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Md5 Error while installing

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  • Md5 Error while installing

    Hi guys, maybe this was discussed , searched but no answers.

    I have an original BF2 Deluxe and a standard old BF2 with me. I used to run bf2 on my comp, it wasnt the dvd one.

    The 3 cds installed fine and ran fine. I uninstalled it to install the Bf2 deluxe since i bought it cause of Special Forces. However this is when problem arises.

    The DVD was detected. i ran the installation and happily installed it .. however , this popped up :

    "MD5 Error : C\Programfiles\Eagames\battlefield2\mods\bf2\objec, Retry?"

    i keep getting that error even after i continue, another few pop up like maps.

    Im really thinking i wasted my money getting it. i tried switching rams, 2X256mb, 1X256mb ,1X128mb , 1X512mb but to no avail.

    running :

    AMD Athlon Xp 2200+
    M7ncd nforce2
    ATI Radeon 9550
    following rams : 512mb ddr ram

    dont say its the radeon as ive previously ahd no problems running it.

    However, i installed it on my dad's HP computer and it installed smoothly.


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    Re: Md5 Error while installing

    MD5 is usually a hash check used for decompression.
    I would guess it's an issue with your optical drive. Try getting a DVD lens cleaner and run it in your drive. They usually cost less than $5. It can't hurt, and will most likely help if the disc is working in another computer.