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Sony's Jim Ryan Reportedly Said His Goal is to 'Block Your Merger' in Closed Door Meeting with Activision

The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment reportedly had some choice words during a meeting with Activision.

It has been a ridiculous day for Sony when it comes to new details that have come out about the company's opposition to the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard merger.

First, a new report from The Verge's Tom Warren shared some key pieces of information from documents (PDF download) that were recently submitted to the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)....

Review: The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition

An easy purchase for new players but maybe a hard sell for existing owners.

It was not until I reinstalled the original PC release of The Outer Worlds that I was able to really appreciate the improvements made with the release of The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition. Initially, I believed that this looked exactly like the same game that I had played on PC back in late 2019 when it first came out.

"I'm just not seeing what makes this Spacer's Choice Edition worth...

All Steam Fest and Steam Sale Dates for 2023

Valve shared their 2023 schedule of events with developers.

The entire schedule of big seasonal sales and themed Steam Fest events was shared yesterday by Valve. Now you'll know months in advance just how badly your bank accounts are going to hurt.

The list includes four major seasonal sales that include the spring, summer, autumn, and winter sales. In between most of these are small "Fest" events, which also typically have themed sales of their own. There will...

Ray Traced Half-Life 1 Mod Released

Experience the first Half-Life as you never have before.

A user-created mod for the original Half-Life brings some new visual splendor to the 1998 classic. Those with capable Nvidia GPUs can try out a mod that adds path tracing into Half-Life. The mod is free and, if you like a little modern eye candy in your classics, can be downloaded right now.

The mod utilizes a variation of the Xash3D FWGS engine along with a custom path traced renderer. So while this is technically...

Battlefield 2042's Fourth Season Heads to South Africa

Season 04, Eleventh Hour, takes to the rocky landscapes of South Africa.

We've got some big Battlefield 2042 news to share today as DICE and EA lifted the veil on Season 04: Eleventh Hour. New in Season 04 is a new map, new Specialist, weapons, vehicle, a new 100-tier Battle Pass with a bunch of cosmetics, and more.

We briefly introduced the new Specialist, Camila Blasco, in a post that went up just yesterday. We know that she is an "ambush expert" that excels...
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  • Resident Evil Movie Reboot Maybe Coming

    Resident Evil Movie Reboot Maybe Coming

    The latest report from Variety says that a reboot of the Resident Evil movie franchise is apparently coming. Not only is it getting rebooted, but they're talking about making it a six-movie reboot.

    Pictured above is an artist's rendition of current plans for the film franchise.

    The report from Variety says that Constantin Film board chairman, Martin Moszkowicz, confirmed at Cannes Film Festival that they're working on a series reboot. This studio produced all...
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  • CPU Limits to Blame for Destiny 2 30FPS Lock on Consoles

    CPU Limits to Blame for Destiny 2 30FPS Lock on Consoles

    Bungie, in an interview with IGN, confirmed that the console versions of Destiny 2 are once again locked to 30FPS. Even on the PlayStation 4 Pro? Yes, even on the Pro. Why? Because the CPU in these current consoles are weak.

    This is according to Bungie's Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy.
    IGN: Why did you make that decision. You're like 'We're going to lock it at 4K/30(FPS) max on consoles.' Is it just like, you don't want to push the consoles too hard, or why do you make
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  • Resogun Developer Announces Release Date for New Title Nex Machina - June 30

    Resogun Developer Announces Release Date for New Title Nex Machina - June 30

    Housemarque, the development studio behind games like Resogun and Alienation, announced a June 30 release date for their latest twin-stick shooter, Nex Machina. That date is June 30 and it will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.
    In Nex Machina, humans have become deeply dependent on technology, while around them, machines have reached consciousness and surpassed human intelligence ten-fold. The machines turn on their creators and make it their mission to eradicate
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  • One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition Announced for Switch, Steam, and PS4

    The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam will soon get a big ol' dose of One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition. I don't know anything about this franchise, so let's just get into the press release straight away.
    Sail the high seas with Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat pirates in this action-adventure title remastered for the current generation of consoles with 1080p resolution* (*720p in handheld mode on Switch), variable 60FPS frame rate, and over
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  • New Tekken 7 Story Trailer Released

    New Tekken 7 Story Trailer Released

    A new story focused trailer for Tekken 7 was released today to show off the deep and rich storyline present in the game.
    Some fight for honor, duty, revenge, or debts that can never be paid. The Best Fights are Personal and every obstacle on the way will define you. Get ready for the next battle with the best-selling fighting game series!

    Tekken 7 is almost here. It will be out on June 2 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Releasing May 30; Open Beta this Weekend

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Releasing May 30; Open Beta this Weekend

    Tripwire Interactive announced today that the release date for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be May 30. Those who pre-order the game will be able to pre-load the game ahead of that date. It is also going for a 10% discount if you purchase today. Normally, the prices will be $24.99 (USD) for the Standard Edition and $29.99 for the Digital Deluxe version. In addition, there is an Open Beta for the game that began today and runs until 4PM (ET) on May 22. All you need to do is head to the...
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  • Daybreak Brings Skirmishes Back in Update to H1Z1: King of the Kill

    Daybreak Brings Skirmishes Back in Update to H1Z1: King of the Kill

    With the hype continuing to surround PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (or PUBG for short), it could be easy to forget that other "Hunger Game" style games still exist. Daybreak wants to make sure you haven't forgotten about H1Z1: King of the Kill because they actually passed along word about a new update that rolled out this week. It's a real big update with lots of new additions, so you'll want to keep reading.
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  • Destiny 2 PC May Not be Released Alongside Console Release

    Destiny 2 PC May Not be Released Alongside Console Release

    Those in attendance at today's Destiny 2 reveal event have noticed that Bungie is being very careful with what they're saying about the PC release of the game. First off, we already know for certain that the game is exclusive to the Launcher. Yes, I said "" because even Blizzard called it that during today's presentation. This is in spite of the fact that it was renamed to the Blizzard Launcher some months back. Yep, it kind of sucks that it's not on any other digital...
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  • E3 2017 Promises to be One of the Best

    E3 2017 Promises to be One of the Best

    This June see the video industry pack the Los Angeles Convention Center with its top talent at the world's premier event for computer, video and mobile games, as well as all of the associated products. This spectacular event brings together thousands of the most innovative in the industry for three days. During that time all the leading edge companies, brand new technologies, and products that have yet to be shown to the public will be showcased. When you take a look at the list of ...
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  • Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Earlier today, Bungie showed off the first gameplay reveal trailer for Destiny 2.
    Experience an all new cinematic story campaign, innovative cooperative gameplay, and intense competitive multiplayer as you journey across unexplored worlds to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities.

    Destiny 2 pre-orders are available with a beta coming later this Summer. Destiny 2 will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC exclusively through...
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  • New Destiny 2 Screenshots

    New Destiny 2 Screenshots

    Hey, guess what? There was some little Destiny 2 event today. Some stuff was probably shown off like some new CG trailers and gameplay, plus some silly nonsense about the PC version being exclusive. None of that is important (until I get those videos up later). What is important right now are these new screenshots from Destiny 2.

    Enjoy these shots that you might not be able to differentiate from Destiny 1 screenshots!

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  • Life is Strange Sequel Confirmed

    Life is Strange Sequel Confirmed

    The development team at Dontnod offered up a special message to the fans of Life is Strange today. Beyond just thanking their fans for their support, they also confirmed that they have been working on a new Life is Strange game.

    Details are very scarce but a confirmation is a confirmation.

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  • Overwatch Anniversary Event Confirmed for May 23

    Overwatch Anniversary Event Confirmed for May 23

    Blizzard confirmed today that a special year one anniversary event for Overwatch will begin on May 23 and run through June 12. To commemorate the occasion, the team put together a pretty great video showcasing the first year of Overwatch's life....
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  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole Out October 17; New Trailer Available Now

    Ubisoft announced a new release date for South Park: The Fractured but Whole. That date is October 17 for the PC, PS4, and XB1. Along with this new release date reveal is a new trailer.
    Evil is rising in the town of South Park. A mysterious vigilante prowls the night defending the innocent using amazing fart powers.
    As the New Kid, become a super hero and unleash your vigilante justice on the enemies of South Park. Will your time-bending farts be enough to save the day?
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  • Nintendo Updates Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to Remove Potentially Offensive Gesture

    Nintendo made a small update to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. The update includes a few adjustments including a small change to one of Inkling Girl's animations.

    The changes shown below come to us courtesy of Neiteio from NeoGAF.

    Left is the new one, right is the old one
    The old one could maybe be taken in some European countries, such as Italy, as "fuck you." Let me just stop anybody that thinks this is in any way "censorship." First off, ...
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