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  • I need to know this...

    Ok well I have a 2.4 Ghz P4, Geforce 6600 256MB Turbo Force edition, and 1 gig of RAM.

    I have all settings at medium except for dynamic lighting and shadows which are both on low. I am running the game on 1152x864. AA is off. My FPS never drops below 18, and only goes that low in large firefights or during artillery barages sometimes. My FPS is usually between 20-40, sometimes will go up to 50 when flying in a plane or not during fire fights.

    My question is, are the settings I am using good for my specs? I know if I set stuff to low etc, I could probly work more FPS out of it, but I dont want to cause I like the detail level right now... Do you guys think 20-40 FPS is acceptable?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: I need to know this...

    Ok.. fr me over 20 is fine, as long as you are ok with it, then its fine. I know that for other users that 20 is just unplayable, but its all personal preference and what you are used to. I would say that they are ok, but if you wanted to drop one thing down, try it and see if it makes much difference.


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      Re: I need to know this...

      that is a very subjective question.

      i like pretty, but i also like to be able to know that when i click the mouse, the virtual bullets will leave my wrist, go to the tranmitter (wireless mouse), be transmitted to the the mobo, be processed in memory, sent to the cpu, sent out to the world, be recieved by the "internet", and make you respawn at the beginning.

      so i turn off dynamic everything. that is the most taxing, least productive part of the BF2 gaming experience. dynamic shadows are useless; they hide your enemies. dynamic lighting? meh. turn it off. i notice no difference.

      geomtries? high--it helps you with headshots.

      textures? medium--it makes the game more visually appealing in a "fun" way

      view distance to high...of course.

      everything else...well, that's up to you.

      i game on these settings, with an x800xt AIW, p4 3.0E, and 1gb of 400mhz value ram.

      and i've got nothing to complain about