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Vanilla Balanced Teamplay Large Map Servers?

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  • Vanilla Balanced Teamplay Large Map Servers?

    OK, here's what I'm looking for:

    A 64 player server, with balanced action and lots of teamplay / squad work. Getting in a 6 man squad that's all working together is so much fun. Balanced action is key too, but it seems that autobalance doesn't even matter if the admins are stacking the teams. PLEASE, if you're a squad leader, ESPECIALLY squad leader number 1, DO NOT get in a jet or attack chopper. SO lame.

    I want a ranked server too, because I like gaining points. I really love Wake Island, and I found what I thought was a good game at the ta-gaming server yesterday, but there was so much arseholery going on trying to grab the Chinese Jet and the American jet just crushing all the idiots standing around, it was frustrating.

    But the worst thing is balance. I avoid servers where one side is dominating. I wish there was a way to change from the winning team to the losing team during a round, I would do it alot, even though I pretty much suck...

    So, are there any servers out there with admins that are really trying to make their game the most balanced possible? Someone who wants all of their games to end 12-0? I guess that's what I really want to know: Where are the admins that are promoting the best games?

    OK, whatever I'm over it. Seems the solution was to not play Wake for a while, I think Wake is one map where domination can be easy to acheive with a bit of an imbalance. I played an Official EA server last night, and found a much better situation.

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    Re: Vanilla Balanced Teamplay Large Map Servers?

    I think what your looking for will be hard to find in ranked land. Some servers may have some decent teamwork going with squads but consistent close games is just not going to happen.

    Anyway if you ever branch out into mod land I think Tactical Gamers POE2 and PR servers will be to your liking. The gameplay environment on those servers will likely exceed what your looking for in vanilla.


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      Re: Vanilla Balanced Teamplay Large Map Servers?

      if your looking for that kind of teamwork it does for sure exist. most 32 men 64 sized maps are pure teamwork, squads together taking flags running into each other etc. if there is no teamwork trust me the game ends very quickly. those kind of maps force teamwork, if not then one team has all the flags within minutes and 250 tickets of baserape noone wants, unless of course your a jet whore on the other team