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    I have a quick question, im not to technical so i dont know. Can you install server files and run them from a website server? my buddy has a website which he has numerous servers. Im not to sure how they work nor does he. so i was asking if its possible. Is it?

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    Re: Server Help.

    If this is a webserver, then ask whomever setup or admins the server for assistance.

    For any of us to even start to help you, we would need some server specs.

    You do not need much to run a website or to host several websites, but you do to run a game server.

    I have an old server running a P3-700MHz Cpu with 256MB of ram that hosts 100 non-business sites, but this would no be a good BF2 server at all.

    Again, the server admin should be able to give your proper directions. If not, then look into hiring a different admin.