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More Details on the Return to Classes in Battlefield 2042

Classes are coming back to Battlefield very soon. Here's what you need to know.

​We have known for a while now that DICE has been planning to re-introduce the traditional Battlefield Class system into Battlefield 2042. Today, DICE took the time to provide a lengthy write-up talking about the changes that are being made in order to add Classes into a game that really didn't have any.

DICE opens their write-up by saying that "Specialists at launch were polarizing to...

Update to Stadia Controllers Ensures a Life After Death

An update will allow you to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices.

According to the watch I don't own, Google Stadia is now probably shut down. Well, if it's not at the time of posting, it probably will be by the time you read this. Stadia was set to shut down on January 18th and, well, it's now January 18th.

At the 11th hour, Google released a new support tool that will allow those with a Stadia Controller to use it as a general Bluetooth controller. Without the use of...

Games to Look Forward to in 2023

I won't lie. I fully expected there to be far more news to post today (January 2, 2023) given that it's the start of the week and the holidays are "technically" over. What I failed to realize is that a ton of people are still off work due to the New Year falling on a Sunday. Thus, here I am opting to do a little write-up about what games I'm looking forward to in 2023 instead of sitting around doing nothing. Who knows, maybe you're looking forward to these games as well. If I missed some games ...

Total Gaming Network's 2022 Games of the Year

It is time once more to talk about the best games that have come out over the past year. As the case has been with previous years, this list of games only includes the titles that I have personally played to some degree. In addition, the games on this list are games that were released in 2022 unless otherwise stated for some specific reason. As I am the only one posting content on the site, this is as much a "Total Gaming Network Game of the Year" as it is my personal Game of the Year selection. ...

Review: High on Life

A fun little adventure that fuses crass humor with some DOOM-style combat.

High on Life opens strong and just gets better the further into the game you go. It was a game that I remember being on the fence about for the longest time. In fact, I did not even remember submitting for a review copy, but I apparently did! So, it was with a fair bit of hesitation that I accepted the code, downloaded the game, and started the journey. Any worry I might have had was quickly laid to rest within...
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  • Konami Talks About the Silent Hill 2 Remake and Working with Bloober

    Konami Talks About the Silent Hill 2 Remake and Working with Bloober

    "I get the sense that they take their work very seriously, and that they believe videogames to be art even more than we thought."

    Whether we wanted it to or not, a remake of Silent Hill 2 is coming from Bloober Team. The studio known for games like Layers of Fear, The Medium, and Observer have been working on this Silent Hill 2 remake for quite some time now. They, alongside Konami, are sprucing up the classic horror title for an all new generation.

    IGN recently...
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  • The Callisto Protocol Massively Underperformed

    The Callisto Protocol Massively Underperformed

    The game is also reportedly having trouble recuperating development costs.

    Now this story may need to be taken with a little bit of salt. There is a new report out of a Korean media outlet that offers up a little insight as to how poorly The Callisto Protocol has performed. The information shared here has only been seen in this one report and, even without any sort of translation issues, may still be inaccurate. The information coming out of Korea was also shared by MP1ST.
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  • Dead Space Remake Can Run at 1440p at 60FPS on Consoles

    Dead Space Remake Can Run at 1440p at 60FPS on Consoles

    A Quality mode will run at 4K and 30FPS with ray tracing.

    The Dead Space Twitter shared the two different graphical modes that players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will get to choose from. Go for the eye candy and lower framerate, or go for slightly less eye candy at 60FPS. The choice is yours.

    The developers at Motive and EA laid bare what sort of graphical settings you will get to choose from. You can choose the Quality mode and run Dead Space at 30FPS but at...
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  • Goose Goose Duck Update Adds New Map, Roles, and More

    Goose Goose Duck Update Adds New Map, Roles, and More

    More than 800,000 people have played this Among Us clone.

    Across the weekend running from January 8th through the 9th, Steam broke all sorts of records. As we assumed prior, these user records hit by Steam were probably helped out quite a bit by the surge in popularity of a game called Goose Goose Duck. This is the Among Us clone originally released in October 2021 that rose in popularity over the past week after a K-pop star from the group BTS, Kim "V" Tae-hyung, played...
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  • PlayStation 5 Update Adds DualSense Edge Support

    PlayStation 5 Update Adds DualSense Edge Support

    The update also includes the usual performance improvements.

    A new system update for the PlayStation 5 started to roll out and with it came new support for the upcoming DualSense Edge controller. The DualSense Edge is a more premium controller for PlayStation 5 users that could be viewed as Sony's take on the Xbox Elite controllers.

    The DualSense Edge includes several additional features over the regular DualSense controller. These additions include the ability to easily...
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  • A Deeper Look at Season: A Letter to the Future

    A Deeper Look at Season: A Letter to the Future

    Take a deeper look at the world and story of this anticipated game.

    SEASON: A Letter to the Future is set to be released on January 31. Developer Scavengers Studio offers a new trailer focused on the "emotional and thought-provoking world and story" that players will experience in just a couple of weeks.

    SEASON: A Letter to the Future is an atmospheric adventure game coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 for $29.99 (USD). A PC release is also coming at the...
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  • Tree Houses Coming to Green Hell

    Tree Houses Coming to Green Hell

    You can soon build the tree house of your childhood dreams.

    An update slated for a January 23 release will introduce some new building options for Green Hell players. Of note in this self-described "Building Update" is the fact that you will be able to create some really cool tree houses.

    Not a fan of heights? No worries, because there will also be a new Floating Frame platform. This will allow you to build houses, up to three stories tall, on the water. Other...
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  • Ubisoft Delays Skull and Bones a Sixth Time, Cancels Three Other Games

    Ubisoft Delays Skull and Bones a Sixth Time, Cancels Three Other Games

    Ubisoft isn't doing so hot these days.

    On Wednesday, Ubisoft said that they are "facing major challenges as the industry continues to shift towards mega-brands and long-lasting titles that can reach players across the globe, across platforms, and business models." That is to say, some of Ubisoft's latest releases didn't perform all that well and the company isn't doing as well as they had expected.

    Ubisoft flatly says that their "recent launches have not...
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  • System Shock Remake Dated for March 2023

    System Shock Remake Dated for March 2023

    A more narrow release window was just announced.

    Nightdive Studios revealed today that the highly anticipated System Shock remake will be released very soon. The game has been given a release window of March 2023.

    System Shock is a remake of the classic 1994 action-adventure game. It was initially released for MS-DOS and Mac OS in late 1994. A native Windows release didn't happen until 2015. As a remake, System Shock has been given a near complete overhaul with all-new...
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  • Simon Pegg is Your Headmaster in Hogwarts Legacy

    Simon Pegg is Your Headmaster in Hogwarts Legacy

    "DID YOU GET RED ON YOU?!" he asked calmly.

    Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software just revealed some of the more well-known talent that are lending their voices to Hogwarts Legacy. Among the names shared in today's press release is one that nearly made me to a legitimate spit take: Simon Pegg.

    Simon Pegg assumes the role of Phineas Nigellus Black, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yes, Simon Pegg the actor, producer, and comedian....
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  • Critics Agree: The Last of Us HBO Series is Phenomenal

    Critics Agree: The Last of Us HBO Series is Phenomenal

    The show is being hailed as the best adaptation of a video game ever.

    Those worried about The Last of Us HBO series turning out good can now breathe a sigh of relief. The critical consensus seems to be that not only is the show good, it's downright fantastic.

    While The Last of Us won't air to the public until Sunday, January 15, critics of the world were able to share their thoughts on the series. Though it seems that they were able to watch the entire first season (9...
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  • Want Final Fantasy 16? Just Buy a PlayStation 5

    Want Final Fantasy 16? Just Buy a PlayStation 5

    Producer Naoki Yoshida seems to suggest a PC release isn't happening at all.

    When Square Enix first revealed Final Fantasy XVI it wasn't really clear if the game would be released later on PC. Most of us kind of assumed it would be since, you know, every other Final Fantasy has come to PC eventually. The initial trailer reveal, still up on YouTube courtesy of IGN, even says "also available on PC" in fine print at the bottom in the final seconds of the trailer.

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  • Several Developers Omitted from Credits of The Callisto Protocol

    Several Developers Omitted from Credits of The Callisto Protocol

    One of 2022's most disappointing titles continues to disappoint in all new ways.

    Roughly 20 employees that worked on The Callisto Protocol were cut from the game's credits. In speaking with, five former Striking Distance Studios developers specifically say that they were omitted from the game's credits. They say that they know of several others who were also cut. Additional sources told that about 20 people across several different departments were left out...
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  • Physical Game Sales Down to Just 10%

    Physical Game Sales Down to Just 10%

    Those in the UK vastly prefer digital to physical.

    According to a new report by the BBC, physical game sales seem to be on the verge of being completely wiped out. Last year, the digital entertainment and retail association (ERA) says that 89.5% of all games sold in the UK were digital purchases. That leaves the remaining 10.5% as physical disc-based sales. In addition, about 30% of all total sales were for mobile apps.

    The BBC continues on to say that the gaming industry...
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  • SpongeBob and Pals Showcased in New Cosmic Shake Trailer

    SpongeBob and Pals Showcased in New Cosmic Shake Trailer

    SpongeBob, Patrick, Gary, Sandy, Squidward, and more are all here.

    THQ Nordic and Nickelodeon showed off yet another new look at SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake today. This new trailer features a fresh look at SpongeBob along with his pals such as Patrick, his pet snail Gary, SpongeBob's not-girlfriend Sandy, Squidward, and more.

    SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake send SpongeBob and crew on a mysterious adventure. After some magic Bubble Soap is given to SpongeBob...
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