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Discord Distances Itself from Gaming

Discord is now your place to talk.

Discord was built upon the idea of bringing gamers of all types together. It's certainly a big factor that prompted my friends and I to make the move to Discord from TeamSpeak and Ventrilo however long ago it's been now. We were a group of friends that played a lot of games together. We didn't like the quality of the service we were paying monthly for from the alternatives and decided to give Discord a try. We never looked back.


Cyberpunk 2077 New Trailer Revealed - 'The Gig'

A new trailer showcasing new footage, characters, and story.

Today, CD Projekt Red lifted the lid on a whole lot of new media and impressions for Cyberpunk 2077. A number of outlets have shared their first-hand experiences with a vertical slice of the game based on being able to play it for the past week or two now. Lucky SOBs, I'll tell you what. This all came together today in the release of those impressions to the web alongside a brand new official trailer from CD Projekt Red themselves....

Mixer is Shutting Down

Microsoft is pulling the plug on their streaming platform.

On July 22, Microsoft will officially close down their streaming service, Mixer, for good. The plan is to instead move all of its existing partners over to Facebook Gaming. This rather sudden announcement means that Mixer partners and streamers will be moving to Facebook Gaming beginning today.

According to The Verge, Microsoft "has struggled to reach the scale needed to Mixer to compete with Twitch, YouTube,...

Review: Disintegration

A terribly underwhelming take on the sci-fi FPS genre.

Disintegration, the debut title from V1 Interactive, places players in the shoes of Romer Shoal. Shoal was a former celebrity robot turned outlaw that leads a group of other current outlaws to take down the evil Rayonne. This is done through a lot of vehicle focused combat and some great character designs, but a terrible story with some surprisingly shallow gameplay. Though the game aims to become a real genre defining moment for...

Review: Maneater

A fun, albeit shallow, gameplay experience.

Maneater is one of those titles that is just the right amount of dumb fun. It pushes the dumb just far enough that you are not overly concerned with its obvious shortcomings. I suppose that any game that places you in the fins of a growing, angry as hell bull shark that can mutate and grow. These mutations provide your shark with gain special abilities is not a game that would ever take itself too seriously.

Maneater is a game...
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  • A Trip to the Real Life de_Inferno from Counter-Strike

    A Trip to the Real Life de_Inferno from Counter-Strike

    Recently, a Reddit user going by the name of "slowpoketail" visited the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano, or as it might be known to you guys, the place that the Counter-Strike map de_Inferno is based off of.

    Included below are just a few of his photos. You can always see more of them via the above link or at this Imgur gallery.

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  • Celebrate CS:GO's Birthday with an Update, Party Hat Wearing Chickens, and Competitive Zeus Usage - August 21, 2014

    Today marks the anniversary/birthday/day that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was launched! To mark the momentous occasion, Valve released a new update and while some of the changes are cool, others are actually annoying the community quite a bit.

    Unofficial CS:GO update changelog (Since Valve didn't release one) for August 21, 2014

    - The Zeus is now allowed in competitive - Zeus also now costs $100 - The modified Zeus now will play a party horn sound, and confett
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  • Team Fortress 2 Update - Changelog for August 21, 2014

    Team Fortress 2 Update - Changelog for August 21, 2014

    Check out these sweet list of changes for tonight's Team Fortress 2 update from Valve.

    Changelog for Team Fortress 2 for August 21, 2014

    - Fixed rockets colliding with other projectiles and getting stuck in the world - Fixed a bug with the Soldier's Fresh Brewed Victory taunt and the Power Up Canteen - Fixed the Demoman not being able to equip The Grandmaster - Fixed a bug where Professional Killstreak items were being displayed as Specialized - Market Listings for Specialized Killstr
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  • The Walking Dead: Season Two Finale Trailer

    The Walking Dead: Season Two Finale Trailer

    The fifth and final episode for The Walking Dead: Season Two is here. There's "No Going Back" now. Well, unless you hate spoilers. Do NOT watch this video if you don't want any spoilers for the first two seasons of the game, do NOT watch the trailer below.

    The final episode will be released on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita on August 26 in North America. It will be released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Vita in Europe on August 27. Finally, iOS users will get th...
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  • The Evil Within "Completionist Guide" for Achievements

    The Evil Within "Completionist Guide" for Achievements

    This article and images contain spoilers for The Evil Within. Bethesda released a list of the achievements for the game and how to obtain them. It's not a full guide but for those who do not want to see any spoilers at all, you've had your chance to turn back.

    For everyone else, enjoy the list of achievements for The Evil Within.

    Also, in case you weren't aware, the image at the top is a new desktop background (1920x1080) based off of the game....
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  • Destiny Launch Trailer

    Destiny Launch Trailer

    Is Destiny really that close to release already? My, how time flies. A launch trailer for the highly anticipated title just went up today.

    If you still haven't pre-ordered Destiny yet (and want to), you can select your platform and edition of choice at the Destiny website. Destiny is out on September 9 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360....
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  • Mega64 Just Raised the Bar on the #IceBucketChallenge

    Mega64 Just Raised the Bar on the #IceBucketChallenge

    Move over Phil Spencer and Notch, there's a new ALS Ice Bucket Challenge king in town and it's Mega64.

    Top that, Oprah.

    You can find more information on ALS and how you can donate and participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise money and awareness for the disease over at
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  • Free Multiplayer Maps Coming for The Last of Us Remastered

    Free Multiplayer Maps Coming for The Last of Us Remastered

    Naughty Dog revealed earlier today that the upcoming multiplayer maps for The Last of Us Remastered will be free to all owners of the game. This is a bit of a difference from even just a few days ago when it was believed that the maps would have a fee associated with them upon release. So, why the change of heart?

    Well, it has a lot to do with the fact that many players are still having problems finding multiplayer matches.
    Believe me, the entire team at Naughty Dog
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  • PSA: GameStop Offering Free Copy of Infamous: Second Son and 3 Months of PlayStation Plus with Purchase of PS4

    If you're looking for a good deal on a PlayStation 4 this weekend, you may not want to look any further than GameStop. From now until August 24, you can buy a PlayStation 4 at regular price and they will give you a free copy of Infamous: Second Son and three months of PlayStation Plus for no added charge.

    This offer should be good both for online purchases and in-store purchases. If you buy it in the store, your codes will be printed on your receipt. If you order it online G...
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  • Swing Copters Released for iOS and Android from Flappy Bird Developer

    Swing Copters Released for iOS and Android from Flappy Bird Developer

    Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, has just released Swing Copters for iOS and Android devices. The game is free if you don't mind a few ads on Android. iOS users have the option to pay $1.29 (USD) to remove the ads though this option is curiously missing from the Android release.

    If you want to try it for yourself, you can pick up the Android version here. If you have an iOS device, you can get your copy right here....
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  • China Gives the Green Light to Sell 5 Million Xbox One Consoles

    China Gives the Green Light to Sell 5 Million Xbox One Consoles

    BesTV, Microsoft's business partner in China, revealed that the country has just approved the sale of 5 million Xbox One units. The system will go on sale on September 23 and will mark the first time in 13 years that a foreign game console will be legally sold in the region.
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