It's a whole New World.
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Valve just released their list of the top new games released on Steam for September 2021. In their brief blog entry announcing the new releases, they touch upon some of the hottest titles that players picked up this past month.

These titles cover a wide range of genres, as usual, and that means there's a little something for everyone. For instance, one of the biggest releases in September 2021 was from Amazon Games and the release of their new MMORPG, New World.

In addition, other games like Life is Strange: True Colors and DEATHLOOP also spent a fair bit of time topping the Steam charts near to their release. The full list of top, new game releases from September 2021 can be found here.

A few other top releases include Cookie Clicker, Minecraft Dungeons, Eastward, Tales of Arise, and even Hot Wheels Unleashed.