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Blizzard President J. Allen Brack is Leaving the Company

He's leaving to "pursue new opportunities."

Blizzard president J. Allen Brack has officially stepped down just a couple of weeks after he was named and shamed as part of a larger Activision Blizzard lawsuit. The lawsuit specifically named Brack as one of the numerous people involved in the widespread sexual harassment and discrimination happening within the company.

Official confirmation of Brack's departure came via the Blizzard website. The statement notes...

A Look Inside Blizzard Developers' Disgusting 'Cosby Suite'

It's real and it's perhaps worse than you could have ever imagined.

Last week, Activision Blizzard was sued by the state of California after the state conducted a two-year long investigation and found countless cases of sexual harassment and discrimination at the company. Included in the legal filing by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing was a mention of the "Cosby Suite."

Today, while Blizzard employees were staging a walkout in support...

Activision Blizzard Sued by California After Two Year Investigation into Rampant Sexual Harassment

The harassment is so bad it drove at least one person to suicide.

After a two-year long investigation by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the state has filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard due to the constant sexual harassment that female employees have been subjected to over the years. According to a report from Bloomberg, Activision Blizzard is said to foster a "frat boy" culture.

This culture, left unchecked and unpunished for...

Battlefield Portal Brings Many Eras of Battlefield Together in One Place

Ok, but like, what if we played all the Battlefields?

Battlefield Portal was officially announced today during EA Play Live. Rumors about this mode for Battlefield 2042 have been circulating for a while now, but today the news was officially confirmed. Battlefield Portal is billed as a "community-driven platform within Battlefield 2042 that will let you create and find fantastic experiences made by the series' creative and passionate community."

Players will...

Valve Announces Steam Deck, A Handheld PC Starting at $399

This new device is the first in a new series of handheld PC from Valve.

Back in May 2021, a rumor came out suggesting that Valve was working on a new handheld PC device called the SteamPal. While that is partially true, the one thing that didn't stick through to the end was the name. These devices are officially called Steam Deck and they start at a pretty affordable $399 (USD) MSRP.

Valve says that Steam Deck is a "powerful all-in-one portable PC." It has a...
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  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition Releases on May 14

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Releases on May 14

    4K, HDR, 60fps, and more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at.

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition finally has a release date. That date, as noted in the headline, is May 14. It is on this date that you will be able to pick up Mass Effect Legendary Edition for the PC via Origin and Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It will also feature "forward compatibility" with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

    This release features all single-player base content...
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  • The Best Console Generation?

    The Best Console Generation?

    8th Gen - PS4, XB1, and Switch
    7th Gen - PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii
    6th Gen - PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, and Dreamcast

    The poll is expired.

    Which of the recent console generations would you consider to be the best?

    We have the most recent "Ninth Generation" of consoles that just come out, which includes the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, that generation is just too new to judge just yet.

    With that said, which of the recent past-generations would you consider to be the "best?" Maybe the generation you like best had more of your favorite games or you like it purely because of...
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  • The Biggest Games to Look Out for in 2021

    The Biggest Games to Look Out for in 2021

    With 2020 firmly set in our rearview mirrors, it is high time we look forward to what awaits video gamers in 2021. The next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S, have come out and with them comes a whole world of new possibilities. That is not to say that the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and the PC markets will be slumbering throughout the year though.

    What we are really saying here is that there are some big titles coming out across...
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  • League of Legends: A Guide for Beginners!

    League of Legends: A Guide for Beginners!

    With more than 32 million active players and one constantly growing, League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world including esports.

    If you're looking for a quick way to learn the basics of the game and ultimately complete the game without calling yourself a super player, look no further. Here are some League of Legends beginner tips to help you get started.

    What is League of Legends?

    League of Legends is a multiplayer online...
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  • Judgment is Coming to Next-gen Consoles and Stadia

    Judgment is Coming to Next-gen Consoles and Stadia

    There is no PC version at this time.

    Judgment, the action crime thriller from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, is confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Not only that, but it's apparently coming to Google Stadia. All of this will happen on April 23 for a price of $39.99 (USD).

    Sadly, it appears as though there won't be a PC release of the game from the Yakuza devs. Officially, Sega has no plans to bring Judgment to the PC at this time. That is, quite the...
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  • God of War Getting a PlayStation 5 Patch for 4K at 60fps

    God of War Getting a PlayStation 5 Patch for 4K at 60fps

    The best just got better.

    My undisputed 2018 Game of the Year, God of War, is about to get a little more visually appealing. That is assuming you have a PlayStation 5. One of the PlayStation 4's best titles is getting a next-gen upgrade tomorrow, February 2, 2021. Sony and Santa Monica Studio are releasing a free PlayStation 5 optimized patch for God of War.

    This patch will allow you to play the game at a default framerate of 60fps along with a default resolution of 4K....
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  • Square Enix Promises a Year of Tomb Raider Celebrations

    Square Enix Promises a Year of Tomb Raider Celebrations

    A year of celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

    2021 marks the 25th anniversary for the Tomb Raider franchise, with it having made its debut back in October 1996. Since then, the franchise has seen numerous games released, including a few spin-offs from the main series, and even a couple of Hollywood films. The series was even been rebooted in recent years to some mixed opinions. All told, there are more than 30 video games released with the Tomb Raider name thus...
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  • Google is Closing Internal Stadia Development Studio

    Google is Closing Internal Stadia Development Studio

    Jade Raymond is leaving the company.

    Google just announced that they will be closing its internal Stadia game development studios. They will shift their focus now towards further development of Stadia as a streaming platform and the technologies used. Co-creator of Assassin's Creed, Jade Raymond, will be parting ways from Google after joining in 2019 to lead their development efforts at Stadia Games and Entertainment (SG&E).

    This news comes via Phil Harrison, the vice-president...
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  • Hollywood to Make a Film Based on GameStop Stock

    Hollywood to Make a Film Based on GameStop Stock

    Just when you thought they were out of ideas.

    Deadline reports that film studio MGM has bought the rights to a book deal written by Ben Mezrich, called The Antisocial Network. This book deal will focus on the ongoing story of how Reddit's r/WallStreetBets took on Wall Street at their own game and seemingly won.

    The film will be based off of Ben Mezrich's book that has yet to be written. If his name sounds familiar to you, it may be because his book, Accidental Billionaires:...
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  • Farewell Battleborn

    Farewell Battleborn

    Servers for Battleborn have been shut down forever.

    You can't say you didn't see this one coming. The servers for Battleborn have been shut down for good. The final day of the game being available to play was January 31, 2021. Gearbox sent the game out not with a bang, but with a whimper.

    The final update for the game came all the way back in October 2017. We knew about the server shut down as early as November 2019. Last night, the plug was pulled from the servers and...
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  • Fallout Mod 'The Frontier' Returns After Some Content Removed

    Fallout Mod 'The Frontier' Returns After Some Content Removed

    The mod returns but with some modifications.

    Just a couple of short weeks back, a new mod for Fallout: New Vegas was released. It was the highly anticipated mod The Frontier, and it was a mod that took several years of development time. It brought the Nexus Mods' servers to their knees with how many downloads it managed to accumulate. And then, just like that, it was pulled from the service after roughly one week.

    It was discovered that one of the developers was allegedly...
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  • MLB The Show 21 Announced for PlayStation and Xbox Platforms

    MLB The Show 21 Announced for PlayStation and Xbox Platforms

    Includes cross-platform play support.

    Cats and dogs living together. Hell freezing over. Pigs flying. Take your pick of the old sayings because at least one of them had to occur for this crazy event to take place. The team at Sony's San Diego Studio responsible for the MLB The Show series has just announced MLB The Show 21. While this may not be totally unusual what is unusual is the fact that they are now developing these games for non-Sony platforms.

    You may actually...
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  • Hitman 3 Will Get DLC

    Hitman 3 Will Get DLC

    IO Interactive confirms the obvious.

    Even though IO Interactive just shipped Hitman 3 and they are busy working on a new James Bond game, that doesn't mean they're quite finished with Hitman 3 just yet. Forest Swartout, the executive producer for Hitman 3 told The Gamer that Hitman 3 DLC is coming, but they're not quite sure what form it will take.

    He says that they are "definitely going to be doing some DLC, but (they) haven't defined what that is" yet. They...
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  • Returnal Delayed Until April

    Returnal Delayed Until April

    The season of delays claims another.

    Just a quick word of a delay to share with you all today. The Housemarque developed, PlayStation 5 exclusive title Returnal has been delayed. Specifically, it has been pushed back until at least April 30, 2021.

    This is a joint decision from Housemarque and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). This decision was made in order "to give the team extra time to continue to polish the game to the level of quality players expect."...
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  • Rocket League Getting an NFL Mode

    Rocket League Getting an NFL Mode

    Are you ready for some football?!

    A new but temporary game mode is coming very soon to Rocket League. The new mode, called The Gridiron, is the result of a partnership with the NFL for Super Bowl LV. It will see the American style football replace the football that the rest of the world enjoys.

    The Gridiron will also offer up a new "Gridiron Guru" player title, NFL wheels for your vehicle, 20,000 XP, and the addition of the NFL Fan Pack to the item shop. I presume...
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