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bf2 crashes to desktop

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  • bf2 crashes to desktop

    Well I got battlefield 2 not to long ago. and when I play for a while say 10-60min it frezes, the game closes and im sent straight back to the desktop and this can get really anoying when I cant ever even finish a game. Has this ever happend to any of you b4? Its happend to my friend like 3 times but to me like 10+ times.

    Thanks !

    My rig
    M/B: Abit AB9 Pro
    CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz E6600
    RAM: 1GB OCZ DDR2@800
    GPU: Nivida GeForce 7300GS

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    Re: bf2 crashes to desktop

    Search the forum!!! There are a ton of threads posted on CTDs. I just posted one not to long a search under my name and it will come up. I was also getting BSOD (Blue Screen OF Death) with my CTDs. I managed to get my system to play and maybe CTD once per night. Far better than ever 5-10min.

    But do a search on Crash to Destops -or- CTD

    Good Luck