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BF2 - Bluescreen - VPU Recover - ATI & nVidia

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  • BF2 - Bluescreen - VPU Recover - ATI & nVidia

    I have had a problem with bf2 for quite awhile now. It's after a random amount of time could be 1 round could be 3. The game will crash. My first video card was a ATI x850xt and that would put me to a VPU revcover. I changed my video card to a 7800GS and it gives me a bluesceen saying a problem with nv40.dll. I had some other issues I think i've taken care of. My onboard sound is also disabled, and there is another sound card in my system. I have reformatted a few times through the course of having the game and I always seem to have the problem.


    AMD 4400+ X2
    ASUS A8V Deluxe - K8T800 Chipset
    2GB OCZ Platnium
    2x 74GB Raptors - Raid 0
    AGP Video - Either x850xt, 7800GS - Both 256mb cards
    Some random sound card. e3dx
    Fastwrite - with either 256 or 128 apature size running

    Temps are all fine, BF2 is the only game I have any issues with. All other games work fine. I have only tried the latest drivers from nvidia, but the ATI card I tried old, new, custom, so many I can't remember. I don't have any other compatibility isses, crashes, etc. Counter-Strike, WoW, Rainbow Six:Vegas, etc all work fine, no problems.

    Bios is updated on my computer, Latest Chipset Drivers, Latest sound drivers,

    I don't get a stop error, or non paged error message, and since my system is stable I don't see how it can be the ram, Also i believe I had in some 4 sticks of Corsair ram (2gb) and it did the same errors. I'm just not sure what all I can do anymore.

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    Re: BF2 - Bluescreen - VPU Recover - ATI & nVidia



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      Re: BF2 - Bluescreen - VPU Recover - ATI & nVidia

      Never had that happen to me. You should send in a report to Nvidia about that error.

      I know, "I dont want to, support sucks...blahblah" Well, they've helped me with a couple problems, just give it a shot.

      Oh and you have a monster computer btw.


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        Re: BF2 - Bluescreen - VPU Recover - ATI & nVidia

        ok ive done my research and iv come to the following conclusion:

        1) You bought an ASUS

        2) Disable ANY OC, does it play stable?

        3) Your graphics drivers are obvisoly not on or working properly. Us e aprogram to remove all Nvidia drivers for the graphics (someone will no the name to it). Then use a current uptodate version of the graphics drivers.

        4) Lastly your raid maybe causing it. I know this is alot to ask but try not using raid. As i have had a BSOD saying the same error when running raid during a game.


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          Re: BF2 - Bluescreen - VPU Recover - ATI & nVidia

          When you reinstalled the graphics drivers did you just install over the top of the old ones? If so google the correct way to install them. This doesn't explain why it works fine with other games tho...I assume you have fresh installed BF2......

          I remember reading on here something about BF2 not liking dual core cpu and changing the affinity helped some people. Search for it...

          If none of that works fresh install OS (good to do every now and then anyway)


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            Re: BF2 - Bluescreen - VPU Recover - ATI & nVidia

            I recieved a audigy sound card, and installed something called a nv4 loop fix, since i looked up the dump files and used some microsoft debugging tools on them. I think it should solve the problem, haven't had a crash but I haven't played more than about a round or 2 recently.

            i'll let you guys know if this worked for me.


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              Re: BF2 - Bluescreen - VPU Recover - ATI & nVidia

              I think dual core cpu may be contributing factor here. I was getting getting BSD or lost connection frequently right after I switched to an AMD 3800 x2 processor. Installed this update (optimizer) from AMD and been running fine since.