Introducing Steam Labs - A Place to Test New Steam Features

Launching today with three experiments.

Valve has just launched a new area on Steam where users can test out new, experimental features for Steam. They're calling this area the Steam Labs and it is here where users will be able to test out potential new Steam features. These tests may one day become commonplace on Steam, but for now they are mere experiments ripe for testing and potential changes based on user feedback.

If you ever used Gmail, you may already know what to expect from these Labs experiments. That is to say, there is no guarantee that they will be fully...

Nintendo Lite Announced - $200 Handheld Device Coming in September

Cheaper, smaller, colorful.

Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Lite today. Priced at $199 (USD), this new iteration of the Switch hardware will be released on September 20, 2019. It will come in three different colors (Grey, Yellow, and Turquoise) at launch. A carrying case and a screen protector is also going to be available at launch for the Switch Lite.

Compared to its older brother, the Switch Lite will be a portable only device. You will not be able to dock the Switch Lite to a TV as you can with the regular Switch. In addition, the Switch Lite does not have...

Facebook Reportedly Bringing Splinter Cell Back... as a VR Game

Who wished on a monkey's paw?!

There is a story circulating today saying that Facebook may have already signed deals with Ubisoft to bring back Splinter Cell and a new Assassin's Creed title. That's not the weird part. The weird part here is that the deal is to create VR games in these two popular franchises. And since it's Facebook that pushed the deal, that would mean that the games would be Oculus "exclusive" and sold through their Oculus Store.

This is, at least right now, merely a rumor. It came to light today via The Information (full article is locked...

G2A Offers to Pay Media Outlets to Run Pre-Written Defense Article

Add it to the list.

Third-party gray market key reseller, G2A, has been under increased fire the past week. Sure, it's had its fair share of accusations and criticisms slung its way over the years, but nothing quite like what we've seen in the past week. Today, an email sent from G2A to a handful of website owners, attempted to manipulate the public image of the company in an incredibly scummy way.

The email included a "transparent" and "unbiased" pre-written article about G2A that presented a warped spin on the truth about stolen game keys. The "truth"...

Earth Defense Force 5 Coming to PC this Week


The fifth mainline installment in the man vs. bugs saga known as Earth Defense Force was announced to be coming to the PC. Not only that, but Earth Defense Force 5 is coming to the PC this week on Thursday, July 11. That's a mere three days away from today! You can presently add it to your Wishlist on Steam if you want.

As usual, you will play as a member of the Earth Defense Force (EDF) as they battle giant ants, massive spiders, and all sorts of creepy crawlies. At your disposal will be a huge arsenal of weapons, vehicles, mechs, and customizable class...
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  • CS:GO Update is Now live - Changes for September 2, 2014

    CS:GO Update is Now live - Changes for September 2, 2014

    A new update was just released tonight for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

    Changelog for CS:GO for September 2, 2014 ( update)

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  • Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie is Out Today

    Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie is Out Today

    It seemed like a long time coming but Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie has been released to the public.

    Based on the hit web series of the same name, the science fiction/adventure/comedy, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, follows a disgruntled gamer who must overcome his fear of the worst video game of all time in order to save his fans. Hilarity ensues as a simple road trip becomes an extravagant pursuit of the unexpected. The film is low budget and independent, made without any major studio involvement, completely fan-funded. This is a movie made by fans, for fans. Written/Directed by James Rolfe & Kevin Finn. Pro
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  • Minecraft 1.8 Released - Behold the Bountiful Update

    Minecraft 1.8 Released - Behold the Bountiful Update

    The public release of Minecraft version 1.8 is finally here. Mojang is calling this The Bountiful Update as it seems to be full of many new items, features, and fixes. If you already have Minecraft, the update should download automatically the next time you log into the launcher. Server admins should check out here for a cross-platform jar file to use.

    Hightlight changelog for Minecraft 1.8 - September 2, 2014

    • Added Granite, Andesite, and Diorite stone blocks, with smooth versions
    • Added Slime Block
    • Added Iron Trapdoor
    • Added Prismarine and Sea Lantern blocks
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  • Need for Speed Rivals Coming Soon to EA Access

    Need for Speed Rivals Coming Soon to EA Access

    EA Access subscribers on the Xbox One will have a bit more to be happy about in September. EA announced that Need for Speed Rivals will soon be added to the list of games available through the Access Vault.

    In addition, they also revealed that the service will soon be available in more countries and there is also word on some additional game trials coming to the service.
    Available Soon in More Countries Later this month, EA Access will be rolling out to 19 additional locations. Gamers in countries including Brazil, Netherlands, UAE and Nordic countries will be able to become members and enjoy unlimited time in The Vault. For a full list of countries
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  • New Screenshots and Art for Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed Rogue

    There are a handful of new screenshots out today for both Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed Rogue. Let's take a look at those now.

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  • First Episode of The making of WWE 2K15

    First Episode of The making of WWE 2K15

    2K just released the first episode for "The Making of WWE 2K15" today. The behind the scenes series will take a look at the development of the game. This first episode, "A New Generation of Wrestling," provides a look at motion capturing and head scanning to bring the digital wrestlers to life.

    WWE2K15 is slated to be released by Yukes and Visual Concepts on October 28 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One....
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  • First NBA Live 15 Trailer Released

    First NBA Live 15 Trailer Released

    EA Sports released the first look at NBA Live 15 today.

    EA Sports promises to show off more about the game throughout the rest of the month. Some of those new snippets will include a l...
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  • PSA: CS:GO Matchmaking Issues will be Present as Valve Performs Maintenance Later Today

    Valve just sent out word that they are going to be performing maintenance on their server backend today at 3:45PM (PT). They said that this will affect multiplayer in negative ways.
    Connectivity to official and community game servers will be affected, game lobbies, matchmaking, inventories and weapon loadouts will be unavailable for the duration of this maintenance.

    Previous build of the game client will not be pinned due to compatibility issues and all clients and game servers will be required to update to the new build after the game update is released.
    So, just in case things start to get a li...
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  • The Sims 4 is Now Available on PC

    The Sims 4 is Now Available on PC

    EA and Maxis have released The Sims 4 on the PC. Now it's time for some light PR reading.
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  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Review (PS4)

    Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Review (PS4)

    First, the zombies came for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Next, they came for the PC. Now, they've set their sights on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Yes, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has finally been released on the PS4.

    If you had told me even just a few months ago that one of my favorite multiplayer games would involve plants and zombies fighting each other, I'd have called you crazy. If you had told me at the same time that the game in question would be a third-person shooter based off of the popular tower defense title Plants vs. Zombies I would have had you committed. Now here we are at the start of September 2014 and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is quickly becoming one of my favorite shooters. It's bright, it's stylized, and it is a ton of fun. Maybe it's because of the innocuous nature of the game but it's one of the few competitive...
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  • New Resident Evil HD Remaster Trailer

    New Resident Evil HD Remaster Trailer

    Capcom released a new trailer for the remastered HD version of the remade version of the original Resident Evil that is slated to come to the PS3, 360, PS4, XB1, and PC. Now with 100% more professional voice actors!

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