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Overheating while playing bf2

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  • Overheating while playing bf2

    When I play bf2 for 15 minutes, my computer shuts down without me noticing it. It takes really long to restart it. When I turn it on successfully, my computer says that it CPU shut down due to a thermal event. (overheat) If I dont play bf2, or any other games, I surf on the net and it wont overheat if I use it for a day but if i play bf2, it overheats. My computer used to run smoothly when i play bf2, I can play hours and hours. What is wrong? I assume it is the fan but I cleaned it with a vacuum cleaner just in case the dust are trapped blocking the ventilation. I give it enough space, so that the heat is not trapped.

    what is wrong with it? Should I get a new computer? Help?

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    Re: Overheating while playing bf2

    do you have software controlling your fans? Are you sure they are all running? Do you have gadges telling you your system temps? Is your BIOS set to turn the CPU off at a certain temp? Do you have wires everywhere, are they nice and neat?