A mod that was at one point "all but abandoned" will finally see the light of day.
Half-Life 2 VR

It has been in development by fans for about five years now, but at long last a VR mod for Half-Life 2 is about to be released. This September a public beta will begin from a group that calls themselves the Source VR Mod Team. This mod aims to bring the entirety of Half-Life 2 to the world of virtual reality.

The team released a new trailer for the mod this week. While it doesn't say in the video itself, the description for the video confirms that the beta is coming next month. The decision to release the beta in September came from the "overwhelmingly positive" response they were given in private testing sessions.

This VR mod will be free to everyone that owns Half-Life 2. You will obviously also need a PCVR headset that can be used on Steam to play this. The team says they have successfully tested the game on the Valve Index, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and Pimax VR devices. Something like the untethered Quest 2 may not work without some annoying workarounds due to the need to have Steam running.

The mod, while it has Valve's blessing, may not be out on Steam immediately at the time the beta launches. They say they are still waiting on approval from Valve before it can be released through Steam.

While this initial release is only for the main game of Half-Life 2, the team does plan on doing VR ports of the two Episodes as well. First, they will need to make sure that the base game is in a good enough spot before they can shift their focus elsewhere.