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(-BS-) no really this is this clan's name

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  • (-BS-) no really this is this clan's name

    So I search for a server and find a 20 slot karkand 64 map with about 16 of 20 players all but 3 of which are this clan's, this is their server; (-BS-).

    I get MEC and start playing from the deep base since the US side is winning and has most of the flags on their side of the river plus one of ours. The tanks and APC's are basically NOT being used so I hop an APC and go scrimm it up. We're doing OK after a while, we kick them accross the river and the score has gotten to where we're losing by 10ish with still 200 points on both sides. No one is commanding at all on MEC and there are always armor peices not being used. This is weird because it is mostly clan guys on the same clan / TS. I apply commander and am now the number one guy on our team with no one saying get out of the APC etc..We are winning now.

    I get kicked for 1 minute for "commanding while in armor"

    I rejoin server and in that minute, they are now down to the last MEC flag and I start asking;

    "no one was playing armor, we were winning, why did you kick me?" and then I get banned from their server [which I will recover from emotionally.] This wasn't the typical beat my clan and I wil ban you because they were spread out evenly between both teams and all the idiots in that clan on my team weren't even using their armor.

    So.... short story, want to play well on a server and get banned for it, give this server a try.


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    Re: (-BS-) no really this is this clan's name

    The -BS- guys are fine, I've played on their server several times. You shouldn't of jumped in a vehicle as a Commander, it's against the RoE.


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      Re: (-BS-) no really this is this clan's name

      commanding in armor is not against the ROE. however server admins can made thier own rules like that.
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        Re: (-BS-) no really this is this clan's name

        Yes, i've played in the BS server alot. But, lots of people should know every server has there own rules. I've been banned from server's cause i was to good :\.