Watch the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Announcement Trailer

At the end of February, the world was alerted to the fact that Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall, Apex Legends) and EA would reveal a trailer for their new Star Wars title on this very day. It turns out, this scheduled event happened as planned.

Imagine that.

Earlier today the studios revealed the first details and trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at the Star Wars Celebration that has been going on this weekend in Chicago. This is an original game set in the Star Wars universe and looks to take place after Order 66 was issued. This places the game set shortly...

New 425.31 Nvidia Drivers Bring Ray Tracing to Older GTX Cards

Remember about a month back when we told you that ray tracing was coming to those with non-RTX Nvidia cards? That day has finally arrived. With today's release of the 425.31 drivers, those on 1060 and higher cards can now give real-time ray tracing a spin.

Since all of these older cards lack the special hardware that helps to speed up DirectX Raytracing (DXR) in games, don't expect to have fantastic framerates. However, if you understand what you're getting yourself into, go nuts with it. Just make sure you have one of the following cards, have updated to the 425.31 Nvidia drivers,...

Good News xXEdGeL0rD_420sw4gXx You Can Now Change Your PSN Name Starting Today

If you or xXEdGeL0rD_420sw4gXx would like to change your PlayStation Network name, you are now free to do so starting today. Sony has rolled out the name change feature for PSN to everyone, but there are a few stipulations to all of this.

First off, there will be some games that may not support the fact that you decided to change your PSN name. Sony makes it clear that any and all games that were published after April 1, 2018. They also note that they have not actually tested every single game, so even that might not be 100% true. They at least provided lists of tested ga...

Apex Legends to Soon Start Penalizing Early Leavers

A new feature is in the works for Apex Legends that aims to penalize those players that leave a game prematurely. Last week's 1.1 update for the game briefly introduced a penalty system for those that left a game before their team was eliminated. This feature was quickly pulled for reasons unknown but some additional details on this new mechanic were shared today from Respawn.

Community manager Jayfresh shared some details about what they're working on via Reddit.

Subsequent responses in the thread cleared up a few of the major questions fans of...

Z1 Battle Royale Dropped by New Developer After One Month

Daybreak Games just can't seem to catch a break. Their mess, otherwise known as H1Z1 has been met with another weird twist in its story. It was announced that NantG Mobile, the studio that took over development of the game, has dropped the game and given it back to its original developer Daybreak Games.

H1Z1 is now known as Z1 Battle Royale, but you may also know it as H1Z1: King of the Kill, H1Z1: Just Survive, King of the Kill, or the second iteration of its original H1Z1 name. Included in all of these name changes was the apparent removal of the survival aspect to the game,...
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  • Among the Sleep Review

    Among the Sleep Review

    It's not that easy being a toddler. It's difficult to understand what people are saying to you. You are unable to reach most things higher than a few feet above you. You walk as though you are drunk all the time. You see shadows and imagine them to be big, scary monsters. Your favorite stuffed animal just starts talking to you like it's nothing out of the ordinary. Really, it's a rather difficult time in your life!

    Krillbite Studio took this idea and ran with it for Among the Sleep. You are placed into the padded PJ's of a toddler. Your reach is short, your speed is slow, but your imagination is at an all time high. The basic idea behind the game is that it's supposed to be a first-person horror adventure. You, as the toddler, wake up in the middle...
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  • Dota 2's The International 4 is Down to the Sweet 16 as Liquid Secures the Wild Card

    Yesterday, four teams competed to secure the Wild Card spot in The International 4 for Dota 2. Coming out on top was Liquid with a solid 4-0 series yesterday. Sent packing were three teams: CIS, MVP, and Virtus.Pro. With this, Liquid joins up as part of the final 16 teams that will compete in The International 4. The playoff rounds are happening all this week. On Friday, July 18 the main event kicks off with the Upper Bracket matches. The 19th will be the Lower Bracket and All-Star matches. The 20th will be more of the Lower Bracket and the Grand Finals will take place on Monday, July 21. In addition to the Wild Card round, Valve also held ...
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  • Update 3 for Elder Scrolls Online Adds New Guild Enhancements

    Update 3 for Elder Scrolls Online Adds New Guild Enhancements

    Update 3 for Elder Scrolls Online is here and with it comes a number of improvements to guild enhancements.

    Notable additions include:
    - Armor dyes
    - Guild Tabards
    - Public Guild Store locations
    - A new difficulty mode for Trials
    - Fixes and improvements

    The update should be free to all owners of the game....
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  • Battlefield 4 Battlefest - A Month of Contests, Prizes, and In-Game Unlocks

    Battlefield 4 Battlefest - A Month of Contests, Prizes, and In-Game Unlocks

    DICE and EA have just announced Battlefield 4 Battlefest, a month of contests, prizes, in-game content unlocks, and more. Some of the prizes for the contests include gaming rigs valued at $3,100 (USD) and AMD videocards valued at roughly $300.
    First up is a double XP weekend from July 12-13 (that's thi...
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  • First Trailer for the Heavenly Sword Movie

    First Trailer for the Heavenly Sword Movie

    There's a Heavenly Sword film. Who knew, right? IGN has the first trailer for the movie, which is apparently going straight to Blu-ray and DVD on September 2.

    Geeze, that looks like a CGI cutscene from the earliest days of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era....
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  • Uncharted Series a "Good Candidate" for the Remaster Treatment

    Uncharted Series a "Good Candidate" for the Remaster Treatment

    In speaking with Eurogamer, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida talked about many things. Of those many things was a quick discussion on remakes and remasters of old franchises on new hardware. With The Last of Us Remastered coming out at the end of the month on the PlayStation 4, many fans are wondering, "what about Uncharted?"
    "Almost 50 per cent of people who have purchased a PS4 didn't own a PS3, and that's lots of people that missed exclusive PS3 titles like The Last of Us, so it's a great way to welcome those people back to PlayStation, saying this is what you missed. "There are requests from some consumers for games t
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  • Alien: Isolation Pre-Order Bonus Includes the Original Movie Cast

    Alien: Isolation Pre-Order Bonus Includes the Original Movie Cast

    SEGA revealed that those who pre-order Alien: Isolation will get some rather sweet bonus content in the form of two downloadable missions featuring the original cast of the film. Yeah, pretty neat!
    Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winner Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley) , Tom Skerritt (Dallas) , Veronica Cartwright (Lambert) , Harry Dean Stanton (Brett) , Yaphet Kotto (Parker) and Ian Holm (Ash, likeness and sound-alike) are set to feature in two downloadable bonus missions, which allow you to relive two classic scenes from the movie.

    Anyone in the UK who pre-orders the game will get a free upgrade to the Nostromo Edition,
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  • NHL 15 Creates "Next-Gen" Hockey Players

    NHL 15 Creates "Next-Gen" Hockey Players

    EA Sports shows off how they went about creating some "next-gen" hockey players for NHL 15. Look at those physics, just look at them! LOOK!

    NHL 15 is slated to arrive on September 9 for current-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360....
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  • Short Chainlink Mode Tutorial for Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth

    Short Chainlink Mode Tutorial for Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth

    Here is how the new Chainlink mode will play out in Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth.

    As you can see, tickets will count down faster against the other team based on how many points you have control of in a row. From the looks of things, this mode looks a lot like Conquest but with a reduced emphasis on number of points held and an increased emphasis on controlling points in a row together. Sadly, it does look like the enemy team can just capture any point in the chain, regardless if their team controls the point next to it. Anybody feel let down by this revelation on how this game mode will play out?...
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  • How to Unlock Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth Weapons, Gadgets, Dogtags and Phantom Initiate Assignment

    Here is a quick rundown on how to unlock the new weapons and gadgets in Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth. Please note that while you can now work towards these unlocks, you won't be able to unlock any of them until you play the Dragon's Teeth content as that is one of the requirements.
    UNICA 6
    These three are common across all unlocks:
    - Reach rank 10
    - Play a Dragon's Teeth map
    - Dragon's Teeth

    Award requirements
    - Activate the floodgates on the Sunken Dragon map 0/1
    - Get 5 kills while swimming 0/5

    - While on foot as Assault, kill 10 Support enemies who are also on foot 0/10
    - While on foot as Assault, kill 10 Engineer enemies who are also on foot 0/10
    - While on foot as Assault, kill 10 Recon enemies who are also on foot 0/10

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  • Battlefield 4 Update Includes Dragon's Teeth Weapons and Gadgets

    Battlefield 4 Update Includes Dragon's Teeth Weapons and Gadgets

    Today's update for Battlefield 4 includes a wide variety of fixes and changes. In addition to these changes, tonight's update also adds in the new weapons and gadgets. However, all of the unlocks require that you play on Dragon's Teeth, so while you can begin working towards those unlocks, you won't actually be able to unlock them until the content is out.
    -Various bug fixes

    GENERAL: -Fix for an issue where players were able to duplicate Battle Pickups by repeatedly picking up a kit -Fix for an issue where field upgrades would stop working after one round when players had reached the max field upgrade level -Fix for a crash that could occur when a player left a round -Added a 15 seconds warm-up timer for all Official games -Created a user interface for tweaking the joystick dead zone on PC because the l
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