Battlefield 5 'Firestorm' Battle Royale Reveal Trailer and First Details

The upcoming battle royale mode for Battlefield 5 was finally revealed today thanks to an all-new trailer. The trailer doesn't show actual gameplay, but it does offer an "in-engine" look at some of the antics you and your crew will get up to.

I suppose I should preface this by saying Firestorm is the name of this new mode. It's slated to be added to Battlefield 5, free of charge to everyone that owns the game, on March 25.

Firestorm finds 64 players battling it out to be the last one standing in a match. The map size is said to be "ten times larger...

Google Teases Their New Gaming Console in GDC 2019 Promo Video

It's no secret that Google has been working on a gaming console. They've had a patent filed since late 2018 showing off the potential design for the new console's controller. It's kind of the typical console controller design that most of us have already come to know and probably love.

It's currently unclear as to what Google has planned for this device. Multiple sources have said that it will be a console that focuses on streaming. However, some rumors have suggested that the hardware included will make it more powerful than an Xbox One X. And while a lot of great hardware...

Stela is a New 'Cinematic Platformer' from SkyBox Labs

SkyBox Labs, a development studio that is helping to co-develop Halo Infinite with 343 Industries, just announced a new title today. Their new game is called Stela and it's being billed as a "cinematic platformer." It's looking for a 2019 release on the Xbox One and PC and will make its debut at GDC 2019 as part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox Developer Showcase.

Players will have to overcome challenges and alter the terrain in order to solve puzzles and make their way past various enemies. The first trailer for the game was shown off today. More information will eventually...

Judgment to Ship with Two Sets of English Subtitles

Building off of yesterday's news of a June 25th release date for Judgment in the West, comes word today that the game will ship with two different English subtitles to choose from. This was revealed as part of today's new media release for Judgment on the PlayStation Blog.

The Yakuza localization team already does an absolutely tremendous job, but it looks like they're trying to up the ante with Judgment. The idea to have two separate English subtitles ties in to the fact that Judgment will have English audio in addition to the original Japanese audio. Those who played the...

EA to Skip Annual Press Conference at E3 2019

EA announced today that they will not hold their regular EA Play press conference this year. EA Play is still going to happen, it's just that there isn't going to be a press conference to kick it off like we're used to. Instead, they will focus on having "multiple live streams" that they plan to air during EA Play.

EA now joins Sony in their decision to forego the annual press conferences at or around E3 time. Sony announced back in November 2018 that they were not going to hold an E3 2019 conference. So far, it seems as though Microsoft and Ubisoft are still going...
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  • Yooka-Laylee to be Published by Team17

    Yooka-Laylee to be Published by Team17

    Yooka-Laylee developer, Playtonic Games, has partnered with publisher Team17 for the rights to distribute the game once it's ready.
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  • Mafia 3 Reveal is Coming August 5

    Mafia 3 Reveal is Coming August 5

    Mafia 3 was semi-announced today by 2K. The studio simply said that they will show off a "worldwide premiere of an announcement trailer" this Wednesday, August 5 at 8AM (ET) for Mafia 3.
    Mafia III is the next installment in the popular series known for immersing players into a world of organized crime through rich narrative storytelling and a beautifully crafted game world featuring period-accurate cars, music and fashion. In addition to the announcement trailer, Mafia III will debut at gamescom with a behind-closed-doors presentation.
    That's right, it's an announcement of an announcement. It's been ...
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  • Razer to Pay the Unpaid Developers From Ouya's Free the Games Marketing Program

    Ouya has a program called "Free the Games" that essentially allowed Ouya to give out some games for free to Ouya consumers with the promise that Ouya themselves would pay the developers later on. Problem was, Ouya went the way of the Dodo. Prior to that happening, Ouya crafted a new agreement that essentially said they had no responsibility to pay anything owed to the developers of those games should Ouya go bankrupt. Well, Ouya went bankrupt and thus left roughly $620,000 unpaid towards developers. The developers are, understandably, upset. Along comes Razer, who recently purchased Ouya, to save the day. Just moments ago, Razer announced that they will fulfill the Free ...
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  • Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta Now Available in the Windows Store

    Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta Now Available in the Windows Store

    Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta is now rolling out through the Windows Store starting today. This beta is open to every Minecraft owner that is also running Windows 10.

    If you own Minecraft and are using Windows 10, Mojang laid out some instructions for you to follow on how to obtain your key for your "free" copy. If you run into an error, don't panic. I ran into an error after I tried to obtain my key. Simply go back to your Mojang account page and it may list your key there. Take that key and redeem it through the Windows Store app in Windows 10. I wouldn't suggest trying to redeem it on...
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Allows You to Defeat Bosses However You Want

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Allows You to Defeat Bosses However You Want

    When Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out, it was largely praised with the exception of the boss fights. No matter how you played the game, the boss fights were nothing more than actual fights with little to no means of utilizing stealth or any of your non-lethal abilities. That was somewhat fixed in the GOTY edition but it wasn't as good as it could have been.

    Now, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks like it will allow you to tackle bosses to suit your play style. The latest issue of OXM has a nice bit of information from Gameplay Director Patrick Fortier and the Narrative Director Mary DeMarle, where they explain how the boss fights...
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  • Capcom Pulls Street Fighter V Beta and Postpones It Indefinitely

    Capcom Pulls Street Fighter V Beta and Postpones It Indefinitely

    Capcom has pulled down the beta for Street Fighter V after disastrous period wherein most fans were completely unable to participate. The development studio has also decided to pull the beta until they can figure out what exactly is broken and how exactly they should fix it before trying again. The following comes to us from Capcom Unity.
    Capcom offers its sincerest apologies to everyone who participated in this first beta test. While the purpose of a beta is to work out these type of issues, it was very clear that the issues we faced were more severe than we were prepared for. After three days of testing, while we were making progress and collecting valuable data, we
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  • Recokoning DLC Trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Recokoning DLC Trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    A new trailer came out today for the last bit of DLC coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It's called "Reckoning" and will bring new multiplayer maps to the game.
    Reckoning includes the culmination of the Exo Zombies saga with Descent, as our heroes unravel the true cause of the global pandemic and the terrible secret that Atlas has been hiding. Also included are four exo grapple-enabled Multiplayer maps: Fracture, Overload, Quarantine, and Swarm. Take down your enemies in this globe-spanning collection that's filled with all-new map interactions and scorestreaks.
    Obviously, the DLC releases on August 4 fo...
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  • China Ending Ban on Video Game Consoles

    China Ending Ban on Video Game Consoles

    At long last, China is lifting its ban on making and selling video game consoles within its borders. This will now allow companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to sell their consoles to retailers who can then sell the systems to end consumers, something that they haven't been able to do since 2000 when these restrictions first went into place.

    Prior to this move, China restricted the sell of game consoles to a small area called the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Now, they are free to make and sell consoles throughout the entirety of China.
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  • New Double XP Events for GTA Online - Series A Funding and More

    New Double XP Events for GTA Online - Series A Funding and More

    A new week brings a new batch of double experience (RP) and GTA$ events for GTA Online. This week, you can play through any or all of the Series A Funding heist to earn double RP and double GTA$ in game. This event runs from today until August 2.

    If you don't want to do the heist, you can always try out any of the following events to earn double RP.
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  • The Terminator Joins the WWE 2K16 Roster

    The Terminator Joins the WWE 2K16 Roster

    Arnold Schwarzenegger will reprise his iconic role as The Terminator for WWE 2K16 as a special pre-order bonus character. You read that correctly....
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  • Summer Games Done Quick 2015 - Speedrunning Games for Charity from July 26 - August 1

    Starting tomorrow at 1PM (ET), Summer Games Done Quick 2015 will officially kick off. This annual event is once again going to showcase some of your favorite (and not so favorite) games over the course of seven days where some of the best speedrunners in the world will be showcased.

    This rapid fire sequence of games will raise money for Doctors Without Borders.
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