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SF "help" screwed up BF2

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  • SF "help" screwed up BF2

    I recently (well not recently, I gave up and played CSS for a while but anyway), bought SF, and had the shaders problem, I think there may even be a sticky in the SF section about it, anyway.

    I tried that fix ( didn't work anyway to my disapointment ), and only got single player but couldn't get into any multiplayer matches... odd.

    And, so I just threw my hands up, and reinstalled BF2 and SF, but I'm still having that problem (error message about no shaders), now with Vanilla. Yes, I I deleted all files from SF and BF2 after I uninstalled.

    What to do?

    Maybe it's because I said I played CS?

    Come on guys I need some help here.

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    Re: SF "help" screwed up BF2

    Shaders error message usually means you have not installed the update. BF2 is currently up to 1.41. Download and install that update and you should be good to go.


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      Re: SF "help" screwed up BF2

      Oh true... maybe I should kick myself a few times.

      Strange though... when I had 1.41 installed before it didn't work.
      I'll try though.