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Amnesia: The Bunker Review (PC)

Frictional Games plays it safe. Perhaps a little too safe.

Frictional Games is known for crafting some of the most memorable horror game experiences over the past 15 years. They began with the Prenumbra series, a trio of titles that gave us our first taste of Frictional's penchant for blending survival horror with physics-based environmental puzzles. The studio then saw a spike in popularity with their next release, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Amnesia: The Dark Descent expanded upon the...

After Us Review (PS5)

After Us offers a glimpse of our future and a warning of things to come.

A gaming experience where you engage in thoughtful introspection, wordless encounters, and some platforming across Earth's many diverse locations to undo the devastation caused by global warming sounds like an intriguing idea on paper. Its execution in After Us, however, leaves quite a bit to be desired. Some awkward platforming, poor combat, and performance woes will ultimately leave you feeling a little less...

Redfall is Arkane's Worst Game Ever

It's also the worst "AAA" developed title in recent memory.

It was a struggle to finish Redfall. It was an absolute struggle thanks to performance issues, technical deficiencies, crashes, broken A.I., and uninspired quest design. It was the antithesis of fun and I pushed myself to complete the game out of pure spite.

Prior to playing Redfall, I saw Arkane as a studio that could do no wrong when it comes to their output. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic in 2006...

Latest Steam Beta Makes Major Overhaul to the In-game Overlay

Watch YouTube, take notes, chat, and more.

Valve just released a new beta update for Steam that includes a wealth of new features, updated old features, and some under the hood changes. While we don't typically write about updates released for the Steam Client Beta, this particular update had enough cool new features that it was worth a mention.

Right now, you can opt into the new beta for the Steam client that makes some drastic changes to the In-Game Overlay. Now, you...

UK Blocks Microsoft Activision Merger

The CMA claims the deal would harm cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is the reason why the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK voted to block the $69 billion deal that would see Microsoft taking over Activision Blizzard.

The decision didn't come down to concerns over Call of Duty exclusivity or anything that would make some measure of sense. No, it came down to the CMA being concerned that the deal would "undermine new and innovative" competition...
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  • Cheat Maker is Countersuing Bungie

    Cheat Maker is Countersuing Bungie

    The countersuit claims Bungie violated DMCA.

    Cheat maker and provider AimJunkies has filed a countersuit against Destiny 2 developer Bungie. This is just the latest step in a long-running legal battle between Bungie and cheat producers such as AimJunkies. This particular tale began in 2021 when Bungie filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against AimJunkies.

    That lawsuit was dismissed just this April. The ruling judge said that Bungie had failed to prove AimJunkies infringed...
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  • Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond Coming to FIFA 23

    Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond Coming to FIFA 23

    The fictional character and fictional team are really being added to FIFA 23.

    With this being the last official FIFA release from Electronic Arts, I get the feeling that they're just kind of going "the heck with it, let's go for broke." Today, EA and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that the fictional character of Ted Lasso and his equally fictional team, AFC Richmond, will be included in FIFA 23.

    Ted Lasso is an Apple TV show that debuted in...
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  • Twitch Flatly Refuses to Increase Streamer Share of Revenues

    Twitch Flatly Refuses to Increase Streamer Share of Revenues

    You'll get 50% and you'll like it.

    Just yesterday, Twitch scored a few brownie points when they said they were going to ban some gambling on the streaming platform. It wasn't much but at least it was something positive. Today, whatever positivity remained was tossed out the window when Twitch flatly refused to increase streamer revenue share.

    A petition signed by over 22,000 Twitch streamers and viewers sought to increase the subscription revenue share from 50/50 to 70/30...
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  • Video Games and Casino Games – Two Similar Parallels

    Video Games and Casino Games – Two Similar Parallels

    Two worlds of video games and online casino platforms are on the peak of their popularity. A lot of people of different ages like spending free time with games. Sometimes, it doesn`t even matter if it is a video games or casino products. In this aspect the connection of these two areas starts. But it is not the end. Moreover, this connection is stronger than in previous years. Intriguing, isn`t it? Introduction words Coolest Australian online casinos as well as top gaming providers try to do every...
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  • Twitch to Ban Some Gambling but Not All

    Twitch to Ban Some Gambling but Not All

    There is still much room for improvement here.

    For some time now, gambling on Twitch lived in this nebulous grey zone where Twitch staff often turned a blind eye to it so long as certain restrictions were adhered to. Things such as referral codes to sites that include gambling were verboten, but streamers often found ways around this while they gambled on stream.

    Allowing gambling on the platform has often been hotly debated from both streamers and viewers alike. Now,...
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  • The FBI is Now Investigating the Grand Theft Auto 6 Hack

    The FBI is Now Investigating the Grand Theft Auto 6 Hack

    The person who hacked Rockstar is also claiming responsibility for last week's hack of Uber.

    Mere days after the monumental leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 information comes word that the hacker is now under investigation by the FBI. This news come from a press release put out by Uber.

    Just last week, Uber also fell victim to a significant security breach. That breach gave the hacker access to Uber's AWS information, Duo, OneLogin, G Suite, VMware vSphere domain accounts, and...
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  • Portal with RTX Announced

    Portal with RTX Announced

    It's Portal but now with ray-traced cake.

    Nvidia's GTC keynote earlier today contained news about the new (and very expensive) 40-series of RTX cards. In addition, the company also announced Portal with RTX. As you can probably assume from its name, this is an RTX-enhanced version of the classic puzzle game from Valve.

    Portal with RTX includes updated visuals along with real-time ray tracing. It seems as though a bulk of the grunt work on Portal with RTX is being handled...
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  • Nvidia Announces 4090 and 4080 Desktop GPUs at Outrageous Prices

    Nvidia Announces 4090 and 4080 Desktop GPUs at Outrageous Prices

    You didn't want that spare arm or leg anyway, right?

    Nvidia announced their new desktop GPUs today and they are none other than the expected and anticipated RTX 40-series of cards. These are the successor to the now two-year-old RTX 30-series of cards. With the new generation comes new advancements such as DLSS 3. All of the newness comes at a very hefty price though.

    The Nvidia RTX 40-series runs on the company's new Ada Lovelace architecture. The first card is none other...
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  • Deathloop Out Now on Xbox, Major Content Update Out on All Platforms

    Deathloop Out Now on Xbox, Major Content Update Out on All Platforms

    It's a big day for Xbox players and fans of Deathloop in general.

    Today is September 20, which means it's time for Deathloop to be released on Xbox Series X|S alongside Game Pass. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened today. Alongside today's Xbox premiere is the release of the major "GOLDENLOOP" update for all platforms (PS5, Series X|S, and PC).

    As a quick refresher, the GOLDENLOOP update includes a new weapon, a new ability, new enemy types, an extended...
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  • Valve Ramps Up Steam Deck Shipments Once Again

    Valve Ramps Up Steam Deck Shipments Once Again

    Valve is cranking these things out at blistering pace.

    Valve released another shipping update today for those who are eagerly awaiting their turn at obtaining a Steam Deck. According to this latest news, Valve has once again been able to increase production and has, once again, sped past their previous estimates on when devices will start to ship out.

    Valve says that with today's latest batch of emails that are going out, they have now sent purchase invitations to everyone...
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  • Over 40 Minutes of Diablo 4 Test Footage Leaked Online

    Over 40 Minutes of Diablo 4 Test Footage Leaked Online

    It was a busy weekend for game leaks.

    Grand Theft Auto 6 wasn't the only major game to have footage leaked this past weekend. A few hours after the massive GTA 6 first leaked came over 40 minutes of Diablo 4 test footage. The footage gives those that have seen it a decent idea of what to expect with Blizzard's upcoming ARPG.

    The Diablo 4 footage was first spotted by Reddit user iV1rus0 and was posted to r/GamingLeaksAndRumours. The Diablo 4 footage comes in the form of...
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  • Resident Evil Village DLC to Conclude the Winters' Story

    Resident Evil Village DLC to Conclude the Winters' Story

    The next Resident Evil game will apparently have a new focus.

    Capcom revealed that the upcoming Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village will be the final piece of content focused on the family Winters. In an interview with IGN, Resident Evil Village's director Kento Kinoshita said that Capcom is making this new DLC specifically "to conclude the Winters family saga."

    The Resident Evil franchise has focused on the Winters family since Resident Evil 7. It...
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  • Rockstar Confirms Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak

    Rockstar Confirms Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak

    The company confirmed this weekend's massive leak in their first public statement.

    Over the weekend, the floodgates for Grand Theft Auto 6 opened whether Rockstar Games wanted them to or not. To make a long story short: Someone allegedly gained access to Rockstar Games' internal Slack system. With this access, they were able to download pre-Alpha (or thereabouts) development gameplay videos for Grand Theft Auto 6. There were over 90 videos accounting for several gigs of gameplay footage...
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  • How to Reduce the Number of Visitors Who Bounce Off Your Website

    The term "bounce rate" is one of the numbers in a Google Analytics account that is prone to be misunderstood.

    Different websites may have different goals for their bounce rates. And it may take some investigation to determine why a bounce rate is high. However, examining and comprehending your site's bounce rate will help you identify which areas are doing well and which may need further improvement.

    This article will explain bounce rates, what you need to know...
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  • Q&A with the Production Team of EVONY at Top Games Inc.

    Q&A with the Production Team of EVONY at Top Games Inc.

    The Production Team at Top Games Inc. Answers Questions About EVONY: The King’s Return

    The production team at EVONY has managed to construct a sophisticated game, which begs the question: are casual gamers looking for more out of their user experience? Based on EVONY sales numbers, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. We look at the details, the storylines, and what makes Top Games Inc. stand out.

    Why has EVONY enjoyed such long-lasting success since its debut...
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