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Company that Spends Millions on Timed Exclusives Lays Off 16% of Employees

Around 16% of all Epic employees laid off.

Epic Games is laying off around 16% of all employees, as confirmed today by Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney. This 16% comes out to roughly 900 employees that have been laid off from the company that is responsible for Unreal Engine, Fortnite, and the Epic Games Store.

In Sweeney's letter to Epic employees, he says, "For a while now, we've been spending way more money than we earn." He blames Fortnite's push towards...

Counter-Strike 2 is Out Now

Counter-Strike is dead, long live Counter-Strike!

Without a press release in sight, Valve has launched Counter-Strike 2 to the world. This free-to-play release is available right now and will replace your current installs of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. True to Valve tradition, today's release is actually a little bit later than initially expected. During its initial announcement in March, Valve said Counter-Strike 2 would be out in summer. It is now fall, but they only missed...

Sony Allegedly Hacked... Again

"All of Sony Systems" was allegedly infiltrated by a new ransomware group.

A new group of baddies claims that they have "successfully compromised all of Sony systems" in a new ransomware attack.

This report comes from Australian cybersecurity site Cyber Security Connect in a new post made on September 25. The report says that Sony was infiltrated by some hackers calling themselves, a group that reportedly began operations in September. Cyber...

RIG 600 PRO HS Headset Review

A solid sounding headset with dual-mode wireless, but what's the catch?

The RIG 600 PRO HS is a wireless gaming headset that offers excellent sound quality, comfort, and features at an affordable price. Though the HS model is geared mainly towards use with the PlayStation platform, it is compatible with Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and PC. The RIG 600 PRO HS features dual-mode wireless connectivity, so you can use it with either the included USB-C dongle for 2.4GHz wireless or Bl...

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Officially Announced... Again

Development has shifted to The Chinese Room.

It lives once again. Paradox Interactive just released a new announcement trailer to re-announce Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. The game and its development is alive and well here in September 2023. What's more is that there is a new trailer out for this fresh announcement and we're told that Bloodlines 2 will be coming in fall 2024.

To catch you up real quick on the saga of Bloodlines 2, we need to go all the way back...
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  • Steam Base Builder Fest Begins January 23

    Steam Base Builder Fest Begins January 23

    There are enough base building games out there that Valve is dedicating an entire Fest to them.

    There is apparently no shortage of base building games out there on the market. There are so many of them, in fact, that Valve is able to dedicate an entire Steam Fest to just this game type.

    From January 23 at 10AM (PT) through January 30 at 10AM (PT), the Steam Base Builder Fest will be held. As with most Steam Fests, this one will feature plenty of discounts on games, only...
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  • More Details on the Return to Classes in Battlefield 2042

    More Details on the Return to Classes in Battlefield 2042

    Classes are coming back to Battlefield very soon. Here's what you need to know.

    ​We have known for a while now that DICE has been planning to re-introduce the traditional Battlefield Class system into Battlefield 2042. Today, DICE took the time to provide a lengthy write-up talking about the changes that are being made in order to add Classes into a game that really didn't have any.

    DICE opens their write-up by saying that "Specialists at launch were polarizing to...
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  • Creed: Rise to Glory Announced for PlayStation VR2

    Creed: Rise to Glory Announced for PlayStation VR2

    The popular VR boxing game is getting the PSVR2 treatment this year.

    Survios announces that they are bringing their popular VR boxing game to PlayStation VR2 in 2023. The PlayStation VR2 release will be an expanded version of the original game thanks to a renewed partnership between Survios and MGM Interactive. Creed: Rise to Glory - Championship Edition will offer new content, upgrades, cross-platform PvP, and more.

    In Creed: Rise to Glory, you play as Adonis Creed, the...
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  • Colossal Cave, Out Now, is a Modern Take on the Text-Based Adventure

    Colossal Cave, Out Now, is a Modern Take on the Text-Based Adventure

    Explore a giant cave full of secrets with or without VR.

    Explore a massive intricate underground cave system with today's release of Colossal Cave. This is a "3D interpretation of the original text adventure." For those too young to remember, many adventure games were presented only in text form way back in the day. They were aptly called text-based adventure games where you had to type in your commands or actions to play. The game worlds were created via text and your imagination....
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  • Ranking the Top 5 Real Money Slots in the USA With the Best Features

    Since there are so many online slots for real money to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in a flood of options. To help you narrow your search, we’ve hand-picked 5 currently popular titles and reviewed them for you.

    Take Your Pick From the World’s Most Popular Slots

    The full list of the most popular and the best online slots for real money in the USA can be found here: Each of them brings something unique to the table, so it’s...
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  • Several Xbox Game Studios Impacted by Mass Layoffs at Microsoft

    Several Xbox Game Studios Impacted by Mass Layoffs at Microsoft

    Employees across several Microsoft owned studios were just let go from the company.

    Microsoft announced plans to layoff 10,000 employees, a decision that CEO Satya Nadella calls "difficult but necessary." A statement issued to employees, made public by Microsoft, does not go into detail just how many departments are being impacted. However, we do know that the Xbox division at Microsoft did not come away unscathed.

    Several studios under Xbox were impacted by...
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  • Update to Stadia Controllers Ensures a Life After Death

    Update to Stadia Controllers Ensures a Life After Death

    An update will allow you to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices.

    According to the watch I don't own, Google Stadia is now probably shut down. Well, if it's not at the time of posting, it probably will be by the time you read this. Stadia was set to shut down on January 18th and, well, it's now January 18th.

    At the 11th hour, Google released a new support tool that will allow those with a Stadia Controller to use it as a general Bluetooth controller. Without the use of...
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  • Returnal Coming to PC on February 15

    Returnal Coming to PC on February 15

    Several PC-specific features were also just revealed.

    Returnal, the time-looping action title that came out on the PalyStation 5 back in April 2021, is finally coming to PC on February 15. Developer Housemarque and Climax Studios worked on implementing several features for this upcoming PC release. We have details on those new and updated features along with details about the game's system requirements.

    Speaking of system requirements, the new PlayStation Blog post details...
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  • Hogwarts Legacy Cinematic Trailer Debut

    Hogwarts Legacy Cinematic Trailer Debut

    Yer a wizard, custom created student character!

    The February 10, 2023 release date for Hogwarts Legacy is approaching at an alarming rate. That probably means it's almost time for a new cinematic trailer and, well, would you look at that? There's a new cinematic trailer!

    "The Invitation" is a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming open-world, action-RPG from Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games. This trailer follows an owl carrying an invitation to Hogwarts...
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  • Tomb Raider's Croft Manor Coming to PowerWash Simulator

    Tomb Raider's Croft Manor Coming to PowerWash Simulator

    Creepy butler (probably) not included.

    A collaboration between the Square Enix Collective, FuturLab, and Crystal Dynamics is set to bring some Tomb Raider content into none other than PowerWash Simulator. The free Tomb Raider Special Pack is coming to all PowerWash owners on January 31. This is also the same date that this relaxing, fun, and truly bizarre game will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Nintendo Switch.

    The Tomb Raider Special Pack adds,...
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  • The Last of Us Became HBO's Second Biggest Debut Show

    The Last of Us Became HBO's Second Biggest Debut Show

    The new HBO show was the network's second-best debut of the past decade.

    With Sunday night's premiere, The Last of Us on HBO became the network's second-biggest debut for the past decade. The show pulled in over 4.7 million viewers for the premiere, placing it in second place behind only House of the Dragon.

    Deadline has the report for this one. They say that The Last of Us TV adaptation was the network's largest debut after House of the Dragon since Boardwalk Empire launched...
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  • The Callisto Protocol Unable to Lead Sales Charts in Debut Month

    The Callisto Protocol Unable to Lead Sales Charts in Debut Month

    And the hits just keep on coming.

    Over the weekend, information was shared suggesting that The Callisto Protocol failed to meet sales expectations by a considerable margin. Today we have further information, this time from the NPD Group, that sheds some additional light on just how poorly this new sci-fi horror/shooter performed.

    The NPD Group shared their sales information for December 2022 along with their full year 2022 details. The full year isn't all that exciting,...
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  • Forspoken Has Very High PC Requirements

    Forspoken Has Very High PC Requirements

    Better have the hardware, else you may be stuck with 720p at 30FPS.

    Square Enix just shared some new details about the PC system requirements for Forspoken. They are, without a doubt, very lofty in several different ways. Just to set the tone here, the minimum requirements here will get you only 720p and 30FPS.

    No matter if you are aiming for minimum, recommended, or ultra quality, everyone will need at least 150GB of free drive space. You are also looking at needing a...
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  • Destiny 2: Lightfall - A Fresh Look at Neptune

    Destiny 2: Lightfall - A Fresh Look at Neptune

    A new trailer shows off more of those neon filled city of Neomuna.

    We were given our first look at Destiny 2: Lightfall back in August. Today, Bungie decided to share a bit more about a few aspects of that new expansion, but not too much. Today's focus is on Neomuna, a metropolis on Neptune, filled with big ol' skyscrapers and plenty of neon lights.

    The trailer, in addition to showing off all these pretty sights, also sheds some light (hah) on how Calus's invasion into...
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  • Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2 Releases January 17

    Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2 Releases January 17

    It's not quite as feature filled as we would like, but the update is coming nonetheless.

    DICE just dropped word that on January 17 at about 4AM (ET), the 3.1.2 update for Battlefield 2042 will be released. This update aims to address a few of the more major outstanding issues and also adds in a few changes that players have brought to the devs' attention over the holidays.

    This update is much smaller in scope compared to other recent updates, but worry not. DICE says that...
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