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Sony Allegedly Hacked... Again

"All of Sony Systems" was allegedly infiltrated by a new ransomware group.

A new group of baddies claims that they have "successfully compromised all of Sony systems" in a new ransomware attack.

This report comes from Australian cybersecurity site Cyber Security Connect in a new post made on September 25. The report says that Sony was infiltrated by some hackers calling themselves, a group that reportedly began operations in September. Cyber...

RIG 600 PRO HS Headset Review

A solid sounding headset with dual-mode wireless, but what's the catch?

The RIG 600 PRO HS is a wireless gaming headset that offers excellent sound quality, comfort, and features at an affordable price. Though the HS model is geared mainly towards use with the PlayStation platform, it is compatible with Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and PC. The RIG 600 PRO HS features dual-mode wireless connectivity, so you can use it with either the included USB-C dongle for 2.4GHz wireless or Bl...

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Officially Announced... Again

Development has shifted to The Chinese Room.

It lives once again. Paradox Interactive just released a new announcement trailer to re-announce Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. The game and its development is alive and well here in September 2023. What's more is that there is a new trailer out for this fresh announcement and we're told that Bloodlines 2 will be coming in fall 2024.

To catch you up real quick on the saga of Bloodlines 2, we need to go all the way back...

Volition is Shutting Down Effective Immediately

After 30 years, the studio is being shut down.

Volition formed in 1993, with their first game coming in 1995. That game was none other than the widely acclaimed Descent, a first-person spaceship shooter. Volition went on to make several more games in the Descent franchise. Volition also created the PlayStation 2 RPG Summoner. They created Red Faction and several sequels. They also created the Saints Row franchise, up to and including the latest franchise reboot title, aptly named Saints...

Starfield Global Release Times and PC Specs

Bethesda dishes the details as release nears ever closer.

If you were curious about when exactly you will get to start playing Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios has you covered. Bethesda shared details on the global release times for Starfield along with their minimum and recommended PC specifications. This information comes mere days ahead of Starfield's early access release on Friday, September 1 for Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Starfield is a new IP from Bethesda that could,...
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  • Twitch Adds New Tool to Combat Hate Raids and Harassment

    Twitch Adds New Tool to Combat Hate Raids and Harassment

    A new "shield mode" is Twitch's latest effort to help stop harassment.

    Twitch, the live streaming platform owned by Amazon, is again trying to curtail harassment campaigns that have been aptly named "hate raids." This is where some loser gets a large number of people to mass "attack" a target, usually a streamer that is actively streaming, with chat spam that typically consists of personal attacks, slurs, and even personal information.

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  • New Posters for The Last of Us Give Us the Best Look Yet at the Characters

    New Posters for The Last of Us Give Us the Best Look Yet at the Characters

    This is about the upcoming HBO adaptation.

    HBO released new posters for their upcoming series for The Last of Us. These 11 new posters show off our best look yet at the show's characters. Those characters being Joel, Ellie, Marlene, Tommy, Tess, Bill, Sam, Frank, Henry, Riley, and Sarah.

    These character posters for The Last of Us were shared on show's Twitter page, but we've compiled them all here for easier viewing.

    All of the characters seen here were indeed...
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  • Plot of Fallout TV Show to Run Adjacent to Events in the Games

    Plot of Fallout TV Show to Run Adjacent to Events in the Games

    The show will be an original story and won't try to rehash the same events from Fallout 3 or Fallout 4.

    We're starting to get a few new details, slowly but surely, about the upcoming Fallout TV show that Amazon is working on. The latest comes from none other than Todd Howard himself, where he notes that the Fallout TV series will be a new story that takes place at the same time as the events in say Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

    Howard shared some information about the Fallout...
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  • Free Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus Titles Announced for December 2022

    Free Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus Titles Announced for December 2022

    Does the end of the year bring fantastic presents or mere lumps of coal?

    Both Microsoft and Sony announced their last free titles for 2022. These titles being "free" in the sense that you have to be subscribed to either Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate, or one of the several different PlayStation Plus tiers.

    Let's start first with the Games with Gold titles because we all know that these will be the weaker of the offerings between the two companies. For your...
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  • Charlie Day as Luigi Shines in Latest Trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    If there was ever such a stark contrast in casting choices, this would be it.

    On one hand, you still have the terrible choice of Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario. On the other hand you have what is possibly the most perfect pick of Charlie Day as the voice of Luigi. You get a decent amount of both, including the first time hearing Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, more of Jack Black's Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key's Toad, and more all courtesy of the newest trailer for The Super Mario...
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  • Portal with RTX Releases December 8, System Requirements Revealed

    Portal with RTX Releases December 8, System Requirements Revealed

    Nvidia offers up another look at Portal with ray tracing ahead of its release.

    December 8 is the release date set for Portal with RTX, a free DLC update to those that own the original Portal that will add full ray tracing capabilities and enhanced visuals. This release will also add DLSS 3 support to the game, though it is unclear if DLSS will be usable in the non-ray traced version of the game.

    Though free to everyone that owns Portal, Portal with RTX will only be realistically...
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  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is Now Live

    World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is Now Live

    Thar be dragons!

    The day that every World of Warcraft player awaits is once again here. The day in which a fresh new expansion is released for the MMORPG that they all love to hate. It's a day of hope. It's a day of server issues and broken addons. Most importantly, it's a day that is free of complaints about the actual content in the new expansion because that honeymoon period is oh so very sweet.

    Today marks the release of the Dragonflight expansion for World of War...
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  • Gotham Knights Adds Fan Requested Co-op Feature

    Gotham Knights Adds Fan Requested Co-op Feature

    New co-op modes have been added.

    Despite all of the pre-release marketing for Gotham Knights showing off the four different heroes you could potentially play as, the game shipped with only two-player co-op. Whether this was an intentional design decision or some technical limitation remains to be seen.

    Now, a free update for Gotham Knights owners was released by WB Games and DC that adds in the ability to play with the full roster. You and up to three friends can engage...
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  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Launch Trailer

    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Launch Trailer

    See how the events of Final Fantasy VII came to be.

    The launch trailer for Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, or CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION as Square Enix's press release shouts at me, is now available today. This launch trailer for this Crisis Core remaster shows off a little bit more of what fans can expect from this upcoming release.

    For those who haven't played Crisis Core before, there's going to be a lot of new and interesting stuff here that will...
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  • Sable Finally Released on PlayStation 5

    Sable Finally Released on PlayStation 5

    It's been a long journey, but Sable makes its PlayStation 5 debut.

    Sable, the game in which you embark on a grand journey through an alien landscape, has just been released on the PlayStation 5. The game retails for $24.99 (USD) but there is a 25% discount until December 6, 2022 for those with PlayStation Plus.

    This release coincides with a new free update for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions of the game.

    Sable is described as a "coming-of-age...
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  • A Special Super Mario Bros. Movie Nintendo Direct Announced

    A Special Super Mario Bros. Movie Nintendo Direct Announced

    Get ready for another dose of Chris Pratt's amazing voice work.

    Nintendo is about to gift the world a new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. A new Tweet sent out by Nintendo says that a new trailer will debut on November 29 at 2PM (PT) in a special Nintendo Direct. The announcement of this Mario Movie Nintendo Direct even provides us a little glimpse of Prince Peach's throne room.

    Let's take a look at that now, shall we?

    Wow, majestic....
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  • New Starship Troopers 12-Player Co-op Game Announced

    New Starship Troopers 12-Player Co-op Game Announced

    Offworld Industries asks if you would like to know more?

    Offworld Industries and Sony Pictures Consumer Products just revealed Starship Troopers: Extermination. This is a new, upcoming 12-player co-op shooter that will pit you against an evil threat, a bug threat. You and up to 11 of your friends will build up defenses and fight against the Arachnid threat just like the 1997 cult-classic film, Starship Troopers, taught us how.

    An Early Access release for Starship Troopers:...
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  • The Top Crypto Gaming Token Outperforming In The Bear Market

    The Top Crypto Gaming Token Outperforming In The Bear Market

    The gaming world is growing, pumping in investors and players as more also explore NFL schedule week 11 when gaming. Calvaria is a next-gen blockchain platform that blends premier gaming with blockchain play-to-earn functionalities in a setting where players own their resources, in-game assets, and rewards.

    Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, the best battle card game produced by the firm, is set to be released.

    The Game: Calvaria Duels of EternityCalvaria: Duels of Eternity is...
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  • God Of War Ragnarök Sees Major Success On Twitch

    God Of War Ragnarök Sees Major Success On Twitch

    Long before its release, it was already one of the most anticipated games. Expectations were sky-high, and Sony Santa Monica delivered: God of War Ragnarok launched on November 9 to immense critical acclaim and commercial success. The sequel to God of War (2018) takes players back to the Nine Realms and continues the adventures of Kratos and Atreus in an even bigger and better way. The game hasn’t just been raking in tremendous reviews, it also found success on live streaming platform...
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  • The Callisto Protocol to Use Denuvo on PC; System Requirements Revealed

    The Callisto Protocol to Use Denuvo on PC; System Requirements Revealed

    All this comes just eight days away from release.

    The sci-fi horror action game The Callisto Protocol is just eight days away from its planned December 2 release. Up until just a short time ago, we had no information regarding what sort of PC hardware you would need to even run the game. Now, developer Striking Distance Studios not only shared those minimum and recommended PC system requirements, but they also added in a little something extra.

    That "little something...
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