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After Us Review (PS5)

After Us offers a glimpse of our future and a warning of things to come.

A gaming experience where you engage in thoughtful introspection, wordless encounters, and some platforming across Earth's many diverse locations to undo the devastation caused by global warming sounds like an intriguing idea on paper. Its execution in After Us, however, leaves quite a bit to be desired. Some awkward platforming, poor combat, and performance woes will ultimately leave you feeling a little less...

Redfall is Arkane's Worst Game Ever

It's also the worst "AAA" developed title in recent memory.

It was a struggle to finish Redfall. It was an absolute struggle thanks to performance issues, technical deficiencies, crashes, broken A.I., and uninspired quest design. It was the antithesis of fun and I pushed myself to complete the game out of pure spite.

Prior to playing Redfall, I saw Arkane as a studio that could do no wrong when it comes to their output. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic in 2006...

Latest Steam Beta Makes Major Overhaul to the In-game Overlay

Watch YouTube, take notes, chat, and more.

Valve just released a new beta update for Steam that includes a wealth of new features, updated old features, and some under the hood changes. While we don't typically write about updates released for the Steam Client Beta, this particular update had enough cool new features that it was worth a mention.

Right now, you can opt into the new beta for the Steam client that makes some drastic changes to the In-Game Overlay. Now, you...

UK Blocks Microsoft Activision Merger

The CMA claims the deal would harm cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is the reason why the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK voted to block the $69 billion deal that would see Microsoft taking over Activision Blizzard.

The decision didn't come down to concerns over Call of Duty exclusivity or anything that would make some measure of sense. No, it came down to the CMA being concerned that the deal would "undermine new and innovative" competition...

Report: E3 2023 is Canceled

This fate was inevitable.

According to a report by IGN, E3 2023 is canceled. This comes after weeks of publishers and gaming companies stating that they were not going to attend E3 this year, including Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Tencent, and more.

IGN's report from March 30 says that two separate sources confirmed with them that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA; the group behind E3) sent out emails to ESA members earlier today announcing the cancellation....
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  • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Hits PC on October 19

    Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Hits PC on October 19

    The most recent Uncharted titles hit PC in just about a month from now.

    Naughty Dog and Sony announce that Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will hit PC on October 19. This collection includes both Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The games have been remastered and optimized for PC for the first time ever.

    Naughty Dog worked with Iron Galaxy on this PC release. It marks Naughty Dog's first release on PC. This release will include a "reimagined...
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  • Lil Nas X Joins Riot Games as President of League of Legends

    Lil Nas X Joins Riot Games as President of League of Legends

    The musician can now add game executive to their resume.

    The rapper, singer, and songwriter known as Lil Nas X has been named the President of League of Legends. As President of League of Legends, Lil Nas X will be "responsible for creating explosive musical moments, an ingenious League champion skin, and a spectacular live Worlds performance." When talking about "Worlds" here, we're talking about the 2022 League World Championship.

    First order of business...
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  • Topgolf Announced for PGA Tour 2K23

    Topgolf Announced for PGA Tour 2K23

    Put your golf skills to the test.

    2K announces a partnership with the golf party experience known simply as Topgolf. Included in PGA Tour 2K23 will be a replication of the Topgolf Las Vegas location.

    This partnership will add some additional challenges that will test their skills and allow players to compete with their friends. You will hit ten balls into a series of highlighted targets of different sizes and distances. Doing well in this mode will earn you points along...
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  • Sable Coming to PlayStation 5 Later this Year

    Sable Coming to PlayStation 5 Later this Year

    Will arrive with new features and content.

    Raw Fury and Shedworks announce that the exploration-adventure game Sable will be released on PlayStation 5 "later this year." At release on PS5, the game will come bundled with some additional content and some PlayStation-exclusive features.

    I assume that those PlayStation 5 features in question have something to do with DualSense integration. So, you'll probably have your haptics and your adaptive triggers and such....
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  • Deathloop Coming to Xbox and Game Pass on September 20

    Deathloop Coming to Xbox and Game Pass on September 20

    A big content update drops for all platforms on the same date.

    Bethesda passed along news today that Deathloop will make its way to the Xbox Series X|S on September 20. Not only that, but the Arkane developed game can also be played through Xbox Game Pass on the same date should you already have an active subscription or are looking to subscribe in the future.

    September 20th will also be the date that the "GOLDENLOOP Update" is released to all platforms. It is...
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  • Tier List for Multiversus Characters: What is the Gradation?

    Tier List for Multiversus Characters: What is the Gradation?

    The most interesting thing when starting the new game is how they managed to harmonize the powers of the characters so that the gameplay remains captivating even after some period of playing. This question, concise or subconscious, makes us opt for more information and it’s better to look for it in sources like Mobalytics, where the team offers a structured analysis made with a considerate approach. So here, we’re glad to present a Multiversus tier list to keep you informed about how to appreciate...
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  • God of War: Ragnarok Story Trailer

    God of War: Ragnarok Story Trailer

    There was also a limited-edition God of War controller announced.

    God of War: Ragnarok looks like it's still on track for its November 9 release date. Yesterday, Santa Monica Studio and Sony revealed a new story trailer for the game in addition to revealing a new limited-edition God of War controller.

    This new trailer shows off the ever-evolving relationship between Kratos and his son, Atreus. We were also given a look at some of the enemies, both big and small, you will...
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  • Tekken 8 Gameplay Reveal

    Tekken 8 Gameplay Reveal

    Get a slightly longer look at Tekken 8.

    During yesterday's State of Play PlayStation event, Bandai Namco showed off another look at Tekken 8. Yesterday's footage ended up being quite a bit more in-depth footage of the upcoming fighter. This is the first significant look at Tekken 8 since it was teased at EVO 2022.

    Tekken 8, despite appearing at the PlayStation showcase will be out for Xbox Series X|S and PC in addition to the PlayStation 5. The footage, seen below, was...
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  • Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Announced

    Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Announced

    A new spinoff of the Yakuza franchise brings back Kazuma Kiryu.

    Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and Sega announced a new spin-off game from the mainline Yakuza franchise today. Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name will feature Kazuma Kiryu in a new "classic high-octane" action game that will fill in what he has been up to between Yakuza 6 and the upcoming Like a Dragon 8.

    The Fourth Chairman of the Tojo Clan (for all of a day) is back once more. The trailer,...
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  • Yakuza Spinoff Game, Like a Dragon: Ishin, Coming February 2023

    Yakuza Spinoff Game, Like a Dragon: Ishin, Coming February 2023

    This is a remake of the PlayStation 3 Yakuza spinoff title.

    Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio announce the upcoming release of Like a Dragon: Ishin, a remake of the PlayStation 3 spin-off title that was originally released only in Japan. During yesterday's PlayStation State of Play, RGG showed off our first ever look at this remake running on Unreal Engine 4. According to additional details supplied earlier today during the RGG Summit stream, Like a Dragon: Ishin is aiming to be released...
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  • Yakuza 8 is Now Like a Dragon 8 and will Arrive in 2024

    Yakuza 8 is Now Like a Dragon 8 and will Arrive in 2024

    Different name, same Yakuza goodness.

    Earlier today, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio officially revealed Like a Dragon 8. This will be the next game in the studio's long-running Yakuza franchise only it's coming with a different name. Executive producer Masayohi Yokoyama announced the new game today and showed off the first teaser trailer.

    I will say right now that this trailer contains some measure of spoilers for the previous games in the series. The trailer shows Yakuza: Like...
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  • Both Judgment Games Finally Arrive on PC

    Both Judgment Games Finally Arrive on PC

    Everything is included and is available right now through Steam.
    The day few of us thought would actually come is here at last. Both Judgment and Lost Judgment from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio were released on PC today via Steam. In addition, the story expansion, Kaito Files, is also available. You can get all of them in a bundle deal where you can save 24% compared to buying each separately.

    If you do wish to purchase them separately, the first game will cost you $39.99 (USD). Lost...
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  • Brawlhalla: How to Find Your Legend

    Brawlhalla: How to Find Your Legend

    How does your experience in a fighting game start? Sure, a beginner should understand some simple mechanics with a basic tutorial. And then, everyone faces an exciting moment of choosing a character. In Brawlhalla it’s not the easiest decision.

    The game has 56+ Legends in its roster. With such a choice, it’s easy to get confused. Still, this step is immensely important. With the right character, you enjoy the fighting matches more and get overall better results. The difficulty...
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  • EA Announces Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat

    EA Announces Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat

    EA AntiCheat will launch with FIFA 23.

    Electronic Arts just announced their own anti-cheat solution. Starting with the PC release of FIFA 23, EA will include their kernel-level anti-cheat called EA AntiCheat (EAAC). This is an anti-cheat that EA has developed in house through the company's Game Security & Anti-Cheat team.

    EA did provide a brief FAQ as part of today's announcement. In short, EA says that EAAC will not be implemented into all of their games. They are...
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  • Capcom Reveals Cloud Versions of Recent Resident Evil Titles for Switch

    Capcom Reveals Cloud Versions of Recent Resident Evil Titles for Switch

    Get scared through the power of the cloud.

    During today's Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed cloud versions for four recent Resident Evil titles. The first will be Resident Evil Village Cloud and it will vape cloud its way onto the Switch on October 28, 2022. The Winters' Expansion will be out on December 2, 2022 for Switch.

    After Village will be cloud releases for Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Those games are still in development for the...
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