 0002 etc) > Controlls.con

      After deleting map, boot game, put your sound and video settings back in. Quit, and go back to the location above and replace the controll.con file... Now u see your controlls are back in place...

      I saved this file externally... its handy..