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Shields and Dagger in: Red Tide teaser trailer

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  • Shields and Dagger in: Red Tide teaser trailer

    Been working on this project for quite a while now, and we're finally seeing the finishline in the distance. Shields and Dagger in Red Tide will be a BF2 action comedy in three episodes, which will be about a total of 30+ minutes running time.


    After a drunken stupor on board the aircraft carrier where he serves, corporal Ed Hoxley finds himself alone and sobering up on the Chinese mainland. All he can remember from the night before is a vague recollection of having wagered whether he would be able to invade China on his own or not.

    When his absence is discovered, special ops soldier Shields McKloskey is brought in to silently find and extract him (and kick him around a little) before he is discovered by the Chinese army, and causes an international incident. Along for the ride comes reluctant sidekick Sam Dagger, who is held partially responsible for Hoxley's decision.

    What none of them know, is that they are about to stumble into a mess of disloyal Chinese generals, incompetent guards and thousands of coup d'etat-ready soldiers ready to march on Beijing.

    You can download the teaser here:

    Open ftp

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    Re: Shields and Dagger in: Red Tide teaser trailer

    Looking good .. only thing I dont like is the music .. that music is real oldhat .. you need something more exciting for your intro ie something from Hans Zimmer ..

    IM me here and I will see if I can help you with a track

    I would like to show this at Gamerztheatre if I may.



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      Re: Shields and Dagger in: Red Tide teaser trailer

      The idea is for music to take a backseat in the film itself, as it will be, at least the first half, dialogue-driven. Although there will of course be intromusic and such. In the second half, there will be action sequenses where music will play a part, but I'll leave those decisions for the editing process.

      I don't know what Gamerztheatre is, but feel free to do what you wish with the teaser...


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        Re: Shields and Dagger in: Red Tide teaser trailer

        I liked it, especially my old favorite BHD music. It was cool, I didn't see much wrong with it, maybe just boosting weapon sound effects and such, but other than that, great job. Looking forward to the final version.