Respawn Apologizes to Ass-hat Gamers for 'Ass-hat' Remarks

Statement issued from Respawn's Vince Zampella.

Respawn's CEO Vince Zampella issued a bit of an apology today after members of the Apex Legends development team called a bunch of toxic ass-hat gamers, well... they called them ass-hats. Donning their biggest surprised Pikachu face possible, these Gamers™ got extra angry when they realized they couldn't just keep dishing it out and not expect some form of retaliation in return. Some continued to throw tantrums, others called for boycots, while still others did their best "I studied the blade" impersonation.


Sony Bought Insomniac Games Today

Get ready for more Spider-Man.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has officially purchased Insomniac Games today. You're probably surprised to hear that the studio that developed last year's PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man wasn't already owned by Sony prior to this week.

Insomniac Games was first started in 1994 and remained an independent game developer for this 25 year span of time. They created Spyro the Dragon, the Ratchet & Clank games, along with the Resistance franchise. All of these franchises were PlayStation exclusives, at least initially. Every so...

Cyberpunk 2077 Announced for Google Stadia

A game about an obsession with power is coming to Google Stadia.

CD Projekt RED announced today that Cyberpunk 2077 is also coming to Stadia, the cloud-based gaming platform from Google. Stadia owners will get to experience a story set in the open-world location of Night City. This megalopolis is filled with those obsessed with power, glamor, and the never ending pursuit of body modification.

Players will assume the role of V, a mercenary outlaw in search of an implant that could be the key to immortality. Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to customize your "cyberware,"...

Rust is Killing Linux Support; Devs Offer Refunds

Rust became a "cheater's sanctuary" on Linux.

On August 9, Rust developer Garry Newman wrote a blog talking about potential plans for the long neglected Linux client for their open-world survival game. In the blog, Newman talks about how he and the team could have done more to support the client, even if he says their support "might have been above average."

He goes on to say that the Linux version had "become more popular with the cheating community." However, even with performance and anti-cheat improvements coming soon to the Windows...

Halo Infinite Creative Director Leaves 343 Industries

Tim Longo says farewell to 343.

The creative director for Halo Infinite, Tim Longo, is no longer employed at 343 Industries. His departure comes just a few weeks after he had moved to a different role within the company a few weeks back. The details surrounding his move to that "new role" are quite scarce.

His departure from 343 also comes at a time where Halo Infinite is very deep in development. The game isn't slated to be released until late 2020, but it has been in development at the Microsoft owned studio for around four years at present. Halo Infinite's...
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  • Private Matches Added to Titanfall

    Private Matches Added to Titanfall

    A beta for private matches was added last night in the patch that was released for Titanfall.

    Changelog for Titanfall for April 10, 2014

    NEW FEATURES (All Platforms)
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  • Watch Dogs Trailer Show Off PC Specific Technologies from Nvidia

    Watch Dogs Trailer Show Off PC Specific Technologies from Nvidia

    A new trailer for Watch Dogs show off some of the benefits that Nvidia technology brings to the table for PC gamers.

    We're looking at the inclusion of HBAO+ and TXAA for Nvidia users with the power to run them on Watch Dogs....
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  • Microsoft Invites You to Dig a Desert Landfill to Find E.T. for the Atari

    Microsoft Invites You to Dig a Desert Landfill to Find E.T. for the Atari

    There is a long standing rumor, an urban legend if you will, that Atari buried all remaining copies of the atrocious game E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial somewhere in Alamogordo, New Mexico. This was back in 1983.

    Now, Microsoft and Fuel Entertainment are going to the Alamogordo landfill to try to dig up the truth. They want you to help.
    Fuel Entertainment brought the opportunity to Xbox Entertainment Studios, and now, as part of a documentary series (developed by Xbox Entertainment Studios and two-time Academy Award winning producer Simon Chinn and Emmy winning producer Jonathan Chinn, through their multi-platform media company, Lightbox), the team will excavate the
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  • inFAMOUS Second Son Surpasses 1 Million Units Sold in 9 Days

    inFAMOUS Second Son Surpasses 1 Million Units Sold in 9 Days

    Sony revealed today that in the nine days following the launch of inFAMOUS Second Son, the game had sold 1 million units. That makes it the fastest selling game in the franchise.
    A huge congratulations goes out to the team over at Sucker Punch for creating such a wonderful game, a true testament to their passion as developers and commitment to their fans, and a great big thanks to all of you who have picked up the game and have shown us how you enjoy your powers.
    Even if you've beat the game already, don't forget that Sucker Punch is still rolling out weekly updates for their episodic story, ...
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  • Creative Assembly Talks Up PC Advantages for Alien: Isolation

    Creative Assembly Talks Up PC Advantages for Alien: Isolation

    Alien: Isolation is Creative Assembly's upcoming survival horror title that obviously takes place in the Alien universe. In a recent interview with PCGH, the team talked about some of the advantages the PC version will have over the console versions.
    Different platforms afford different advantages. Modern PCs with high-spec graphics cards cannot be beaten for shear raw power. What this translates into are higher resolutions and frame rates, which are always good. Also we can afford to scale assets (geometric, textural, animation, etc.) to take advantage of the extra fidelity. With higher resolution and more raw power available tessellation
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  • The Last of Us Remastered Announcement Trailer Hints at the Improvements to Come

    Sure, the above trailer only has about 15 seconds of actual gameplay footage but it's something! You should already know what to expect in the upcoming release of The Last of Us Remastered.

    One thing that wasn't mentioned was how Naughty Dog is aiming for the game to run at 60fps in addition to the native 1080p resolution....
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  • Linux Beta for Wasteland 2 Next Week

    Linux Beta for Wasteland 2 Next Week

    An update to the Kickstarter page for Wasteland 2 reveals that inXile Entertainment is ready to release a new beta next week. Among the changes is the fact that Linux gamers will finally get their first build of the game.
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  • Ghost Recon Phantoms Launched on Steam

    Ghost Recon Phantoms Launched on Steam

    The game formerly known as Ghost Recon Online, now called Ghost Recon Phantoms has officially launched today. This free-to-play title can be yours through either the Ghost Recon Phantoms website or through Steam.
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  • The Humble Weekly Bundle PewDiePie Edition

    The Humble Weekly Bundle PewDiePie Edition

    PewDiePie has selected a number of games for this week's Humble Weekly Sale. As always, you can pay what you want for up to seven games in which all proceeds can either go to charity, the developers, or as a tip to the Humble staff.

    The one and only PewDiePie has curated another wonderful weekly sale to celebrate reaching 25 million subscribers and raise money for charity! Pay what you want for some of his favorite games: the darkly humorous operation sim, Surgeon Simulator 2013, the magical Mex-inspired action platformer, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, and the hilariously quirky rag-doll running game, QWOP. Pay $6 or more to also
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  • The Crew is Larger Than GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, and Far Cry 3 Combined

    In a recent preview event for the open world racer The Crew, it was revealed that the land area for the game is absolutely massive. Veni Vidi Vici has the full details.
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  • First Killer Instinct Season Ends on Fulgore and Arcade Mode

    First Killer Instinct Season Ends on Fulgore and Arcade Mode

    The first season for Killer Instinct wraps up this week with the release of Fulgore and a new Arcade Mode.

    If you want Fulgore for yourself it will run you $4.99 (USD) or $19.99 as part of the Season Pass for the game. This also marks the end of Double Helix as the developer of the game. That company, if you recall, was picked up by Amazon. Divekick developer, Iron Galaxy, will take over development of the game....
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