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The Last of Us Part II Delayed Indefinitely

This decision comes direct from Sony.

In the early afternoon on April 2, word came direct from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), that both The Last of Us Part II and Marvel's Iron Man VR are delayed "until further notice." The reason behind these delays is, you guessed it, due to the ongoing global crisis.

Word first came from the official PlayStation Twitter account. ...

Valve Offers Suggestions on Reducing Steam Bandwidth

Budget that bandwidth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone is at home. If not, they probably should be. 2020 has been crazy wild and it's still only March. One of the things people have been doing more of, is playing games. What else is there to do when you're under quarantine? Work? HA! Screw that!

The problem with being at home all the time like this, is that the network in your home, country, or even globally can be impacted significantly. People have more time now...

Review: Persona 5 Royal

A master class in improving upon what is already great.

In September 2016, the original release of Persona 5 made its debut in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It eventually had its Western market debut in April 2017. The game was developed by P-Studio and published in North America by Atlus. Despite a few minor issues, it was largely regarded as a fantastic JRPG with excellent art, an intriguing cast of characters, enjoyable gameplay, and even a rad soundtrack. Persona...

PlayStation 5 System Specs Revealed

We finally have the full next-gen picture.

As Sony's Mark Cerny wraps up his promised PlayStation 5 deep dive, the specs and other details for the PlayStation 5 have been released. So far, we know that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with most PlayStation 4 titles. Cerny seems to have stopped short of saying it will be backwards compatible with other generations, which is unfortunate.

We also learned today that Sony is putting a lot of effort into their...

Actual Full Specs of Xbox Series X Revealed

Microsoft invited press out for a unique hands-on experience.

If you were paying attention to all of the hottest tech focused sites and YouTube channels on March 16th, chances are you got a whole lot of Xbox Series X news injected into your eyeballs. This is because Microsoft recently invited a number of these tech sites out to their Redmond location to get a very hands-on with the Xbox Series X.

This hands-on included a complete look of the inner hardware, hands-on time...
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  • Rumor: Microsoft Readying Two New Consoles - Slim Xbox One and Upgraded Xbox Scorpio for 2017

    A new rumor has popped up today concerning Microsoft's future plans for Xbox hardware. These rumors, backed by a few independent anonymous sources at Kotaku and Polygon, say that Microsoft will reveal that a "slim" Xbox One will be announced and released later this year. In addition, Microsoft is working on a new hardware revision that will bump the capabilities of the console to nearly four times the power of the current box. This new hardware revision is codenamed Scorpio and is expected...
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  • Racist Stellaris Mod Pulled from Steam Workshop

    Racist Stellaris Mod Pulled from Steam Workshop

    The "European Phenotype and Names Only (White Humans)" mod for Stellaris was pulled from the Steam Workshop by Paradox Interactive. The mod aimed to make the human characters in the game more "European," which is to say to make them all "white."

    A Paradox spokesperson issued this statement to Eurogamer about the matter.
    "We shipped the game originally with an accurate representation of humans, that is to say diverse in both ethnicity and personality. We embrace the
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine Launch Trailer

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine Launch Trailer

    The final launch trailer is here for Blood and Wine, the final major expansion coming out May 31 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
    Become professional monster slayer Geralt of Rivia and explore Toussaint, a remote land untouched by war, where you will unravel the horrifying secret behind a beast terrorizing the kingdom. With all trails leading to dead ends, only a witcher can solve the mystery and survive the evil lurking in the night. Introducing an entirely new realm to traverse, new
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  • Three New Vampyr Screenshots

    Three New Vampyr Screenshots

    Enjoy these three new screenshots for Vampyr.
    Vampyr, the new action-RPG from acclaimed game-development studio DontNod, releases new images today depicting the duality of the central character. Set in London, 1918, Vampyr promises to offer a unique and deeply immersive experience, and a strong and engaging narrative steeped in vampire mythology. In Vampyr, players take control of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly formed vampire who is torn between the Hippocratic Oath he swore as a
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  • Umbrella Corps Adding Raccoon City and Police Station Maps

    Umbrella Corps Adding Raccoon City and Police Station Maps

    If you're going to pick up Umbrella Corps (sound warning) on June 21, you may be interested to know that Capcom is including two classic focused maps: Raccoon City and Police Station.
    Two new maps offer a spin on familiar locales from the classic Resident Evil games and will be featured in multiplayer modes as well as The Experiment single player mode. The Raccoon City map features wide open city streets contrasted against a claustrophobic maze-like sewer system
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  • Former Employee Sues Valve for $3.1 Million Citing Wrongful Termination and Discrimination

    A former Valve employee is suing the company for $3.1 million, claiming that they were fired due to transgender discrimination, retaliation for whistle blowing, a misclassification of employment, and more.

    The details of the lawsuit, originally posted by Polygon, note that the filing came on April 12, 2016. The employee, known only by their initials in the lawsuit, says that she was fired after going to the Human Resources department to complain about how the company was...
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  • June 2016 Games with Gold - XCOM, Goat Simulator, and More

    June 2016 Games with Gold - XCOM, Goat Simulator, and More

    The "free" Games with Gold offerings for June 2016 were announced today. These include Goat Simulator, The Crew, Super Meat Boy, and XCOM Enemy Unknown.
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  • New Mirror's Edge Catalyst Trailer Answers 'Why We Run'

    New Mirror's Edge Catalyst Trailer Answers 'Why We Run'

    A launch trailer for Mirror's Edge Catalyst attempts to answer the question of "why we run." I guess that's less of a question and more of a statement. Either way, this it the trailer.

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst is due to be released on June 7.

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  • First Free DLC Character Released for Battleborn, Preview of Next Hero

    First Free DLC Character Released for Battleborn, Preview of Next Hero

    Alani is the first, free DLC character released for Battleborn by Gearbox Software. Alani utilizes water to both harm foes and heal allies. Also of note today is the fact that Gearbox has teased the next free hero, Pendles. Pendles will be joined by three additional heroes after his release in the near future.

    Gearbox and 2K have also reduced the price of the base game and the Digital Deluxe Edition by $20 for a limited time. Two gameplay videos for Alani can be found be...
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  • YouTube Live at E3 Returns for 2016

    YouTube Live at E3 Returns for 2016

    Last year, YouTube had some rather extensive E3 coverage with their "YouTube Live at E3" program. It was popular enough that it's coming back for E3 2016. This includes coverage of the major conferences, an event hub of various YouTube Gaming pages for dozens of events.
    YouTube will give gamers around the world front-row access to everything E3 again this year with dozens of live streams scheduled throughout the week. To make moments like this even better, we are launching event pages
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  • Heavesnstrike Rivals Arrives on Steam for Free

    Heavesnstrike Rivals Arrives on Steam for Free

    Square Enix ported their mobile tactical RPG to the PC and made it available for free through Steam.
    With over two million players on the mobile version, the PC version features cross-platform play with the mobile app. The game offers real-time multiplayer battles with players from across the globe as well as regular league battles and special arena tournaments for players to fight their way to the top of the PvP leaderboards rankings.

    Features include:
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