Review: GreedFall (PC)

A long and thrilling journey.

GreedFall is a game that filled a gaping void I did not know I had for a new action-RPG experience. Though it lacks some of the polish you would expect from a major game release these days, the game still rewards the player with fun and varied combat, complex story beats, and an overall experience that should make even the veterans at BioWare sit up and take notice. For those of you that have been on the fence about picking up GreedFall, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not go pick it up right now.

Blizzard Issues Insultingly Pathetic Statement About Blitzchung Suspension and Reasoning

The cowards just doubled down.

Taking a page from politicians and businesses that know late on Friday is the best time to release news that you are positively ashamed to share, Blizzard has finally issued a statement about the recent ban on Blitzchung and two Hearthstone casters.

Before we get into it all, let's just read what they have to say. Here is Blizzard's full statement as it currently appears on their website.

Despite a reduction of six months for the suspension, Blizzard is still punishing Blitzchung. The...

Layoffs Hit PlayStation Europe

SIEE had no prior knowledge of PS5 reveal.

A new report from VGC says that Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) is undergoing a "restructuring" of several areas at the company, including marketing and PR. VGC says that they were informed of this unfortunate news from "people with knowledge of the situation."

As if that wasn't bad enough, VGC's report says that SIEE employees were informed about when American PlayStation directors visited SIEE in their London location. Those employees who were impacted by these layoffs...

Blizzard Employees Walkout in Protest of Unjust Ban on Pro-Hong Kong Hearthstone Player

A small group of Blizzard employees are protesting against the actions of their employer.

A small group of Activision-Blizzard employees staged a walkout on Tuesday afternoon of this week to protest against their employer. Earlier this week, Blizzard had banned a professional Hearthstone player, Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai, after he voiced his support for the pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters. Blitzchung voiced his support during a post-game interview during an official livestream.

Not only did Blizzard quickly cut away from the interview...

PlayStation 5 Confirmed for Holiday 2020 Release

Sony dishes more details about their next-gen console and controller.

The announcement of the next-gen consoles has been really, really weird. Sony first announced the PlayStation 5 via a Wired interview with Mark Cerny. Since then, there really hasn't been much revealed about the new console. In fact, it wasn't even known until today that the next console was actually going to be called the "PlayStation 5."

Today, a new PlayStation Blog entry was released alongside yet another exclusive Wired article that provides some additional details...
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  • Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition Announced for Consoles

    Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition Announced for Consoles

    505 Games and Rebellion announced that there will be an "Ultimate Edition" coming out for Sniper Elite 3 for the PS3, PS4, 360, and XB1. This package will include the base game and all additional DLC in one package deal. It's slated to be released on March 10, 2015.

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  • Xbox One to Again be "On Sale" for a "Special" Price of $349 Starting Tomorrow

    Microsoft likes what they saw during the holidays because they're offering another "special" price for the Xbox One starting tomorrow. Beginning January 16, you can pick up the Xbox One for $349 (USD). This follows roughly a week of the console being at the "normal" retail price of $399 following the holiday sales.
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  • H1Z1 is Now Available on Steam Early Access

    H1Z1 is Now Available on Steam Early Access

    H1Z1, the latest open world survival game to hit the scene from Sony Online Entertainment, has entered into Steam Early Access today. The game will eventually be free-to-play but for right now, the only way you can play the Early Access release is to pay.

    How much will you have to pay? At least $20 for the basic package. If you want some more goodies, that price jumps up to $40.

    Set in a post-apocalyptic world, H1Z1 is a zombie survival MMO where players must use their wits and skills, as well as strategically align
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  • Team Fortress 2 Update Released - January 15, 2015

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released - January 15, 2015

    A small update was released tonight for Team Fortress 2.

    Changelog for TF2 for January 15, 2015

    - Added the TF Tomb contest winners and runners-up to the Mann Co. Store - Fixed AE_CL_BODYGROUP_SET_VALUE animation events not working properly -- Fixes the Demoman's sticky note not drawing, Soldier's rocket reload missing the rocket, etc. - Fixed an exploit related to the Sniper's scope HUD panel - Fixed being able to pick-up buildings while reloading the Panic Attack - Fixed the Medic not being able to deploy a Quick-Fix/Vaccinator charge while
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  • Nightline Investigates Gamergate and Online Harassment

    Nightline Investigates Gamergate and Online Harassment

    Last night, ABC's Nightline aired interviews with Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, Tim Schafer, and others in a segment they called, "What It Feels Like to be a Gamergate Target."

    The segment, seen here (or here in a text-based format) does also include some discussion of how women are portrayed in a number of games. Beyond that, the segment largely focuses on harassment of women who play games and the growing market of women who play and purchase games. Tim Schafer weighs in on how the industry has been and continues to change. ...
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  • Naughty Dog Tempers Expectations on 60FPS for Uncharted 4

    Naughty Dog Tempers Expectations on 60FPS for Uncharted 4

    Naughty Dog is telling fans not to get their hopes up for Uncharted 4 to run at 60fps, especially if it "compromises the player's experience." In speaking with Edge, Uncharted 4's director, Bruce Straley, explains why 60fps might not make it into the game.
    "We're actually above 30, but we locked it [for the demo], Straley explained. "We're going to do whatever it takes to make the game we want to make. If it means we could go for 60 but lose something that would really impact the player's experience, then it's our choice as developers to say, 'Well, we're
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  • Unsurprisingly Hotline Miami 2 was Refused Classification in Australia

    Unsurprisingly Hotline Miami 2 was Refused Classification in Australia

    The land down under claims another victim this week. Hotline Miami 2 is the latest game added to the lengthy list of games that have been refused classification in the country.
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  • New 3DS XL Dated for February 13 in North America and Europe

    New 3DS XL Dated for February 13 in North America and Europe

    Earlier today, Reggie Fils-Aime announced that the "New 3DS XL" will be released on February 13 in North America and Europe for $199.99 (USD). It will be released in red and black versions, or as a bundle with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and a special Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate branded New 3DS XL, or a gold Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask New 3DS XL. With the Zelda model, the phrasing on the announcement makes it sound like the game itself will be sold separate from the Zelda branded console. That's weird. Even more strange is the fact that the system will ...
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  • CS:GO Update Fixes the P2000 Ammo Capacity - January 14, 2015

    CS:GO Update Fixes the P2000 Ammo Capacity - January 14, 2015

    Tonight's update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brings the game version to and includes a few small fixes to the game.

    Changelog for CS:GO for January 14, 2015

    - Fixed P2000 ammo capacity.

    MISC - Fixed a corrupt packets issue that occurred when a client attempted to play on community servers after official servers. - rcon stats now include server frame simulation time ms, stddev of simulation time ms, and tick precision ms. - Fixed an exploit used by malicious servers to bypass SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE restriction on co
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  • Seven Things to do in Dying Light and 3D Printable Figure

    Seven Things to do in Dying Light and 3D Printable Figure

    PlayStation Access has had some hands on time with Dying Light and they have put together a video of "seven things you must do" in the game.

    In addition, Techland passes along word that they have set up a new website and have offered a 3D printable figurine of one of its zombies. The new website serves as a tourist style site for the city of Harran, the main location in the game. The figure can be downloaded from this location. Below you can check out how skilled painters bring some "life" to the printed figure.

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  • SteamOS Updated 153 Released

    SteamOS Updated 153 Released

    Valve just passed along word that update 153 was pushed out tonight for SteamOS. If you're running SteamOS on your media machine, here is what you have to look forward to.
    • Updated NVIDIA drivers to 343.22
    • Updated AMD graphics driver to 14.9
    • Linux kernel rebased against 3.10.60
    • Improved performance of timing system calls for 32-bit applications by backporting i386 VDSO changes from upstream kernel and adding eglibc support for them
    • Fixed "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" not focusing on startup

    Security fixes and upstream updates:
    • axis - Debian
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