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Xbox Confirms PlayStation 5 Releases, Diablo 4 on Game Pass, and Future Hardware Plans

No, Starfield and Indiana Jones are not going multi-platform any time soon.

The heads of Xbox stayed true to their word and were indeed a part of a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast. During today's pre-recorded podcast and subsequent blog post, head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated that four Xbox exclusives are going to be multi-platform releases. Is it Starfield? Indiana Jones? Gears of War? Halo?! No, no, no, and no. Though Spencer did not specify what those four titles ...

Embracer Lays Off 97 Employees from Eidos; Cancels New Deus Ex

Embracer's rampage continues.

Eidos-Montreal, a development studio currently under the Embracer umbrella, made the sad announcement that employees at the studio were being laid off. Eidos took to social media to confirm that 97 people have been let go "from development teams, administration, and support services".

The studio says that "global economic context, the challenges of our industry, and the comprehensive restructuring announced by Embracer have...

Microsoft Lays Off 1,900 People from Gaming Divisions

Impacted teams include Activision Blizzard, Xbox, and ZeniMax.

Layoffs are happening again within Microsoft as roughly 1,900 employees are being let go. The initial report comes from an IGN report that says the layoffs hit Microsoft owned Activision Blizzard, Xbox, and ZeniMax.

Xbox lead Phil Spencer sent out a memo to staff which announced these layoffs. In the memo, Spencer says that as Microsoft is "committed to aligning on a strategy and an execution plan with...

Layoffs Hit Black Forest Games and People Can Fly


Two more studios announced layoffs today. Those studios are Black Forest Games and People Can Fly.

Black Forest Games is the studio behind the remakes for Destroy All Humans! and Destroy All Humans! 2. The studio reportedly laid off roughly 50% of its entire workforce. In 2023, Black Forest Games reportedly had 110 employees, meaning that about 55 people are now out of a job today. These layoffs were announced on January 24th.

According to sources speaking...

Riot Games Lays Off 530 Employees, Shutters Riot Forge


Today's games industry layoff news comes to us courtesy of Riot Games, the development studio behind League of Legends and Valorant. In an effort to move towards "a more sustainable future", Riot Games announced plans to eliminate 11% of their entire workforce, or roughly 530 employees.

In today's announcement, Riot Games says that "teams outside of the core development" will be impacted by these layoffs the hardest.

Riot CEO...
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  • Over 80 Johto Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go

    Over 80 Johto Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go

    Over 80 new Pokemon are being added to Pokemon Go. These Pokemon are from the Johto region from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. The update is expected to start rolling out this week to your mobile devices.
    Additional Pokémon: More than 80 Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Johto region in the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games, as well as Pokémon with gender-specific variations, will start rolling out in Pokémon GO.

    New Evolutions: There
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  • First Look at Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers in First-Person Mode

    If you ever wanted to play Street Fighter II in first-person, you'll have your chance when Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is released on the Switch. The news is a twofer, with the video coming from Capcom Channel on YouTube and some gameplay snippets coming from GoNintendo.

    The first-person mode is separate from the core game. It's called "Way of the Hado" and includes a number of different gameplay variants.
    Way of the Hado - separate from the rest
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  • Sony Ditching PlayStation Now Service on Everything but PS4 and PC

    Sony Ditching PlayStation Now Service on Everything but PS4 and PC

    For some reason, Sony announced today that they are going to ditch support of PlayStation Now on all of their devices except for PlayStation 4 and the PC. This change is slated for August 15, 2017.

    The following devices will no longer have the PS Now service at that date:
    • PlayStation 3 • PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV • All 2013, 2014, 2015 Sony Bravia TV models • All Sony Blu-ray player models • All Samsung TV models • Additionally, 2016 mo
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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update for February 14, 2017

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update for February 14, 2017

    Valve is showing a little love to Counter-Strike fans tonight with this update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

    Changelog for CS:GO for February 14, 2017

    SERVERS – Reduced per-client memory use by sharing network buffers. – Increased entities delta buffers to 192Kb to support connecting to game modes with many entities (sv_delta_entity_full_buffer_size on the server can be used to increase it up to 256Kb if needed) – Added a better error message for clients explainin
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  • Build Your "Ultimate Team" in MLB The Show 17's Diamond Dynasty

    Build Your "Ultimate Team" in MLB The Show 17's Diamond Dynasty

    Details have emerged today about the updated Diamond Dynasty mode coming in MLB The Show 17. The mode is even more "FIFA Ultimate Team" or "Madden Ultimate Team" like than ever before and it's making for the best Diamond Dynasty experience yet.
    At its core, Diamond Dynasty is all about building the best 25-man team possible. With more than 2,000 players to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to select players from the pages of baseball history — from legendary greats like
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  • New Mass Effect: Andromeda Screenshots

    New Mass Effect: Andromeda Screenshots

    A few new screenshots for Mass Effect: Andromeda were released today. Enjoy!

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  • More Trouble for PewDiePie: YouTube Cancels His Show, Removes Him from Premium Advertising

    Yesterday, we passed along word that Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg was dropped by Maker Studio, owned by Disney, for multiple anti-Semitic remarks.

    Today, YouTube dropped their own hammer down on PewDiePie. YouTube has reportedly canceled the second season of Scare PewDiePie, a show that was exclusively part of the paid YouTube Red service. Scare PewDiePie was a show that had people trying to scare Kjellberg in real life in a variety of creative ways. The second season was announced...
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  • Nintendo Embraces Modern Gaming by Announcing Expansion Pass for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Nintendo is starting to really embrace the modern era of gaming with their latest move. Earlier today, the company announced that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will have a $20 Expansion Pass. You heard correctly, a Zelda game will have an Expansion Pass. The pass will be available starting March 3 and will grant players access to three new treasure chests, a new Cave of Trials challenge, new hard mode, new original story, a new dungeon, and "additional challenges." This pass w...
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  • GTA Online Celebrates Valentine's Day with New Maps, Bonuses, and Discounts

    GTA Online Celebrates Valentine's Day with New Maps, Bonuses, and Discounts

    Rockstar kicks off their week of Valentine's festivities with two new maps for the "Till Death Do Us Part" game type, double GTA$ and double RP for the "Couples" 2vs2 adversary modes, discounts on vehicles and weapons, plus much more.

    DOUBLE GTA$ & RP FOR ‘COUPLES’ 2v2 ADVERSARY MODES Players can take advantage of Double GTA$ & RP for all couples in fan-favorite Adversary Modes. Till Death Do Us Part is back with two r
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  • Meet the Lovely Ladies in Injustice 2

    Meet the Lovely Ladies in Injustice 2

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment are showing off the women that will beat the crap out of you in Injustice 2. We get a look at Cheetah, Catwoman, and more.
    The action-packed trailer reveals Cheetah and Catwoman, along with a first look at Poison Ivy gameplay. Players can witness these fan favorite characters duke it out with the likes of Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Batman, Swamp Thing and other Injustice 2 powerhouses – proving that each these formidable
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  • Rocket League 4K Support Coming February 21

    Rocket League 4K Support Coming February 21

    PlayStation 4 Pro owners will soon get to play the excellent Rocket League in glorious 4K starting February 21. Even better, the game will still run at 60FPS for most arenas at that resolution. The PlayStation Blog has some information about what this Pro patch includes.
    On February 21, we will release a new update that allows Rocket League to run at both 1080p (on a standard PS4) and 4K (on PS4 Pro) at 60 frames per second in all arenas for single and two-player split-screen modes.
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  • Battlefield 1 Winter Update Brings Back Ribbons

    Battlefield 1 Winter Update Brings Back Ribbons

    DICE announced that as part of the upcoming Winter Update for Battlefield 1, the much enjoyed Ribbons will be making a comeback. In addition to this, the update will include increased Class Rank caps, new unlockabales, and the usual tweaks to the visuals and gameplay experiences.

    You will now be able to collect Ribbons as you play. There are 20 different Ribbons to collect, and each time you get a Ribbon you also receive a 300XP. The Ribbons are designed to promote good teamplay and playing the objective.

    If you have suggestions for other Ribbons you’d like us to add, we’re always listening! This is just the beginning.
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  • Eight New Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Screenshots

    Eight New Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Screenshots

    A handful of new screenshots for the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remake have made their way online this evening. They seem to come from Game Informer but for the life of me I cannot see where on their site they originated.

    Either way, enjoy these new screenshots! For the first time, we get a look at the Crash Bandicoot games beyond the first title.

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  • Disney Dumps PewDiePie After One Too Many Anti-Semitic Comments

    Disney Dumps PewDiePie After One Too Many Anti-Semitic Comments

    Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg was fired by Disney and Disney owned Maker Studios this week. He was dropped like a bad habit. Why? Probably because PewDiePie is anti-Semitic. Oh sure, he has tried to claim it was all a joke, but that's kind of a terrible excuse, especially when it happens more than once.

    Here's what happened: Back on January 11, Kjellberg published a video that contained a segment where he hired a couple of men from the service Fiverr to hold up a banner that...
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  • Holobunnies: Pause Cafe Trailer, Release Date, and More

    Holobunnies: Pause Cafe Trailer, Release Date, and More

    q-bit Games and Nkidu Games proudly sent along a new trailer, a release date, and some details for their three games-in-one offering, Holobunnies: Pause Cafe. The debut trailer for the game was released today alongside the reveal of the March 22 release date through Steam foor Windows, OS X, and Linux.
    Cruising around in space and trying to find a new planet to live on is hard work, after all, and that's just what Pause Café is all about: the Holobunnies taking a break from their
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    For a little while now, rumors suggested that Xbox will begin to offer many of their first-party titles on competing hardware platforms. Just this week, those rumors were given more substance from a number of sources that say games such as Starfield, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Hi-Fi Rush, and even Gears of War could end up on PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch.

    If these new reports are to be believed, these first-party...
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