A Total War Saga: TROY Announcement Trailer

The official announcement of a new Total War game is here.

In a shock to nobody, the leak that came out literally just yesterday has been proven to be true. Everybody pretend to be shocked! A reveal trailer is out today for A Total War Saga: TROY. I believe the only thing that was incorrect in the early leak was the order of the words in the game's title.

This new entry in the Total War franchise takes inspiration from Homer's Iliad. As such, you can expect there to be a big emphasis on the Trojan War and a big emphasis on time-appropriate features, roles, weapons, and...

Rockstar Now Has Their Own PC Games Launcher

Get GTA: San Andreas for free if you use it.

Rockstar now has their own game launcher on the PC. The development studio quietly released this new launcher a short time ago today. They are attempting to entice users to download and use the installer by giving away a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for a limited time.

Interesting enough, the Rockstar Games Launcher includes some features that took other launchers a little bit of time to add after release. This launcher includes cloud save support, a shop, and automatic updates. The prices on the store seem to...

Watch Almost an Hour of Death Stranding Gameplay

A lot of gameplay footage that may finally provide a lot of answers.

The marketing for the Kojima Productions game, Death Stranding, has left consumers with more questions than answers. It's a game from the mind of Hideo Kojima, so of course the marketing was going to be odd. The problem was, there are a lot of people that just have no idea about what the game was even about even after the numerous trailers.

Maybe sitting down and watching 50 minutes of gameplay will help clear up that confusion. If that doesn't work, then maybe a breakdown of the gameplay footage from...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer

The trailer is at the bottom after these boring words.

Square Enix showed off an all new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake this week at the Tokyo Game Show. The new trailer offers a fresh look at gameplay, the slums of Midgar, and a peak at the mini-games and summons. Midgar is home to the Shinra Electric Power Company. This kind of totally evil company is in conflict with Avalanche, a resistance group fighting to keep their planet alive. You will also get your first look at some of the Shinra operatives known as The Turks.

Square Enix also included their new artwork...

Cube World is Coming to Steam

Let me take you back to the year 2013...

In 2013, a little game called Cube World came out in an "alpha" release. It was a cute, stylized adventure-RPG that offered a ton of freedom, battles, exploration, and more. A big appeal of the alpha was being able to have all of these adventures with your friends in one world. To its credit, the limited content of the alpha was quite enjoyable but the promise of bigger and better was always just around the corner. The problem came when it was just never updated! Eventually the developer went dark.

We would sometimes...
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  • Sunset Overdrive Opening Cinematic

    Sunset Overdrive Opening Cinematic

    Like opening cinematics? Awesome. Check out the opening cinematic for the Xbox One exclusive title, Sunset Overdrive.

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  • Destiny's "Ghost Edition" - Collector's Edition Valued at $150 and Includes Peter Dinklage's Voice

    A special collector's edition of Destiny was also revealed today. Bungie is calling it Destiny: Ghost Edition and it will be priced at $149.99 (USD). It includes a bunch of the typical CE stuff but will also include a replica of the Ghost robot, complete with Peter Dinklage voice samples.

    This particular edition will be a very limited run and will not be available everywhere. However, there will also be a $99.99 Limited Edition of the game that includes all of the above except for the Ghost replica.

    There will also be an $89.99 Digital Guardian Edition. This edition includes the game, the Expansion...
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  • Destiny's Expansion Pass Names the First Two Expansions

    Destiny's Expansion Pass Names the First Two Expansions

    Bungie has announced the "Expansion Pass" for Destiny. This $34.99 (USD) pass will provide players with the first two planned expansions for the game.

    As noted in the image, the first two expansions will be called The Dark Below and House of Wolves. These will include new story missions, both co-op and competitive multiplayer content, new weapons, new armor, and new gear....
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  • Destiny Beta - July 17 on PlayStation and July 23 on Xbox

    Destiny Beta - July 17 on PlayStation and July 23 on Xbox

    The beta dates for Destiny were revealed a short time ago today from Bungie.

    The beta is slated to run until July 26 for both platforms, meaning that PlayStation owners will have nearly a week with the game, while Xbox owners have just three days. You can join in on the beta by pre-ordering the game at select retailers. Bungie has also set up an handy beta FAQ page that should answer your most pressing questions....
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection "Terminal" Trailer and Halo 2 Anniversary Gameplay Video

    There is not one but two new trailers for you Halo fans to feast your eyes on today. First up is a new "Terminal" trailer for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. After that we have a gameplay video for Halo 2 Anniversary, one of the games included in the Master Chief Collection, and finally there are some new pieces of artwork to enjoy. These all came courtesy of 343 Industries and their panel earlier today from RTX 2014.

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  • NEOTOKYO Released on Steam

    NEOTOKYO Released on Steam

    NEOTOKYO was released as a Source mod ages ago. I'm talking about half of a decade ago now that it was released as a Half-Life 2 mod. Today, it's now available to download through Steam, provided you have the free Source 2006 SDK.
    NEOTOKYO is a multiplayer first person shooter that provides a visceral & realistic combat experience in a rich futuristic setting. NEOTOKYO takes place about 30-40 years from now in a Japan that has drifted into social/political strife due to the inevitable stresses that come from changing times. The Japanese government is grappling with intensified external (Asia geopolitics) and internal (economic/s
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  • Evolve PC Alpha Registrations Open for Those in North America

    Evolve PC Alpha Registrations Open for Those in North America

    If you want a chance at playing the Evolve alpha, now is your best chance to sign up. This event is only for those in North America and only for the PC, at least for now....
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  • The International Dota 2 Tournament Schedule and Prize Breakdown Revealed

    The International Dota 2 Tournament Schedule and Prize Breakdown Revealed

    Valve has revealed the tournament schedule and the prize breakdown for The International Dota 2 Championships.
    Playoffs: Phase One - Wild Card
    Solo Championship

    WEDNESDAY 9 through SATURDAY 12
    Playoffs: Phase Two

    SUNDAY 13 through MONDAY 14
    Playoffs: Phase Three

    FRIDAY 18
    Main Event: Upper Bracket

    Main Event: Lower Bracket
    All-Star Match

    SUNDAY 20
    Main Event: Lower Bracket

    MONDAY 21
    Main Event: Grand Finals
    Pre and Post-Match Press Conferences

    All broadcasts start at 9am PDT. All games are viewable live in-game and at
    As it stands right now, the total prize pool is sitting at $10,299,055 (USD). First place is looking to earn at least $4...
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  • Report: Crytek UK Staff No Longer Going to Work

    Report: Crytek UK Staff No Longer Going to Work

    Despite official claims to the contrary, Crytek may be in more dire straits than initially thought. According to sources close to Kotaku, it is being reported that the staff at Crytek UK are no longer going into work. According to four different sources from Crytek UK, the development studio has not been paid the full amounts they are owed for quite some time now. According to their sources, the staff at Crytek UK walked in, handed in formal grievance letters, and then went home. The studio is reportedly down to around 100 employees remaining. Reportedly, a good number of staff have been leaving for greener...
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  • Oculus Rift Surpasses 100,000 Units Sold

    Oculus Rift Surpasses 100,000 Units Sold

    According to figures compiled by Gamasutra, Oculus Rift has sold over 100,000 units already. That includes about 60,000 of the first development kit and the more than 45,000 of the second development kit, which have just started to ship out. The pre-orders for the second dev kit (DK2) began back in March. This updated unit includes an external camera which allows for tracking of more than three degrees of movement. Production of the original development kit had started to be cut back around 50,000 units sold, citing supply issues with some of the components as the reason. The first batch of DK2 shipments ...
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  • QuakeCon 2014 - Full Schedule of Events

    QuakeCon 2014 - Full Schedule of Events

    The full schedule of events for QuakeCon 2014 came out today. Here are a list of the main events taking place over the multi-day event.
    Thursday, July 17th
    The Elder Scrolls Online PvP TournamentThe Elder Scrolls Online Trials TournamentAnnual QuakeCon Welcome & Attendee Exclusive DOOM Reveal
    6:00pm | QuakeCon Attendee Exclusive | Ventrilo Main Stage

    Friday, July 18th
    The Elder Scrolls Online PvP TournamentThe
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