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The Steam Game Festival - Summer 2020

This Summer, Valve is going to bring back The Steam Game Festival for everyone to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. From June 9 through June 14, gamers from all over the world will get a chance to see new and upcoming releases. You will get opportunities to try out some hot new demos, read about new game announcements, and yes, even add these newly announced titles to your Steam Wishlists.

This event is held in an effort to "shine a spotlight on games set to be released within the next year." I take that to mean that all of the games being shown at The Steam Game Festival will be released anywhere from June 2020 through May 2021, or thereabouts.

Valve is already looking for interested developers to register said interest by April 24, 2020. Developers that plan to have a game released prior to the Summer of 2021 should hit up this Steam Partner document for more details.

If you are but a simple Steam users, like most of us reading this are, then you can visit this lovely little Steam Game Festival landing page and set yourself a reminder. This reminder will remind you about this event once it begins on June 9. Such is the nature of reminders. With this event still being about two months out, a reminder probably isn't such a bad idea. I'm also sure we'll have another post about this as the event date draws near.