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Noob multiplayer problem

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  • Noob multiplayer problem

    I have a legitimate copy of bf2 and have been playing fine on single player.
    I went to use multiplayer, and it finds all the available servers, but when i clikc a game it freezes and locks me out to my desktop.
    so i downloaded the patch (327mb) and it still does the same.

    please help me as i want to play online

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    Re: Noob multiplayer problem

    Go to your documents and settings folder Battlefield 2\mods\cache
    and delete the folders whithin the cache folder.
    Then check all your video settings, and click apply again. Load the game and let it re-optimize the shaders.

    You did install the 1.22 full patch?

    you should post this thread in the support forum btw.
    and give it a different more descriptive topic title please.


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      Re: Noob multiplayer problem

      sorry this is in wrong thread.

      il try that now

      as i said im a noob


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        Re: Noob multiplayer problem

        good luck
        Correct term is "newbie"
        "noob" is for people that are not new but just plain dumb.