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Battlefield 3, the MMOFPS.

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    Re: Battlefield 3, the MMOFPS.

    thats pretty darn incredible.

    Time for some PC upgrades.


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      Re: Battlefield 3, the MMOFPS.


      I used to play planetside (Mistrial -NC Markov) but its pretty much dead now. All i know is whatever MMOFPS game that does come out, I'm gonna hop on it. Huxley is already in a BETA stage.. (webzen is based in korea and is only letting koreans try it out first)

      Persistent worlds make games amazing. The friendships you can build are incredible especially with VOIP


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        Re: Battlefield 3, the MMOFPS.

        Opinions like that come from people too cheap to pay for quality which is exactly the people I'd not like to see in a BF themed MMOFPS.

        So your telling me that 10 million players x $13.00 a month is needed to maintain ALL of WOW's servers, paychecks, etc. Thats ********. Sorry, no.
        I don't blame them though, thats just human nature.

        This developer/publisher is robbing people, with their yearly expansions, crap content that doesn't take all that much money to develop, etc.

        Seriously, it would be possible to run some countries with this kind of income.

        I would love to know what kind of profit they are making, how much it accually cost to run everything(servers, paychecks, building leases).

        Silkroad and Maple story do it for free, why can't blizzard? (OR at least GREATLY reduce the fees for playing).

        Maybe paying 20.00 every six months that would be more fair in my eyes because i do realise that people need to get paid, have money to invest, etc.

        But it seems the TC has a veil over his eyes being willing to pay every month, like so many others. A veil that was probably covertly introduced by the company itself.

        Sorry, no, I do not vote for this. The day the series turns into planetside is the day I leave BF for good.


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          Re: Battlefield 3, the MMOFPS.

          I like the idea but I don't like the futuristic idea. I think it should be more current times warfare and alot of focus should be towards realism... Maybe with the option of running arcade type game modes for the whiners or people with different tastes.