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  • Some questions

    Hello all,

    I have had some horrible PC problems where my new session was deleted so I don't have PR anymore...but under add/modify programs its still there so I pressed delete...but I think it only deleted it from the is PR still there using up lots of space?!

    I will get PR but I think I will just get the finaly release since I don't want to keep having problems with this PC...Its the first problem I had but I needed to reinstall everything...I don't quite know how to explain this...if you don't understand I will try to explain better.

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    Re: Some questions

    By default PR is stored on your c: drive or whatever its called on your pc browse to here :-

    C:Program files\EA games\Battlefield 2\Mods

    If you see a folder called pr (it might not be there meaning its been deleted) double click on it and have a look inside if theres nothing theres its gone of your pc however it should of been removed when you clicked the delete in add/remove programs.


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      Re: Some questions

      HOLD ON!
      i got that too
      wasnt it going VERY VERY slow?
      i got my dad too look and some randomer was acessing the
      he deleted the file all better


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        Re: Some questions

        Open up "My Computer"

        Go to C: Drive

        Go to Program Files

        Go to EA Games

        Go To Battlefield 2

        God to mods

        If there is a PR folder thre click it and delete it (Right click on the folder and hit delete.)

        This should delete it. Now reinstall and have a blast!