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  • graphics problems

    something very irritating keeps happening to me in BF2,

    whenever a grenade or other explosion goes off near me the screen goes....
    mental really
    no other word can describe it

    it goes away after a few seconds (usually after I've been killed)

    and theni can carry on as normal, but another time i die or get blown up, it will happen again.

    i've got 2142 and i have no problems with it whatsoever.

    anyone else got anything similar to this, or know how to fix this??

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    Re: graphics problems

    And do the explosion kill ya? It looks to me you are invincible



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      Re: graphics problems

      i wish

      y'see the problem is when those screens were taken my player was lying dead on the ground, all i could see was that


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        Re: graphics problems

        in bf2142 can u play with dynamic lighting on or something like that?

        on my old video card (5200), if i turn on dynamic lighting, everytime someone fired, or a grenade went off, i would freeze for like 10 seconds. dunno why

        what are your specs


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          Re: graphics problems

          i dunno about 2142
          i've left all the settings for both games on default,
          the realyl annoying thing i've noticed is that this problem in bf2 goes away after about an hours play.
          which is frustrating when i want a quick game

          my specs are

          AMD Athlon 3.2
          Radeon 9600
          1gb ddr ram

          i'll try that dynamic lighting thing tho


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            Re: graphics problems

            nope dynamic lighting doesn't work, the problems still there.
            it varies from time to time tho, sometimes it'll correct itself after an hour or so, other times it just gets worse.

            its beginning to really really piss me off.

            i could be stood behind a tank with a c4 pack ready to take it down, then this THING happens and i'm stood blinded, not sure where anything is, then when the graphics decide to come back, i've been run over......

            happens alot these days..
            so anyone have any idea what so ever on what this could be?