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Massive Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks

Over 90 gameplay videos have been leaked online. Yes, 90. Nine zero.

Earlier this morning, someone took to and posted a link to over 90 gameplay clips from the not-yet-officially-revealed Grand Theft Auto 6.

The user, going by the forum name teapotuberhacker, started a thread on GTAForums in the wee hours of the morning. The post was pretty straightforward. They say, "here are 90 footage/clips from GTA 6." They continue on to say that it's "possible...

EVGA Terminates Partnership with Nvidia Due to "Disrespectful Treatment"

One of the largest, if not the largest Nvidia board partner will no longer produce Nvidia graphics cards.

The tech and hardware focused YouTube channel, Gamers Nexus, broke the news today that EVGA will no longer produce Nvidia graphics cards. This includes the upcoming, and very soon to be released, RTX 40-series generation.

EVGA has been one of the largest, if not the largest third-party board partner if you were looking to purchase an Nvidia based GPU. The quality of...

Narrative Campaigns to Return to Battlefield via Newly Formed Ridgeline Games

Newly formed Ridgeline Games will dedicate themselves to new narrative campaigns for Battlefield.

EA just announced that they have added another studio to their plethora of development teams. Their new studio is the Seattle-based Ridgeline Games, and it is being led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto. Ridgeline Games "will be focused on developing a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe."

Over the past several weeks, Lehto has been making his presence...

New PlayStation 5 Model is More Energy Efficient

The new model includes a new motherboard and cooling.

Last month, Australians were the first to receive the latest hardware revision on PlayStation 5 hardware. Sony quietly released a new SKU of their latest console without saying what exactly was new or changed in comparison to earlier models. YouTuber Austin Evans (via The Verge) managed to get his hands on one of these new models and found out that there are a lot of internal changes.

Evans found that Sony is using...

Valve Says They Have Several Games in Development

Though whether or not any of them will be released is anybody's guess.

In a recent interview conducted by Famitsu (via Tweaktown) with long-time Valve employee Greg Coomer, the Half-Life studio is still very much in the business of creating games. Coomer told the publication that Valve has a lot of projects currently in development.

Coomer says, "Valve has a lot of games in development. We will continue to release games. Game development is very important to Valve....
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  • PSA: Amazon Japan Now Ships Internationally

    PSA: Amazon Japan Now Ships Internationally

    Just a little heads up for you importers of the world, it seems as though will now ship games and consoles internationally! That means that you can pick up those Japanese exclusive games that you've had your eye on for some time without having to jump through too many hoops. The prices seem to be pretty reasonable as well, even with shipping and handling fees. Of course, there is one catch to all of this. You cannot get items shipped to you if they are sold by third parties through the...
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  • Gears of War 4 Details Emerge from Game Informer

    Gears of War 4 Details Emerge from Game Informer

    The April 2016 cover story for Game Informer is for none other than Gears of War 4. Of course, it wouldn't be a huge game announcement and reveal if there weren't a bevy of fresh details to go along with it, right?

    Thankfully, neoGAF user shinobi602 compiled a list of details from the Game Informer cover story. The following obviously contains some spoilers both for Gears of War 4 and for the earlier entries in the series. Consider yourselves warned.
    -2 player couch
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  • Assault Android Cactus Released on PlayStation 4

    Assault Android Cactus Released on PlayStation 4

    Assault Android Cactus is now available for the PlayStation 4.
    BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND - March 8, 2016 - Assault Android Cactus, the action-packed arcade-style twin stick shooter by Witch Beam is now available for PlayStation 4. Assault Android Cactus replaces the traditional life counter with a battery system, which rewards an aggressive style of play. The characters' batteries constantly drain throughout a level, and if a battery is fully drained, the player's android will shut
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  • Latest Guild Wars 2 Raid Wing Lets You Fight a Giant Sloth

    Latest Guild Wars 2 Raid Wing Lets You Fight a Giant Sloth

    Want to fight a giant sloth? Great! Because you can fight "Slothasor" in the latest raid wing that just came out today for Guild Wars 2.
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  • Minecon 2016 Announced for September 24 in Anaheim

    Minecon 2016 Announced for September 24 in Anaheim

    Mojang just announced that Minecon 2016 will take place in Anaheim, CA from September 24-25. That's pretty much the gist of what the following announcement trailer has to say...
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  • Valve Announces 'The Lab' for VR Experiments at GDC

    Valve Announces 'The Lab' for VR Experiments at GDC

    If you will be attending GDC next week in San Francisco, you may want to set aside some time to check out what Valve will be doing. The studio announced that they will debut something called "The Lab," which is a compilation of a number of VR experiments that visitors can try out. The Lab is "set in a pocket universe of Aperture Science" and "offers multiple ways to enjoy room-scale VR." It's probably almost a 100% guarantee that the VR hardware on display for these demos will be the HTC V...
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  • Sniper Elite 4 Announced for 2016

    Sniper Elite 4 Announced for 2016

    Rebellion just announced that Sniper Elite 4 is coming out later this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

    Sniper Elite 4 includes a main campaign, co-op, and competitive multiplayer modes.
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  • New Map, Missions, and More Coming in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Graveyard Variety Pack

    The Graveyard Variety Pack content is out tomorrow for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. This content pack is free and includes a new map, new missions, gameplay tweaks, and more.
    New Features
    • Added new co-op/team vanquish map "Aqua Center" which may seem familiar, yet completely different!
    • Added night version of the Great White North map to the Turf Takeover Playlist
    • Added Hide n' Find missions to Backyard Battleground
    • Added Bot & Pot Missions to Backyard Battleground
    • Added
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  • Microsoft Shuts Down Lionhead Studios and Press Play, Fable Legends Cancelled

    Microsoft announced a couple of very sudden doses of bad news today. First is the announcement that Fable Legends has been cancelled. That's the "less bad" of the bad news for today. However, obviously related to that is the second piece of big news: Lionhead Studios and Press Play Studios are being shut down. This news comes quite suddenly, especially given that Fable Legends was updated just four days ago with an email sent out to testers just three days ago explaining the new changes. ...
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  • Overwatch Leak Shows Release Date of May 24

    Overwatch Leak Shows Release Date of May 24

    IGN's ad campaign may have accidentally jumped the gun a bit. It seems as though a bunch of ads on their site have let slip that the release date for Overwatch is set for May 24, with early access beginning on May 3.

    The below image, that I first saw via NeoGAF, clearly shows this little "whoopsie" from IGN. You want to know something that's just a wee bit annoying (at least so far as everyone's wallets are concerned)? May releases also include Battleborn, Uncharted 4, Doom, Homefront:...
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  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 - Kokoro Chracter Trailer

    Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 - Kokoro Chracter Trailer

    A new character trailer came out this evening for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. This one is for Kokoro. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will be out later this month for the PlayStation 4 and Vita, but not in North America....
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  • This Week in Review: Stardew Valley and E.T. Armies (February 28 - March 5, 2016)

    It's going to be a short one today, but we have some quick reviews for Stardew Valley and E.T. Armies....
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  • ESL Partners with Twitch and Yahoo

    ESL Partners with Twitch and Yahoo

    ESL Gaming announced that they have formed a partnership with both Twitch and Yahoo as part of a multi-year agreement. When it comes to Twitch, ESL is simply extending its already successful partnership with the streaming focused company. ESL and Twitch have a working relationship that goes back to 2011, with a new agreement that will have them working together for a number of years to come. The exact terms were not announced to the public. Yahoo is also a part of a separate partnership wit...
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  • Disney, Wargaming, and Activision Also Skipping E3

    Disney, Wargaming, and Activision Also Skipping E3

    We first saw that EA was going to hold their own event in lieu of going to E3. This past week, Activision also revealed that they would not have a booth presence at E3. Today, both Wargaming and Disney announced that they would not be at E3 either.

    A spokesperson for Wargaming issued a very clear statement to Venturebeat about the company's decision to not attend E3 this year.
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  • GTA Online - Double RP and Money in All Versus Missions

    GTA Online - Double RP and Money in All Versus Missions

    Rockstar is holding another double RP and double GTA$ event from now until March 10 for GTA Online.
    Going on now through Thursday March 10th, all Versus Missions will award double GTA$ and RP to players, win or lose. Versus Missions are easily selectable via the GTA Online pause menus or players can Bookmark them via Social Club using the links below: Along with the double GTA$ and RP from playing Versus Missions, players can maximize double RP in Freemode for flying under bridges and
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