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kx audio drivers problem, voip help.

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  • kx audio drivers problem, voip help.

    hey its my first time that i write on this topic.

    i have installed the kx audio drivers because my job (industrial musician)
    but the dsp is kind of hard to settle it up.

    the only thing i need is to manage it to use voip on prmm, im tired of typing when a command order is managged (and the thing that no one on ur squad seems to see what u write), DONT TELL ME TO UNINSTALL THE DRIVERS y really need them, the only thing i need is to configure the dsp so i can use the voip all over again.

    tnks for ur kind help


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    Re: kx audio drivers problem, voip help.

    E-MU, Coooool

    talks about the driver. I noted it doesn't support EAX and also something about Full AC97 codec control.

    I'm not sure about Project Reality's specific modifications but I do not believe they modify audio (I could be way wrong).

    I am assuming you have tried activating audio in your options/audio control panel. I am assuming you just have a failure of sending/receiving any VOIP messages.

    Try finding an updated driver is one possibility.
    Turn down your Direct X accelleration as stated here
    Go with software accelleration Low settings and NO eax in your options/audio controls in game.

    Don't forget to hit apply in lower right after doing changes in your audio panel in BF2.

    Just suggestions. I don't have experience with E-MU and games.