MLB The Show is No Longer a PlayStation Exclusive

Soon, MLB The Show will be available on more than just Sony's platforms.

It has just been announced that starting as soon as 2021's release, MLB The Show will no longer be a PlayStation platform exclusive. Though other platforms have not yet been specified, both the official Nintendo and Xbox Twitter accounts were quick to comment on this new development.

For the past dozen or so years, MLB The Show has been developed by San Diego Studio, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony has also had the exclusive rights to develop and publish...

New 2K Studio Confirmed to be Working on Next BioShock Game

The first project for the new Cloud Chamber is the next entry in the BioShock series.

2K just announced today that they have opened up a new game development studio under their publishing umbrella. The new studio is called Cloud Chamber and will have not one but two different locations for their operations. The team will operate both out of 2K's San Francisco Bay Area HQ in Novato, CA in addition to a new location in Montreal, Quebec. This marks the first Canadian office for 2K.

The other big surprise today is the fact that Cloud Chamber has...

DICE Nerfed the TTK Yet Again in Battlefield V

Almost one year later and DICE is repeating the same exact mistakes.

Back on December 12, 2018, DICE decided to adjust the TTK (Time To Kill) for weapons in Battlefield V. A lot of the changes made weapons a fair bit less effective at actually taking out enemies. DICE said that they found that their "wider player base was dying too fast." That is to say, the shorter TTK wasn't too friendly for new players. To say that the core Battlefield community hated the changes is probably a massive understatement.

So, DICE tried to find a compromise...

Resident Evil 3 Remake Cover Art Leaked

Features a look at Jill, Carlos, and Nemesis.

We seem to have yet another leak on our hands today. This time it's for the still not officially announced remake of Resident Evil 3. It seems as though the cover art for this totally not real game was found on the servers for the PlayStation Store.

A games tracker feature on Gamstat quickly embeded the images from the PlayStation Store and thus made them visible publicly. Since then the images were pulled from being publicly accessible on the PlayStation Store. It's a good thing Gematsu saved the...

The Master Sword and More Coming to Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo announced a free content update today.

On December 5, Nintendo will release a free content update for Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. This update will offer players the ability to use new course parts in their designs, a new mode, and a little thing called the Master Sword.

All of this will be included in the 2.0.0 update set to hit Super Mario Maker 2 in just a few days. The Master Sword item will only be usable in the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. style. When acquired, the Master Sword will transform Mario into Link. This new...
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  • What Are You Playing Today? - Grand Theft Auto V, Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, LittleBigPlanet 3, and More

    Today is an absolutely massive day for new game releases. Today alone we have:
    • Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
    • Battlefield 4 Final Stand
    • Company of Heroes 2 - Ardennes Assault
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition
    • Escape Dead Island
    • Far Cry 4
    • Grand Theft Auto V
    • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd
    • LittleBigPlanet 3
    • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS3, X360)
    • Never Alone
    • Watch Dogs (WiiU)
    • WWE 2K15
    So, which of these games are you getting or planning to get? I am telling you now that I will have a review guaranteed for Grand Theft A...
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  • Goat Simulator MMO Expansion Coming this Week

    Goat Simulator MMO Expansion Coming this Week

    Goat MMO Simulator is an upcoming expansion for Goat Simulator that is slated to arrive later this week on November 20. It's a bit of free DLC for the game for those who own Goat Simulator already.
    Goat MMO Simulator
    Coffee Stain Studios brings next-gen MMO simulation to Goat Simulator as a completely free DLC. You no longer have to fantasize about being a simulated goat in a simulated MMO, your dreams have finally come true!

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  • Battlefield 4 Final Stand Official Gameplay Trailer

    Battlefield 4 Final Stand Official Gameplay Trailer

    With less than a day remaining until it's out, DICE and EA have released a gameplay trailer for Battlefield 4 Final Stand. Final Stand being the last major piece of DLC coming for Battlefield 4.

    Battlefield 4 Final Stand brings the all-out war to the cold arctic with secret military installations unleashing high-tech prototype weapons and vehicles in four new multiplayer maps. Available on November 18 for Battlefield 4 Premium members and December 2 for all.
    I'm going to assume that this piece of DLC will be out in the wee hours of the morn...
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  • Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Launch Trailer - A Wonderful World

    Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Launch Trailer - A Wonderful World

    Hey guys, Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out in about 3 and a half hours from now! Get ready with a new gameplay launch trailer, A Wonderful World.

    "A Wonderful World" prepares players for their epic journey through the land of Thedas as they become the Inquisitor and shape history through their decisions and actions. Can they lead the Inquisition to glory and restore order in the world?

    The game has received some very positive review scores so far....
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  • Lag Switching Also Returns to Halo 2 Anniversary

    Lag Switching Also Returns to Halo 2 Anniversary

    The old engine and old visuals aren't the only thing back from Halo 2. Lag Switching, or Standbying, makes its return to Halo in Halo 2 Anniversary from the Halo: Master Chief Collection. I suppose this goes hand in hand of this being a completely faithful port of the original game and engine.

    Don't know what Lag Switching is or you haven't run into it yourself yet? First off, consider yourself lucky. Secondly, read this short bit from the Halo Nation wiki.
    Standbying, also known as Lag Switching, was one of the first forms of
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  • Half-Life 2 Turns 10 Today

    Half-Life 2 Turns 10 Today

    On November 16, 2004 Half-Life 2 was released. Happy birthday to Half-Life 2! Valve curiously makes no mention of this fairly significant occasion. Perhaps it's worse than we thought! Perhaps instead of being able to just count to 3, they've simply forgotten about "Half-Life" entirely! Oh no... All kidding aside, Half-Life 2 is still a great game. You should probably play it if you haven't already. Feel free to share your favorite story about Half-Life 2. Maybe tell everyone how you were in college and stayed up stupidly late just so you could play ...
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  • Desert Bus for Hope 8 Underway - Raising Money for Charity One Tedious Mile at a Time

    The eighth annual Desert Bus for Hope charity marathon kicked off earlier today. This annual event finds a group of people playing the infamous Desert Bus game for dozens upon dozens of hours in order to raise money for the Child's Play Charity.

    In addition to donating towards a great cause, the more money that is raised, the more these people have to play the game. Right now, they're going to be playing the game for 113 hours. More donations will add more time to their fun.
    Desert Bus is the world's longest running internet-based fundraiser and
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  • DirectX 12 Will Not Appear on Windows 7

    DirectX 12 Will Not Appear on Windows 7

    AMD's Chief Gaming Scientist, Richard Huddy, said that DirectX 12 will not be supported by Windows 7 and below. Huddy made this reveal while speaking at a PDXLAN presentation earlier this month.
    "It's a very, very popular operating system.

    "One thing that's not going to happen to it is DX12. Yup, DX12 is not coming to Windows 7."
    This comes following a brief snippet where he notes that Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system at present, occupying 52% of all Microsoft OS users. He even notes that the 52% figure is actually growing des...
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  • Sony Reveals Two Official PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle Deals

    Sony Reveals Two Official PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle Deals

    Sony has revealed two different PlayStation 4 bundles for the big Black Friday sales. One is very obviously geared more towards a mature audience while the other is obviously more family friendly.

    The first bundle includes the PlayStation 4, a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, and a digital download voucher for The Last of Us Remastered. The bundle will go for just $399.99 (USD).

    The second Black Friday bundle includes the PlayStation 4, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, and LittleBigPlanet 3. This also goes for $399.99....
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  • The Iron Banner 2.0 Coming to Destiny Next Week

    The Iron Banner 2.0 Coming to Destiny Next Week

    According to the latest Bungie Weekly Update, Destiny's Iron Banner is getting reworked and will show up as a new and improved 2.0 version.
    Power. Does. Matter! (no, really) - Only players Level 20 and above can lead a Fireteam - Players below Level 20 can accompany more powerful friends - Players within 3 Levels can be competitive with each other - Your DEFENSE rating affects how you take damage -
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  • Battlefield 4 Final Stand - Dated for November 18 and New Information

    Battlefield 4 Final Stand - Dated for November 18 and New Information

    DICE and EA have finally revealed the officially official release date for the last major piece of content to be released for Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 Final Stand will be out for Premium members on November 18. Those who do not have Premium will be able to buy the content on December 2.
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