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After Us Review (PS5)

After Us offers a glimpse of our future and a warning of things to come.

A gaming experience where you engage in thoughtful introspection, wordless encounters, and some platforming across Earth's many diverse locations to undo the devastation caused by global warming sounds like an intriguing idea on paper. Its execution in After Us, however, leaves quite a bit to be desired. Some awkward platforming, poor combat, and performance woes will ultimately leave you feeling a little less...

Redfall is Arkane's Worst Game Ever

It's also the worst "AAA" developed title in recent memory.

It was a struggle to finish Redfall. It was an absolute struggle thanks to performance issues, technical deficiencies, crashes, broken A.I., and uninspired quest design. It was the antithesis of fun and I pushed myself to complete the game out of pure spite.

Prior to playing Redfall, I saw Arkane as a studio that could do no wrong when it comes to their output. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic in 2006...

Latest Steam Beta Makes Major Overhaul to the In-game Overlay

Watch YouTube, take notes, chat, and more.

Valve just released a new beta update for Steam that includes a wealth of new features, updated old features, and some under the hood changes. While we don't typically write about updates released for the Steam Client Beta, this particular update had enough cool new features that it was worth a mention.

Right now, you can opt into the new beta for the Steam client that makes some drastic changes to the In-Game Overlay. Now, you...

UK Blocks Microsoft Activision Merger

The CMA claims the deal would harm cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is the reason why the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK voted to block the $69 billion deal that would see Microsoft taking over Activision Blizzard.

The decision didn't come down to concerns over Call of Duty exclusivity or anything that would make some measure of sense. No, it came down to the CMA being concerned that the deal would "undermine new and innovative" competition...

Report: E3 2023 is Canceled

This fate was inevitable.

According to a report by IGN, E3 2023 is canceled. This comes after weeks of publishers and gaming companies stating that they were not going to attend E3 this year, including Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Tencent, and more.

IGN's report from March 30 says that two separate sources confirmed with them that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA; the group behind E3) sent out emails to ESA members earlier today announcing the cancellation....
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  • Mordor Expansion Released for The Lord of the Rings Online

    Mordor Expansion Released for The Lord of the Rings Online

    Apparently The Lord of the Rings Online is still going fairly strong. It's going strong enough, at least, to warrant the release of the new Mordor expansion today. You're looking at 300 new quests, new crafting and gear upgrades, the High Elf race, and more. The expansion is coming in hot at $39.99 for the standard edition, $79.99 for the Collector's Edition, or $129.99 for the Ultimate Fan Bundle. The Collector's Edition comes with extras like the High Elf race, alliance cosmetic...
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  • Razer Announces Chroma Hardware Dev Kit for August 3

    Razer Announces Chroma Hardware Dev Kit for August 3

    Starting tomorrow August 3, fans and consumers of Razer hardware will be able to get their hands on the Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit (HDK). This Chroma HDK will integrate with some new RGP LED strips that you can place pretty much anywhere.
    Users can shape and bend the LED strips to fit virtually any surface to light up an entire room, home or office for total game immersion. The individually controllable lights are integrated into Razer Synapse 3, and are powered by Razer
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  • Overwatch Summer Games Return August 8

    Overwatch Summer Games Return August 8

    Lucioball and the Overwatch Summer Games are set to return on August 8. The latest developer update video (seen below) has game director, Jeff Kaplan, giving you the rundown on what all you can expect next week.

    A quick overview of some of the content that's coming includes the following:

    • New skins for Mercy, McCree, Widowmaker, and Junkrat (confirmed, there may be others still)
    • Lucioball is back but with some changes.
    • Lucio has a new ultimate in Lucioball.
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  • Resident Evil Revelations Coming August to PS4 and XB1, Late 2017 for Switch

    Resident Evil Revelations Coming August to PS4 and XB1, Late 2017 for Switch

    Resident Evil Revelations is making the move to current gen consoles starting on August 29 with the PS4 and XB1 release of the game. The Nintendo Switch will get to experience Revelations and Resident Evil Revelations 2 come late 2017.
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  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Two New Gameplay Trailers

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Two New Gameplay Trailers

    Ubisoft released two new trailers today for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. One video shows off the game's combat and features some nice gameplay footage. The second trailer gives you a look at the game's co-op challenges and "spooky surprises."
    ABOUT Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:
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  • Taco Bell is Giving Away Xbox One X Consoles

    Taco Bell is Giving Away Xbox One X Consoles

    Taco Bell again wants to give away new gaming consoles to the masses. This time, instead of a PlayStation 4, they are giving away a lot of Xbox One X consoles to some lucky winners.

    The Xbox Newswire has the skinny on how you could win a multi-hundred dollar system for buying a $5 Steak Quesarito box.
    Beginning August 31, each Taco Bell $5 Box will include a unique code for consumers to text in for a chance to win the new Xbox One X. Boxes will be available during the
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  • Second Guild Wars 2 Expansion Announced - Get Ready for Path of Fire in September

    ArenaNet announced the second expansion for Guild Wars 2 today. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will take players back to the Crystal Desert. Remember that place?

    The expansion is apparently just a hop, skip, and a jump away as it's slated to be released on September 22.
    Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will see players return to the iconic Crystal Desert from the original Guild Wars, and to the northern reaches of Elona, the land of Guild Wars: Nightfall, 250 years on. For veterans
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  • Online Casino Bonus Guide 2017

    Online Casino Bonus Guide 2017

    Transitioning from land based casinos to online sites is one of the best breakthroughs in the betting world. The thing that most bettors are excited about is the generous welcome bonuses that these casinos offer, as the thought of winning big carves an ear to ear smile on your face. There is a plethora of online casino offers out there, and as such, it can get confusing on which ones are the best. Thus, having help in deciding and getting relatable choices makes work easier. Among the best we...
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  • Industry Veterans from Blizzard, Konami, and Ubisoft Reveal Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

    Dark Star Game Studios is a fresh development studio based out of China made up of former developers from Blizzard, Konami, and Ubisoft. Their first project looks to be rather ambitious in nature and is slated to be published by Another Indie once complete. Their game is a new action-RPG called Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption and it is being made for Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It's targeting an early 2018 release on these platforms. Let's see what Sinner: Sacrifice f...
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  • GameStop Open on Thanksgiving, Claims Employees Asked for It

    GameStop Open on Thanksgiving, Claims Employees Asked for It

    Earlier today, GameStop revealed that their stores will be open on Thanksgiving this year, a rather drastic departure from the past three years. Though the hours open will be shorter than normal, this move has still angered many of the company's current employees. Now hold on just one gosh darn moment here. Apparently, GameStop is only doing this because many of their "store associates and guests have asked for this!" That is a direct quote from GameStop in a statement issued to ...
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  • Another Monday Means Another Agents of Mayhem Trailer - Carnage a Trois

    Another Monday Means Another Agents of Mayhem Trailer - Carnage a Trois

    It's Monday, which means that there is another Agents of Mayhem promo video. Let's just hope that it's not as bad as their last attempt.

    Today's video is entitled "Carnage a Trois" and it features a trio of characters: Braddock, Yeti, and Daisy.
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  • New Milestone Brings New Features and Freebies to Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Players

    Bandai Namco is tickled pink at the success of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle for mobile devices. The action-RPG has hit 200 million downloads and to celebrate, Bandai Namco is offering up some new features and bonuses for players.
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  • New Shump, Graceful Explosion Machine, Coming to Steam and PS4 in August

    New Shump, Graceful Explosion Machine, Coming to Steam and PS4 in August

    On August 8, a new "kinetic, technicolor space shooter" called Graceful Explosion Machine will be released on the PC and PS4 by Vertex Pop.
    As the last surviving space fighter searching for a way home, players will pilot the Graceful Explosion Machine (GEM) and dogfight with an unrelenting alien armada. Utilize the quad-weapon array to chain massive combos and collect crystals off defeated enemies to replenish spent munitions.
    I hope you like a lot of colorful screenshots, because we ...
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  • New Quest, Magitek Exosuits, and More Added to Final Fantasy XV

    New Quest, Magitek Exosuits, and More Added to Final Fantasy XV

    Today, Square Enix released an update to Final Fantasy XV that adds in new Magitek Exosuits, a new quest, and more to the game. This is all part of the free July 2017 update that is available to everyone that owns the game across both platforms.
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  • Fifth Developer Diary Released for Total War: Arena

    Fifth Developer Diary Released for Total War: Arena

    The fifth developer diary for Total War: Arena came out today. The show's host, Luke Kneller, speaks with Creative Assembly about the game's units. Specfically, they talk about how stat groupings will "improve your player experience, if archers will be limited in armor, what it will cost you to set friendly fire, and much more." They also take the time to answer some of the more frequently asked questions from the community.
    About Total War Multi-million-selling Total War is one o
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