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  • [ANGEL] The Script

    this is a general outline for what will be going on


    Scene 1

    The patrol consists of an RIB (Rigid inflatable boat) and an ahe-1z attack cobra, patroling the shores of the
    infamous Wake Island. After nearly completing the routine patrol, the pair begins to make its way back to base
    when it is spotted by an enemy FAV (Fast Attack Vehicles). After receiving word of the U.S. forces patrolling the
    thought-to-be nearly inactive island, a chinese attack helicopter goes airborne and gets in hot pursuit of the U.S.
    After making a strafing run on the cobra, the cobra returns to base to rearm and repair. The RIB starts to make its
    way back when the chinese helicopter begins to pursue it. With a flaming engine, the crew of four bails from the
    craft and makes their way to a nearby half-sunken ship.

    Scene 2

    With the four soldiers onboard, they are all injured and tired from the swim. One soldier notices a jam in his
    m249 SAW and as he starts to unjam it, he is sniped by a pair of snipers on a hill nearby. The 3 other soldiers
    notice this pair and open fire, killing one of the snipers.
    By now, the whole island is aware of the U.S. presence, and they bring in jeeps, Anti-tank/personell crews, and a
    The U.S. soldiers duck under fire and hear missiles whizzing past their ears. They defend their position for nearly
    an hour until they radio in the nearby aircraft carrier. A blackhawk is sent in to try to pull the troops out but
    is ordered to RTB (return to base) because of the severity of the situation.

    Scene 3

    During the later hours while the U.S. troops are severely pinned down, the chinese bring in a ship to try to board
    the U.S. controlled ship.
    While the boat is being defended, a blackhawk flies overhead and drops 4 special operation/airborne soldiers to
    take out the nearby stinger nests and tank, along with as any resistence they encounter. They will then radio in
    that the area is clear and the blackhawk will come in.

    Scene 4

    After the spec op soldiers are picked up, they swim to the boat and get on quietly, as half of it is controled by
    chinese and the rest is by their own troops. They plant c4 on the boat, and pop a smoke to signal that they have
    found the remaining soldier that survived. The blackhawk comes in, hovering over the boat, mini guns blaring,
    as it slowly sets down to the deck. The troops hop in and it takes off.

    As the boat makes it way back, the boat is blown up along with the chinese on it. Then, two f35 fighters come in
    and bomb the coast of the island as a final assault.


    *more to come

    trailer is

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    Re: [ANGEL] The Script

    make the F35s bomb in first as there going in instead of last as its realistic


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      Re: [ANGEL] The Script

      k, thanks for the idea


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        Re: [ANGEL] The Script

        Saw the trailer. Nice work. Looks really cool and can't wait till it comes out.