Today, Valve and HTC announced a minor technology bump to the HTC Vive. This bump comes in the form of SteamVR Tracking 2.0, which allows for users to link up to four Base Stations in a single space.

In addition to making the jump from two to four stations, the improved technology allows for game space areas to jump to sizes as large as 10 by 10 meters. Valve tells us that the new technology is expected to ship with commercial devises later this year. The new 2.0 Base Stations will be "smaller, more reliable, and offer improved performance."

Interestingly, this press release by Valve doesn't touch upon some of the other many additions that either just hit HTC Vive sets today or are coming soon. These include a partnership between HTC and Vimeo in the first steps forward for the newly announced "Vive Video." They also talked about Viveport during their CES 2018 presentation today. This includes a bump from roughly 2,000 to 3,000 virtual reality experiences throughout 2018.

They also showed off the Vive Wireless Adapter, which is slated to arrive this Summer. A photo of the slide that was presented today can be found here courtesy of Engadget.


Perhaps the biggest news from today's event is the announcement of the HTC Vive Pro. The Vive Pro will bump the resolution up to 2880 x 1600, which is a fairly substantial bump up from the current 2160 x 1200 of current models. For those who already own the Vive and simply want to buy the Pro model, there will be an option to do so. This will allow you to make use of your existing controllers and base stations without issue. The new unit includes integrated 3D audio while also being lighter than the original unit.

There was no price announced yet, nor was there a solid release date revealed.