Desert Bus for Hope 2019 Charity Event Underway

Better late than never.

We're just a few days late in sharing this news with you, but when it comes to charity: Better late than never, right?

The latest annual charity drive (get it?) that is Desert Bus for Hope is well underway. A group of people have already spent three days driving across the desert, in real time, in an effort to raise money for charity. In three days and 6 hours, the crew has already raised over $388,400 for the Child's Play charity. The team is still going strong after all this time.

For those that don't know,...

EA Working on Cross-Save and Progression Sharing Between Steam and Origin

Seems EA is serious about this return to Steam.

With the recent announcement that EA was making a return to Steam, a number of questions remained unanswered. A couple of those questions focused on whether or not there would be support for things like cross-save or even cross-progression between EA's own Origin platform and Steam.

Fortunately, we have a few promising answers today. Most developers don't like to split their communities and EA is no exception. It seems they are working to get Origin to work similar to how Ubisoft's Uplay works with...

Diablo 4 is Always Online and Includes Microtransactions

This is the Diablo you pictured, right?

Yesterday, Blizzard took time away from appeasing China to kick off their two day BlizzCon event for 2019. One of yesterday's big reveals was the announcement that Diablo 4 is coming. What they didn't share in their reveal announcement to the public is the fact that Diablo 4 will require an online connection.

Not only that, but Diablo 4 will include microtransactions. Of course, all of this has a chance to change over the course of development, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Speaking of development,...

Diablo 4 Officially Announced - First Details, Screens, and More

The franchise returns to its dark roots.

Another unsurprising reveal at this year's BlizzCon was the announcement of Diablo IV. The sequel to the colorful action-RPG that is Diablo III promises to tone back the color gamut a wee bit, with hopes of appeasing fans of Diablo II.

As with the other reveals made today, Diablo IV does not yet have a release date. However, we do know that it's in development for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. So far we know of three classes: Druid, Barbarian, and Sorceress. We also know that you will be traveling...

Blizzard Loses Major Sponsor After Ban on 'Free Hong Kong' Hearthstone Pro

Blizzard continues to feel the impact of their ban of Hearthstone player Blitzchung.

It has been noticed by a number of Hearthstone fans that Mitsubishi's logo was no longer showing up during a recent Asia Pacific tournament for the game. Those on Reddit first noticed the missing logo. From there, it was confirmed by Mitsubishi that they have pulled their sponsorship from Blizzard.

This confirmation was made to The Daily Beast. Specifically, the branch that pulled its sponsorship from Blizzard was Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan, the Taiwanese branch...
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  • Fly Solo in Evolve

    Fly Solo in Evolve

    Turtle Rock Studios and 2K released a new gameplay trailer for Evolve today. If you don't have any friends to play the game with, the studios show that flying solo is still possible.

    Watch two exciting matches of the Defend game mode, played solo from both the Monster and Hunter perspective as AI fills out the remaining roles on each team. Playing solo as a Hunter allows players to hot-swap instantly between each different class for ultimate control of the entire team.
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  • Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Begins February 3

    Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Begins February 3

    Given that all of the super important information is in the headline, nobody is reading this. Thus, nobody will know that this beta will be open to everyone on the PC (through Origin), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. They also won't know that all multiplayer progression will be accessible by those playing the game. This includes new weapons, gear, and gadgets. Nobody will know that the open beta will actually feature three different maps and modes, which is at least two more maps than the previous beta and at least one more mode. ...
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  • Free PlayStation Plus Games for February 2015 Include Transistor, Yakuza 4, Thief, and More

    Sony revealed the free games that will be offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. All in all, it looks like a solid month of game offerings that includes Rogue Legacy, Transistor, Yakuza 4, Thief, and a few more.

    Transistor (PS4)
    From the creators of Bastion, Transistor is a sci-fi themed action RPG that invites you to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as you fight through a stunning futuristic city.

    Apotheon (PS4) The Gods of Olympus have abandoned human
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  • First Trailer for Dragon's Dogma Online Revealed

    First Trailer for Dragon's Dogma Online Revealed

    Earlier, we saw the first details for Dragon's Dogma Online. Now, we have our first ever trailer for the game.

    Now, despite all of this good news, it's time to bring the buzz down a few levels. This game is apparently never going to be released in the West. That means that North America will probably never get to play it though I do not believe that has been officially announced just yet. Thus, there may still be some hope. Keep those fingers crossed!...
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  • Reptile Revealed for Mortal Kombat X

    Reptile Revealed for Mortal Kombat X

    Netherrealm revealed another character for Mortal Kombat X yesterday. It is none other than Reptile.

    At 3PM (CT) on January 29, Netherrealm will show off another new character reveal on their live Twitch stream....
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  • Dragon's Dogma Online Announced

    Dragon's Dogma Online Announced

    Japanese gaming publication, Famitsu, revealed that Dragon's Dogma Online is in the works for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms. It will be a free-to-play title supported with optional microtransactions. The game will be online with a "full open world" and a lobby that supports up to 100 players. The game will include constant content updates, timed events, and more. You can team up with three additional friends to form a party for normal gameplay. Raids will support up to 8 players at once and will include quick matching. ...
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  • Latest Aion Update Implements Changes Based on Player Feedback

    Latest Aion Update Implements Changes Based on Player Feedback

    The Aion team announced a new update for the game today that aims to address "some of the game's mechanics based on player feedback and adds incentives for players who have been absent to return to the game."

    Let's take a quick look at what some of those new features include.

    Exclusive content for returning players:
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  • Report: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Will Not Have Online Co-op

    Report: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Will Not Have Online Co-op

    According to Rely on Horror (via 4gamer and Biohazard France), Resident Evil Revelations 2 will not feature online co-op for the game's story component. According to those sources, Revelations 2 will feature local co-op only. If you were planning on playing through the story with a friend online, you had better think again. Single player will also feature a bit of "co-op" in that you will be able to switch between the two characters on the fly. Where does the online component come into play then? Well, it will show in the game's "Raid Mode." There's j...
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  • CD Projekt RED Justifies the Need for 16 Hours of Mo-capped Sex Scenes for The Witcher 3

    According to The Guardian, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt includes about 16 hours of mo-capped data for the game's sex scenes. So, why so much? CD Projekt RED explains the need to PC Gamer.
    "We are establishing that your character was intimate with this woman recently in order to plant in your mind, that, at the very least, he must enjoy her company," Senior Game Designer Damien Monhier said. "Through sex we have shown that this is a person who Geralt would be compelled to chase after if she went missing."
    Monhier noted that sex is the fastest way to esta...
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  • Sony Removing YouTube and Maps Apps from the Vita

    Sony Removing YouTube and Maps Apps from the Vita

    Late last night, Sony revealed that the Maps application, the YouTube application, and some features of the near application will be removed from the PlayStation Vita.

    The links take you to PlayStation support pages for Maps and for YouTube that explain the closures in slightly more detail. The YouTube app will no longer be supported after April 20. After January 28, the app will no longer be available for download. The thought is that nobody wants to actually update the YouTube app to the latest API version. Maps and some features of...
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  • Spotify Coming to PlayStation Network as Sony Ditches Music Unlimited

    Spotify Coming to PlayStation Network as Sony Ditches Music Unlimited

    Sony and Spotify are teaming up for an exclusive partnership that will see Spotify replacing Sony's own Music Unlimited service on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. This announcement goes hand in hand with Sony's new PlayStation Music service.
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