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BF2 mapping ?

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  • BF2 mapping ?

    I have made a pretty cool map (just to LAN use and the normal BF2) but i rearly need some helt becouse then i go to the Battlefield GAME and chose the map ( not in single player ) it load a few seconds then the game exit :cry: and i don't know what i did wronk :cry:

    some one plzz help me.
    PS. then u anser just tell me in noob langue

    sorry for my English hope u coud understand

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    Re: BF2 mapping ?



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      Re: BF2 mapping ?

      a crash is a refernece to somthing missing or wronfully coded if you made a map u might have referneced a car or object that dosnt exist or inst fully codded. there some objects in bf2 that went placed in the game beacuse they wernt done beacuse dice ran out of time

      i see where your coming from bf2 dosnt tell u whats wrong it just crashes if you only made a map and not a mod then go through the objects list and see what you spawned (back story: have you ever spawned a object that never showed up when you placed it on the map? well its that thing crashing the game) nine out of ten times its that thing screwing it up